The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1441 - Weakening the Enemy to Strengthen Itself

Chapter 1441: Weakening the Enemy to Strengthen Itself

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A terrifying mushroom cloud rose following the collision. The unstoppable shockwave it produced swept through the fragile interior of the Realm. Countless bloody flesh pieces were peeled off and turned into ashes, revealing the rusty metallic skeleton beneath. In that moment, the enchantment around Sheyan also disappeared.

The smoke soon dispersed. The Cardinal’s appearance was as neat and holy as ever, as if no material substance in this world could affect his sanctitude. On the contrary, Sheyan was burnt grey and black and his entire body was covered in wounds, looking like he was about to fall dead at any moment. However, the red glow around his body was still dazzlingly bright!

The only anomaly that could be seen on the Cardinal was a scratch on his chest.

It was a really weird scratch. Those who laid eyes upon it would not only find their vision being damaged, it would also hurt their soul!

No matter how formidable the Cardinal was, he could only delay the effect of ‘Extinction’; he could not eradicate its horrible destructive power and stop it from breaking out! Those who were attacked by ‘Extinction’ were doomed to pay a heavy price!

The Cardinal kept up the momentum with another attack. Seven Marks of the Sinner, twisting and bending like earthworms, appeared on Sheyan’s body. They were as life-like and frightening as venomous snakes, bulging so violently that they seemed as if they would burst at any moment. Once they did, Sheyan would no doubt suffer a terrible fate!

The terrifying power of the Seven Deadly Sins after they had fully assembled would threaten even low tier legendary characters. Of course, to engrave all seven Marks of the Sinner on a legendary character was no easy task either, because legendary characters usually had very firm minds. With the Cardinal’s current level of power, it would be hard for him to materialise all seven sins from a legendary character’s mind for an inquisition.

Take Captain Jack Sparrow for example. The Cardinal would find one or two of the Seven Deadly Sins very effective against him, such as lust. However, the sin of pride would not so easily take effect. It would be extremely hard to materialise the sin of pride in him for an inquisition. And the Seven Deadly Sins would only display its full power when all seven sins were fully assembled!

However, although all Seven Deadly Sins had now assembled on Sheyan, the Cardinal could do nothing but stare at him!

The Cardinal seemed to be rapidly losing all the power in his body to the scar on his chest! His long, pale fingers were frantically moving across the top of the Holy Scripture in his hand, but as if he was having a spasm, his fingers would not listen to him; he could not draw the correct rune for the life of him!

With a swing of Sheyan’s sword, five fingers flew away. Then, with a clever turn, he moved behind the Cardinal. Evil Sword Apophis stabbed into the Cardinal’s heart from the back.

A green glow appeared on the Cardinal’s right palm. He wished to use it to stop his life from seeping out of him, but the tip of the merciless Evil Sword Apophis instantly pierced through his palm, giving rise to magnificent circles of devilish brilliance. The ordinary-looking Apophis would only look devilishly beautiful when it was in contact with blood and taking the enemy’s life!

After receiving the notification he had successfully killed the Cardinal, Sheyan felt greatly weakened. However, he could sense that the other two enemies had ran away! They left even faster than when they came and more resolutely than when they charged!

“Are you kidding….”

“I’ve seen my share of things, so I know what those two equipment are! Those are Evil Sword Apophis and the Major General Blood Armour! For a person to possess both of them at the same time…that’s cheating! That’s like Optimus Prime using the Megatron pistol!”

“That guy took the fusion shot from my Megatron pistol head on, then killed Pharaoh while enduring his ‘Scarab Storm’, and finally killed the Cardinal while being attacked by his Seven Deadly Sins. Only an MT would have so much HP! And he looked like he still had power to spare! Fine, maybe he’s just bluffing, but maybe he really is waiting to burst out! Only a fool would bet his own life on others.”

“Even if the Realm is destroyed, we won’t necessarily die. Every Realm welcomes powerful contestants, so we only have to show our might. I don’t even mind defecting to the invading Noah Realm C. Why would I throw my life away in a fight?”


Those were the inner thoughts of the two people who were running away. To be honest, their thoughts were not unreasonable. Sure, an army of ants could kill an elephant, but countless ants would be crushed before the elephant was killed. The contestants had to consider their own personal interests. They were not as willing to sacrifice themselves as ants were.


