The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 13: Kill!

Chapter 13: Kill!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

“I believe you have noticed, I am the kind that will charge straight up to the opponent,and I lack reliable fire support from far away. You are a long range combatant, which would be perfectly fine if we were still in our previous world, however we are currently in the Terminator world! You couldn’t even stop me with your few shots, how would you deal with stronger beasts in the future? If we work together, it would be the best of both worlds!”

Sheyan spoke with great sincerity and reasoning, Cazider deliberated a while, staring at the nearby streetlamp as he replied softly:

“The only reason I complied to getting heavy injuries and being arrested was because I acquired a certain elixir from someone else previously. This elixir can be used to heal someone up to perfect condition. Only…. I have not met the elixir’s usage requirements, you came too quickly that was why I was in such a sorry state.”

Sheyan asked:

“Acquired from someone else? How did you acquire it?”

Gently shutting his eyes, Cazider replied:

“This should be your first time here, however I have already experienced another movie world as a contestant. The first time I entered a movie world was…. An extremely chaotic and violent world setting, I acquired this elixir by accident during the chaotic battles.”

Sheyan understood Cazider’s character, he knew that his so called “accidentally”, was actually forcefully seizing, filled with blood and violence. Cazider was a smart person, he knew that Sheyan would want to look at the item after his speech, he then immediately fetched the elixir out to display it.

“Unpurified black blood glucose.” (Class: Ordinary)

“Origin: Amazon.Borneo Island.”

“Rarity: Blue.”

“Effects: within 10 seconds your health will be fully restored, mind in perfect state.”

“Explanation: A medicine made from the locals using hundreds of blood orchids.”

“Side effects: 10 minutes after consumption, attributes lowered by 33%. Side effects last for an hour.”

“Warning: During the time taken from consuming the elixir and the effects to take place, you must maintain a peaceful state. Walking, running, attacking or being attacked will result in breaking the effect.”

“Usage requirements: Using the elixir requires total Mental power (MP) of 60 points.”

“Evaluation: It is your second life if you can find a suitable place to consume it.”

Currently, Cazider was feeling very frustrated in his heart. His intelligence wasn’t high, only a mere 8 points which tallies to a total of 80 points of mental power (MP). Furthermore, every time he uses his innate ability: Refraction, it consumes 5 points of MP. When he had been captured by the police, his MP was left with a mere 15 points. While recuperating on the hospital bed, unfortunately his body had suffered heavy injuries to the state of near death, thus his regenerative powers had been weakened greatly. When Sheyan intruded into his hospital room, his MP had only recovered to 43 points. Therefore he could only watch this law defying item and not use it!

Looking at this elixir, Sheyan’s gaze flickered and he spoke out:

“Give it to me, then we will call it even. Don’t worry about your injuries, a contestant’s regenerative abilities is already out of this world, once you find an underground clinic and a specialist to treat your wounds, you will regain your battle powers after resting for a day. Then we can finally do battle shoulder to shoulder!”

Cazider’s facial muscles were twitching uncontrollably, he felt as though he could not see through this man. Facing this guy who spoke with great logic and reason, Cazider felt a strange deathly chill in his bones. It was as eerie as a graveyard on a freezing night. He was in a dilemma.

“Deal? Or no deal?”

Sheyan stepped on the gas pedal, the car engine rumbled as the car rolled onto the highway bridge. As though knowing what Cazider was thinking, he didn’t stop but calmly said:

“If you were me? Would you let that elixir remain in your hands? Would you be as patient as me?”

Sheyan faintly hinted at an underlying threat in his words. Cazider felt a chill in his heart, without a choice he followed Sheyan and got down the car, finally deciding:

“Okay, I’ll give it to you.”

The nightmare imprint transmitted “You have received an unpurified black blood glucose”. Sheyan slightly grinned, gently patting Cazider’s shoulders, afterwards he suddenly lifted him up and threw him off the bridge!

Cazider’s miserable shrill echoed through the cold air and vanished as he crash down on to an oncoming speeding vehicle. The crash coupled with the collision splattered his head wide open as shattered his bones, blood flowed from his eyes, nose and ears as his body was flunged 7-8 metres onto a nearby streetlamp. That driver wasn’t a law abiding citizen, and had zero intention of stopping to check on him. Cursing his bad luck, he stepped harder onto his pedal and sped off leaving a trail of thick black exhaust fumes.

“Yet another traffic accident…” Sheyan couldn’t help smiling, calmly stepping on his pedal as though he had been numbed from all the killings, he disappeared into the dawn horizon.

