The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1440 - Encountering the Cardinal Again

Chapter 1440: Encountering the Cardinal Again

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“The first one to attack should be the one furthest away from me. His right hand is hidden behind him, and his breathing rate is 34% faster than before. That should be because his body is more eager for oxygen so that he can burst out with greater explosiveness.”

“Hmm…his attack likely contains a speed reduction or even a stunning effect, and it should have a pretty high precedence too, because two out of the remaining three people have already started to chant and make other attacking preparations without giving any thought to defending. The Cardinal appears to be accumulating holy light; he seems to have a lot of confidence in the long-range attacker. The last one looks like a Berserker, but he’s already starting to slow down to guard against my dying retaliation….”

“Their attacks are layered, orderly, and link perfectly with each other. Once they start attacking, their attacking sequence will completely overwhelm the enemy and are very difficult to deal with. It’s a combination of control, attack and defence, all in one.” Sheyan’s lips curled into a demonic smile. “Great coordination. This is obviously not the first time the four of them are working together. If that’s the case, what will happen if a malfunction occurs in the very first link in the chain? They’ll surely show me some wonderful facial expressions, right?”

Right at that moment, the long-range contestant furthest away from Sheyan activated an ability on his equipment, a summoning spell.

An illusion of a huge robot descended from the sky. It had a cold metallic face, but behind the cold facade lurked an extreme ferocity! A terrifying pressure rushed right at Sheyan, and the robot’s deafening roar echoed in the air.

“Who summons the leader of the Decepticons? Everything I touch is food for my hunger. My hunger for power! Peace through tyranny!”

The contestant had actually summoned Megatron!

Then, the contestant flung a gemstone that looked very familiar to Sheyan. It was the rare mineral molybdenum which contained a huge amount of energy. Seeing the stone, a look of greed crept onto Megatron’s face. He ate the molybdenum and somersaulted back with a roar. While in the air, he twisted and transformed into the famous Walther P38 silver pistol. He landed in the hands of the contestant who summoned him.

The contestant raised the gun at Sheyan and smirked mockingly, as if he felt that doing this was way overkill. However, he did not hesitate to pull the trigger!

Fusion shot!

However, when Megatron made his appearance, Sheyan’s body had flashed with a blood red light. The powerful Major General Blood Armour was activated, and a rich scarlet enveloped Sheyan. He forced a single word out from between his teeth.


‘Peerless’ vs. fusion shot!

The Walther P38 pistol Megatron had transformed into was absolutely not to be taken lightly. It could already be considered a high-tier legendary weapon. The moment it was shot, it almost blinded the eyes of everyone watching! But of course, for the contestants, it was only a momentary blindness.

But right when the contestant named Pharaoh finished his chant and was about to point his dark gold sceptre at Sheyan, he found that the enemy had already rushed in front of him.

The guy who just got shot by the Walther P38 pistol had actually rushed in front of him!! Was he not supposed to be knocked back and stand there screaming like a fool??

“That’s impossible…” Pharaoh’s eyes became bloodshot in an instant. However, he was indeed one of the top contestants in his Realm. With one look, he could tell that the enemy in front of him was severely injured. His chest was scorched, and some of his ribs were exposed. Pharaoh immediately came to a decision:

“I can’t retreat! The enemy is obviously formidable only in appearance right now. If I retreat now, not only will my current spell be interrupted, it’ll also affect Cardinal’s power accumulation for his next attack! I only have to hang on for three seconds and Cardinal’s attack will be completed, and Rabin can also come help in time… But if something goes wrong on my end, the entire attack sequence will collapse! ”

Therefore, Pharaoh chose to continue on with his skill. He did not believe that the enemy could finish him in three seconds! However, little did he know that the person he was facing was a monster who had activated ‘Peerless’ and was blessed by ‘True Luck’. Furthermore, the monster was wielding the fearsome Evil Sword Apophis!

Three seconds was enough time for Sheyan to attack five times!

The flashes of blood-red were grim and brutal. Gashes seemed to have been cut open in the empty space. Sheyan did not hold back this time. He had activated ‘Extinction’. The first swing of the sword already pierced through Pharaoh’s throat, while the second pierced through his heart!

