The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 14: Cornered!

Chapter 14: Cornered!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

“F**k!” this sudden twist of events threw Sheyan’s heart into chaos, as he had not been prepared for it. His facial muscles twitching, he could not help cursing as he grabbed onto the driver’s seat, rushing him to halt the car. The curious driver furiously braked, but the impatient Sheyan threw a stack of dollar notes at the driver, leaping out of the car before it stopped.

“Sarah Connor’s predator was the robot model T-800, that should be the boss of this Terminator world.” Sheyan’s brain had began calculating and reflecting on the recent happenings.

“This time’s T-750 model, should mean that the Terminator’s power should be lesser than that of the T-800. Following the nightmare imprint’s pointer, this T-750 should only exhibit 80% of his total power.”

At this moment Sheyan had no time to observe his surroundings, rapidly running towards the nearby two storey cluster of buildings. At the same time he equipped the M500 pistol at his waist while reloading the strong firepowered shotgun. In intense combat, even a few seconds may determine life or death, that is why he had started to prepare all these in the midst of his confusion.

Although he was equipped with two high firepower weapons, he did not have the skills, like Cazider, to compliment them. He could only use them in close range, hence he retreated into a building to give himself a favourable battle environment. Eliminating the possibility of the Terminator using a long range attack to assault him.

Reaching the doorsteps of one of the buildings, Sheyan banged against the door with his shoulder. “Pam!” Cracks emerged on the entire door and suddenly the entire thing, along with the hinge, dislodged and flew inwards. Sheyan had an indomitable look as he entered the room. A black man dressed like a hippie charged across with a baseball bat, his face full of rage as he uttered vulgarities in his native language. However when he saw the cold black barrel of the shotgun, he wasted no seconds to raise both hands up and squat by the side.

Sheyan could not be bothered to explain, lifting the poor guy up and hurling him out of the window,and unknowingly to him, was actually saving his life. At the corner of Sheyan’s eyes, at this moment he could see several extremely glaring blue electric currents abruptly appearing at the nearby courtyard. A water pail was swirling in mid air amidst the electrifying blue currents, as the currents slid around the air like a python, looking dangerously terrifying. “Chi, Chi..” the sound of the currents could be heard within the raging winds, as the surrounding objects were all lifted into the air.

“This… this should be the Terminator about to exit the time convergence!” Sheyan’s pupils dilated. His initial reaction was to pull out his M500 pistol, take aim and fire!

“BOOM!” Light blue fumes arose in spirals. Sheyan discovered his own gun skills were not accurate, but that wasn’t important. As the projectile flew closer to the electric currents, its speed and even the speed of the projectile’s spinning gradually slowed down. It was as though time was forcefully slowed down in that area. However, what was stranger was that once the projectile came in contact with the blue electric currents, it dissolved like a block of ice evaporating, and finally completely vanished into thin air!

“This should be the effect of the laws of space-time, a lifeless object is unable to pass through but will instead be consumed! That is why the Terminator needs to have a special layer of flesh and blood constructed as it’s exterior.”

At this moment, a few large strands of blue electric currents started merging into a huge glaring blue light screen, it was so bright that the naked eye couldn’t bear the view. Sheyan saw a pair of shades on the kitchen table, and bluntly put it on. Instantly, he could see a huge rough hand reaching out of the time-space convergence, trying very hard to climb out.

Sheyan knew that was a golden opportunity to attack, however he did not have the skills or the necessary tools. He regretted his earlier actions, if the tenant was still here, he would have used him as a human grenade and tossed him over to test the waters.

Gradually, the Terminator’s head emerged from within the time-space convergence. He had a shockingly plain face, the contours of his face and his hair were simple and he remained emotionless. He gave one the feeling of being a plastic surgery model with that sort of face. On the left side of his neck and shoulder blade, one could clearly see a small hole the size of a ping-pong ball. The edge of the hole was not defined, exuberating a flashing metal radiance. His skin had a tan and burnt look, with smoke rising from it. Light could be seen flashing beneath his skin, obviously coming from his interior of steel and machinery. This was the probably the reason he only retained 80% of its battle powers.