Strictly speaking, Sheyan had sincerely considered partnering with Cazider. That guy possessed insane gun skills shooting a thousand and not missing a single shot, leaving him with a deep impression. If the two had joined forces, their powers would have been second to none!

However Sheyan did not want to work with him as he did not have a good feeling about it. It was as though he would turn out like that unfortunate contestant no. 1884 who used his life to exchange for Cazider’s freedom and gains.

It was drizzling outside the window, Sheyan was sitting inside a posh restaurant. Dabbing his mouth with a white handkerchief, he raised his fork to consume his meal. Ever since entering this world, the only thing he ate were two biscuits. He had constantly been famished, and after getting rid of Cazider, he stumbled into the restaurant in hunger.

Having been a fisherman who travelled widely, Sheyan was familiar with the food here. The restaurant looked quite common, but their food were fairly sumptuous. Sheyan ordered an entire fatty salmon, butter chicken, australian beef and other small side dishes. Digging into his meal, he paired it with a drink of Italian Chardonnay red wine. As the delicious meal and delightful wine entered his stomach, the fatigue and hunger slowly left him.

A television in the corner was currently broadcasting the news, everything seemed normal. Sheyan had already inquired from the waitress, apart from the supermarket case there were no order new crime alerts. He tried calling the two secondary “Sarah Connor”, although there was an answer, he could not determine the Terminator’s future location or actions. This was a good thing, if the reality deviated from the movie’s plot or lagged, then the remaining story would then delay as well.

Right now the real “Sarah Connor” was bunking in with a good friend. When Sheyan had earlier called her, he got information that the mother of the resistance leader in the real world was away on vacation. Nobody knew her whereabouts.

Figuratively speaking, unless the storyline progressed to the point where the Terminator appeared, then the real Sarah Connor would not show up yet. Until the Terminator surfaces, Sarah Connor would also have another special combatant from the future by her side.

“Then….” Sheyan swirled his shimmering wine in his glass, yet his gaze were fixated onto the gorgeous and old-fashioned 1984 California, Los Angeles streetscape.

“It’s time.”

Presently, Sheyan had almost completely pieced the puzzles of this world together. Since the female lead Sarah Connor was unreachable or not ‘in play’ yet, this meant the t-800 would not appear yet for a while. Therefore the next stop was to complete his main mission of destroying the space-time convergence! This mission seemed like there wasn’t a lead, yet it was hidden in a movie scene. When the T-800 Terminator and Kyle Reese entered Skynet’s time machine to travel here, they appeared very close to their previous location. That meant that very spot was a location of huge space-time convergence.

Tossing a tip of 20 dollars to the waitress, he found himself a map of Los Angeles. Relying on his memory and perceptive powers, he pinpointed seven possible locations where the t-800 robot and Kyle Reese would appear. Flagging a cab, he headed for these seven locations.

After eliminating three less likely locations, his fourth point was not near, needing to travel through half of the entire Los Angeles. Sheyan seized this moment to catch some much needed rest, leaning against the back seat and closing his eyes, as he rubbed his round stomach and began snoring.

His heart was not one bit nervous, but experienced waves after waves of excitement: such heart pounding experiences and living on the edge, how could it compare to his previous ordinary life? In his previous world where he was in dire straits, his luck suddenly took a 360 degrees turn as he encountered this strange way of living. This feeling was extremely hard to describe.

Time sped by amidst the journey of traffic lights. At present there was no GPS system but Sheyan was able to deduce his estimated location, as he was soon to arrive at his destination. He had already start to take notice of his surroundings and the vehicles around. Suddenly at this moment, he felt his chest burning up as a cold audible voice emitted in his mind:

“WARNING: You have entered a relevant sensitive region, side branch of storyline activated.”

“WARNING: You have entered a relevant sensitive region, side branch of storyline activated.”

“WARNING: You have entered a relevant sensitive region, side branch of storyline activated.”

WARNING: The future Skynet has deemed you as a threat to the space-time convergence, they have sent an uncompleted and untested Terminator to eliminate you.”

“WARNING: T-750 Terminator was arrive though the space-time convergence in 15 seconds. Your blood type, smell and appearance has been locked on. You can only leave this region after 10 minutes, attempting to leave earlier will allow Skynet to pinpoint your location (Extreme danger).”

“WARNING: You are the second contestant to activate this side branch of the storyline, the defence mechanism of the space-time convergence been gradually improved. Your predator, T-750 Terminator’s powers has since increased from 70% to 80%.

“Notification: Contestant’s first time entering the nightmare realm, after 10 minutes you will gain the aid of the Delta anti-terror task force.”

“Notification: The time-space convergence will appear 10 minutes after the death of the T-750 Terminator.”

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