Sheyan was taking a short rest. He learned from the party communication channel that the rest of the party were moving towards Reef. He was not in a hurry to join them because Reef was situated near the training room, while he was close to the marketplace. The distance between them was a bit far. Noah Realm E had set up the illusion ability everywhere despite the cost to itself, so if Sheyan wished to join his members, it would take a lot of time.

“If I’m not mistaken, the vital part of a Noah Realm should be near the honour area,” Sheyan carefully recalled, then quickly rushed there.

Although Sheyan usually went to the honour area in Noah Realm C by taking the elevator, it was not difficult for Sheyan, who had a strong sense of direction, to find the way by foot. He did encounter some contestants along the way, but few were able to dodge the combo strike of ‘Hornrage’ + ‘Extinction’, not to mention that Sheyan still had the teleportation ability on the ring to give chase if need be.

Sheyan had traveled less than 50 metres but had already taken six lives! He performed almost one kill every ten steps! But after killing the sixth person, not many dared to stand in his way anymore. If those who went to confront him had actually resisted one or two of his moves before they were defeated, the others would have had more confidence, but they were all killed almost immediately. The rest of the contestants were feeling hopeless against him.

This was to be expected. After all, Sheyan was currently an Executor, while the opponents were mostly Growth Hunters. Even the stronger ones among them were only Temperers. Moreover, the main battlefield was at Reef’s location, so the main force of Noah Realm E had all gone there. The “minions” here could not stop Sheyan at all. Their morale had completely collapsed!

“This should be the place,” Standing in front of a crimson flesh wall, Sheyan unleashed the tactile threads from his third eye. They penetrated deep into the wall. He raised his right hand high, and G-Spot once again transformed into the big silver wrench that could do extra damage to mechanical creatures. Sheyan slammed it at the wall!

Flesh and blood spattered, and the entire area around Sheyan convulsed violently! Noah Realm E wailed in agony outside. A new tentacle at least five hundred metres long grew out of it and was about to stab into its own body!

But how could Noah Realm C, who had the absolute upper hand, let Noah Realm E do as it pleased? It produced two new tentacles of its own and bound Noah Realm E’s new tentacle tightly, not letting it move an inch!

After giving Noah Realm E a hit from the inside, Sheyan noticed that the flesh 30-40 square metres around him had all evaporated. A large number of dark brown pipes of varying thickness could be vaguely seen on the uneven metallic floor. These pipes had a metallic texture and was composed of countless metallic rings, looking like the trachea. They all grew out of a round hole about two square metres in size and were convulsing slightly like living organisms.

Sheyan let G-Spot transform into Evil Sword Apophis again and hacked at the pipes wildly. When the pipes were cut, no liquid sprayed out of them, but Sheyan did detect a faint, weird odour and a hissing sound akin to air leaking out of something. Nothing special happened besides that.

But to Sheyan’s surprise, every time he severed a pipe, he would receive a notification telling him that he had acquired achievement points. Each pipe gave him 3 to 5 points. And when he cut the biggest pipe of them all, he actually obtained 20 achievement points!

It turned out that this spot was a node in the Noah Realm, and a large amount of energy would pass through the channels here. It was a vital part, like the neck in the human body, except that a Noah Realm had multiple “necks”.

Due to Sheyan’s wanton destruction, Noah Realm E let out a painful cry which shook the space around it. A large wound on the surface of its body stopped healing and rapidly deteriorated. Soon, the wound tore apart, and a section of Noah Realm E’s body about 1/7 of its total size broke away from it. About seven new tentacles grew out of Noah Realm C, greedily wrapping themselves around the detached part and stabbing into it. Noah Realm C pulled the part to its own body, then started dissolving and digesting it!!

That’s right. For a Noah Realm, the most nourishing food were the body parts of its own kind! Nothing would give it more strength than the body of another Noah Realm. To support the powerful contestants, a huge burden had been placed on Noah Realm C’s energy reserves. This body part of Noah Realm E came at the perfect time; it was something Noah Realm C urgently needed.

Noah Realm E was not as powerful as Noah Realm C to begin with. At the moment, Noah Realm E was at a complete disadvantage in the battle. What’s more, in a battle between Noah Realms, the energy lost by the weak would be absorbed by the strong. If the original power ratio was 10:8, then it had become 11:7 by now. If Noah Realm E kept losing, it might become 12:6, which was an overwhelming advantage for Noah Realm C!

And in that instant, Sheyan, the culprit who caused all this, raised his right hand once again with a sinister smile on his face.

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