The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 17: The lethal weapon from 49 years later

Chapter 17: The lethal weapon from 49 years later

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:Elkassar

“BOOM!” The five black barrels sprayed out long and explosive red gun fire, however to the human ear it sounded like one united bang. The delta anti-terror task force’s level of training was unimaginable, as they actually aimed towards a double storey building about 100 metres right behind Sheyan. Suddenly someone actually leapt out of the window. His clothes fabric were torn and floating around, and even contained a trace of blood on them. However, the person was actually able to do a somersault in midair and was even able to raise and aim his UZI SMG (Sub-machine gun) .


Gunshots exploded forth, as fumes emerged from within the police van and a clear line of bullet holes could be seen! After receiving an assault from the Delta anti-terror task force, that man actually still managed to stabilize himself in mid air and counter attacked! What was more impressive was that the UZI SMG was a short range gun because of its rapid fire speed, yet he was able to hit with such organized precision from 100 meters away. His defence capabilities were high, yet his gun skills were unimaginable!

Who is he?

After landing on his feet, that black figure immediately escaped from the killing zone, as the Delta anti-terror task force was unable to pursue further. After showing his battle prowess, the distant building produced yet another human figure, rushing frantically towards the Delta anti-terror task force. This figure was familiar to Sheyan, it was actually the bearded guy whom he encountered right after entering this world!

“Yup, I remembered after entering this region I received a notification, saying that I was the second contestant to activate the storyline.”

Sheyan squinted his eyes, his eyes beaming with craftiness, he only saw as the Delta anti-terror task force ignored him and left in a flash. He reflected on his memory:

“Then… this bearded guy should be the first person to activate the mission in this region? That black figure who actually dared to resist the Delta anti-terror task force is he a….Terminator? Looks like the emphasis that Skynet places on different T-750 models were different. It is obvious the one i encountered thrived at close combat fist fighting, he did not utilize a single firearm that should be his weak point. Then… this far range combatant terminator’s weak point should possibly be close combat?”

Hesitating for a brief period, that huge police van had no intention of giving up, as it sped off towards the T-750 Terminator’s direction. Sheyan was about to press down the pedal of his motorbike, he suddenly realized there was a trace of fresh blood on the floor. His heart was stirred, suspecting it was a relevant clue. Continuing forward he spun one round with the motorbike and drove into a nearby alley.

Sheyan stopped at the end of the alley, pushing open a nearby door. The owner of the house wasn’t around, which saved Sheyan a considerable amount of efforts. Sheyan proceeded into the bathroom, washing off all his blood stains from head to toe. He then stripped his clothings, and started treating his wounds with the mirror. Afterwards he then started investigating the information he received after eliminating his T-750 Terminator.

The first thing to settle was definitely that summoning key. Examining closely, Sheyan noticed that apart from looking like an ordinary key, a greenish grey aura enveloped the key. The key had a stainless steel appearance giving it a murky appearance, as if it had withstood the test of time. The key had a dense decorative design engraved onto it, giving it a special futuristic look.

Sheyan concentrated his thoughts, as they key started to radiate with a warmth brilliance. Following that, a similarly designed and colored chest appeared. The chest was about as big as a luggage case. As Sheyan slotted the key into the keyhole, the chest cover swung open producing two items from within:

Cobalt and steel alloy exoskeleton (Left-hand) (Damaged)

Origin: Michigan, America, Skynet no. 71 Factory, ninth production belt.

Equipment rarity: White

Equipment effects: Increases your unarmed battle power by 3-33 points.

Equipment requirements: Strength 8 points, physique 10 points.

Equipment position: Hand

Material: Cobalt and steel alloy mix

Possible additional installation: Flesh plastic layer (Function has ceased). Magnetic weapon absorption examining system (Lacking necessary components)

Weight:4.8 Kg

Length: 352mm

Special effects: While attacking, slight possibility of ignoring the enemy’s defence.

Weapon can be repaired 0/1 times. (Equipment’s value can increase after repair)

Evaluation: This weapon is not hard to repair – If you can go to 2029, and create a good relationship with Skynet.

Equipment Battle points: 12

Main CPU Microchip (Damaged)

Origin: Michigan, US, Skynet Factory no. 24 , seventh assembling department.

Item rarity: Light blue

Equipment position: Miscellaneous/ Backpack

Weight: 3.77g.”

Length: 32 mm

Usage: You will receive a side mission.

Additional: You will receive 400 utility points.

Evaluation: In the eyes of some fools, this thing is garbage. For others, this thing is the entire world.

Sheyan observed the two items, without hesitation he equipped the cobalt steel exoskeleton. From the external view, it looked extremely weird as though the entire left arm had metamorphosed into the huge terminator’s arm. Afterwards, he realized that the nightmare imprint could utilize a certain camouflaging ability. As long as he wasn’t in combat state, then his equipped item would still look like an ordinary hand. Therefore, he did not have to worry about drawing too much attention from the public.

After equipping the cobalt steel exoskeleton, the nightmare imprint issued a notification: Do you want to use your materials at hand to commence repairation of equipment? Yes/ No. Inquiring, previously you did not have any engineering capabilities, also you only possess simple tools and materials at hand. Equipment repairing chance: 0.03 %. Repair count 0/1.

Sheyan immediately chose no. It was obvious this equipment only had one repairing chance, wasting it would mean losing it. Even if he was a fool, he wouldn’t bet on the impossible odds of 0.03%.

He then practiced a few blows with his left hand, feeling that the threatening strength of his fist had went through huge upgrades. He nodded his head in satisfaction. Then he picked up that broken computer microchip, simultaneously receiving another notification from the nightmare imprint. It probed him if he wanted to accept the mission quest, deliberating for a awhile, he selected accept.

Side mission: Accepted:

Difficulty level: F

Mission goal: Handover this microchip to Engineer Vincent of the Cyberdyne computer company.

Mission pointers: Engineer Vincent enjoys his daily meals at the Bethel Steakhouse to the left of the company.

Mission suggestion: Vincent is a stubborn and biased person, persuading him would be an advantageous move.

Mission deadline: None

“Cyberdyne computer company?” Sheyan’s memory was very good, he immediately recalled. Wasn’t this the company that constructed “Skynet”? This company had high technology influences and also had secret relations with the American army. Therefore it’s status was extremely elevated in America. This mission actually required him to interact with a high level engineer at this company?

Sheyan pondered for a moment, and decided to shelve aside this mission temporarily. Before carrying out this mission, he needed to gain a better understanding of the Cyberdyne computer company, and more information of engineer vincent. Suddenly discovering more matters regarding the terminator was out of his calculation and it was better to be prudent. This will eliminate unnecessary danger, and can merit certain advantages.

This moment Sheyan received another notification:

“You solo killed the T-750 Terminator, do you want to use 100 utility points to acquire in-depth information on this model of terminator? Yes/ No”

Sheyan hesitated for awhile, prior to this he had already understood a huge deal of the T-750 Terminator capabilities after his battle. However after thinking thoroughly, he still chose to acquire the detailed information. This may assist him with understanding the last boss the T-800 Terminator. Who knew, he may even receive a valuable item within this pile of information. After confirmation, a square frame appeared in his vision, listing a compilation of detailed information.

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