As half of the Terminator’s body emerged from the space-time convergence, a sudden eye piercing radiance flashed again, as the onlooking Sheyan even with the shades could only shut his eyes and look away. When he turned back to look, that T-750 model Terminator was already standing still on the ground, it’s cold lifeless eyes staring at Sheyan. That was the kind of glare that had no respect for life, filled with destruction, a raging flood of destruction that would be merciless even to its own kind!

Sheyan remained speechless, steadily raising the shotgun in his hands aiming the black barrel in the Terminator’s direction.

Any language had lost it’s purpose. Faced with a cold, emotionless, devoid of logic, menacing beast, Sheyan could feel an unexplainable chill in his heart. The Terminator began edging forward, bending it’s waist, he suddenly burst forward at a frightening pace. Sheyan concentrated his strength on his fingertips, without hesitation he triggered it, unleashing the might of the shotgun!

“BOOM!” the smoking fumes arose. The plastic projectile from the bullet shot out from the shotgun’s barrel. The plastic projectile shattered releasing hundreds of minute steel balls, forming into a rain of steel balls. Even the air felt like it ripped apart releasing a penetrating whistling sound. The incoming Terminator stumbled a moment, as if an invisible hand was keeping him in place, as it ripped open it’s exterior flesh exposing a shiny white metallic bone inside.

Sheyan remained calm and composed as he edged forward, tightly pressing onto the trigger. The strong recoil from the shotgun was completely negated by Sheyan’s immense strength. The Terminator, in the face of wave after waves of metallic rain, staggered and starting twitching. However it continued pressing on with great tenacity. Horrifyingly, the metallic balls from the shotgun smashing onto the Terminator’s enduring body sounded like raindrops. The only damage it caused was ripping the flesh apart to expose the interior, completely unable to cause heavy injuries. Only the surrounding walls and floor were now stained with a great deal of flesh and blood portraying a perfect horror scene.

The shotgun only had capacity for 6 rounds, after Sheyan’s frenzied spraying, he had no time to reload. Tossing away his shotgun, he reached out for the nearby baseball bat. Who knew that once the T-750 Terminator was relieved of the oncoming pressure, he stomped down with a strength of more than 200 kg as the wooden board beneath him was smashed to bits. Summoning his matchless strength he burst forward abruptly.

Sheyan had never expect that this T-750 Terminator’s burst of strength was that terrifying, covering a span of 7-8 metres in an instance. What was more frightening was that even after the assault from the shotgun, that T-750 Terminator seemed like it did not sustain any legitimate damage as he charged forward at Sheyan, sweeping across with his right hand! Faced with such terrifying speed, Sheyan tried to dodge but instead took a direct blow from the fist.

“BAM!” Sheyan flew from the impact, spinning three rounds in midair smashing through a wall partition and flying a further 5-6 metres. As he flew in mid air, he crashed into many different objects. Shaking his head from his giddiness, he actually felt no pain. However, half of his face had gone numb, this lips were twitching uncontrollably as he felt that he had lost several of his teeth. Suddenly he felt a burning sensation from the injured area, as a searing pain started to extend to his entire body!

“You received a total of 50(80 – 25) points of damage from the T-750 Terminator’s attack.”

“You are now in the state of giddiness, your attack speed and movement had been lowered by 25%. Effects last for 30 seconds.”

If an ordinary person had been hit with this blow, he would have definitely died upon impact. Sheyan’s body was superior to an average person by four folds,but, even with his innate ability, he had still been reduced to such a sorry state!


Sheyan rolled and forced himself up, his cheeks were swollen as he panted heavily. Looking at the nearby T-750 Terminator inching closer step by step, he coughed a mouthful of blood. His heart felt extremely dreadful. Before coming here, he had already a very high estimation of the Terminator boss’s potential strength. But he never expected the output of strength of a T-750 Terminator operating at 80% to be so fearful. He was powerless in the face of such tremendous strength.

The Terminator was an emotionless beast, it was also a smart and ruthless machine not giving any openings to its enemies. He would not delight in a successful blow nor will he cower in the face of failure. After one assault, this T-750 Terminator mercilessly continued moving towards Sheyan, raising his feet and stomping it down.

As the Terminator’s feet stomped down on him, Sheyan could hear a horrifying exploding sound intruding into the atmosphere.

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