The ‘Scarab Storm’ unleashed by Pharaoh was also tearing up Sheyan’s flesh and bones. However, although an attack of this level was truly scary for agile-type and mage-type Awakeners, it was something that he could endure. The biggest threat of the ‘Scarab Storm’ was that the scarabs would penetrate into the enemy’s body and lay eggs inside, but under the strong threat of the A-virus, the scarabs were all running away from Sheyan in fear. None of them dared to burrow into his body.

All the lights disappeared in an instant. The Pharaoh’s eyes were wide open, staring at Sheyan so intensely that they were almost dripping blood. Because he was facing Sheyan, his three companions could not see the astonished look on his face, or those three would surely become extremely wary! Unfortunately, Pharaoh did not manage to give his companions any warning before he drew his last breath!

‘Extinction’ instantly showed its destructiveness. However, because ‘Extinction’ was so low-key in appearance, the Cardinal whom Sheyan was targeting next was still steadily chanting. The natural calmness he exuded made him look extremely graceful, unlike the sorry looking Sheyan who was covered in blood and fire. The two of them appeared to be at completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

The last time Sheyan saw the Cardinal, he had hatched from an embryo; he was the extreme holiness born from the most extreme evil and filth. He was not wearing any clothes; instead, he had forced his flesh to grow into a priest’s robe! It may be difficult to tell that the robe was made of flesh from afar, but it was quite obvious from close distance.

But the Cardinal in front of Sheyan right now was obviously the authentic one. Even his priest’s robe was high-end stuff, looking especially holy and solemn. He was holding a Holy Scripture in his hand, and milky white words were constantly popping up on top of it. He simply exuded a pious, compassionate temperament, so dignified that others would not dare desecrate it.

However, that was not so for Sheyan. He had finished off Pharaoh in the blink of an eye and was now charging towards the Cardinal!

The Cardinal who had once stood in front of him like a towering mountain.

The Cardinal who had once made a mess of him and Aziz.

The Cardinal who had once forced him to use everything at his disposal just to survive!

The Cardinal’s chant was finally completed. A giant cross made of light fell on the enemy like a heavy mountain .

This was the crucifix that Sheyan dared not even make the slightest bit of contact with back in their previous encounter! It was a pitch black cross with blood stains that had a ferocious presence. The blood stains on it criss-crossed in a twisted way, as if they were newly made. It felt like everything in the world was crying in grief seeing the cross!

This was the “Crucifix” materialised by the Cardinal’s divine power. It was an imitation of the very crucifix on which Jesus was executed while wearing a crown of thorns.

On this cross, even God falls! Such was its power!

And yet, today’s Sheyan could boldly take it head on!

The crucifix instantly shattered after hitting Sheyan, turning into countless spots of light as if it had been frozen and smashed. However, Sheyan’s speed did not decrease in the slightest. In fact, he moved even faster than before!

There was a slight change to the Cardinal’s expression. He once again raised the Holy Scripture in his hand, and countless spots of light gathered around it. Three rare words came out of his mouth:

“Seven Deadly Sins!”

In the next second, the giant toad representing the sin of gluttony, the fire giant representing the sin of lust, the bubbling oil elemental representing the sin of greed, the black leech represents the sin of envy, the cane representing the sin of sloth, the double-edged axe representing the sin of wrath, and the rotating wheel representing the sin of pride, all materialised before Sheyan and bombarded him!

Sheyan was now only less than five metres away from the Cardinal, but when the seven deadly sins appeared, translucent shackles made of light had immediately bound his neck, legs and arms. The shackles had a strong medieval Europe motif and gave off a rough, violent, and direct feel.

The shackles were connected to thick chains, and all the chains were currently pulled taut. The other ends of the chains were all wrapped around giant holy relics that were glowing with divine light. The holy relics were the Bible, the real Cross, the Ark, the Crown of Thorns, and the Lance of Longinus. All five giant holy relics were flying in different directions, completely restricting Sheyan’s movement!

However, the third eye on Sheyan’s forehead suddenly opened! In this instant, the tables were turned. Sheyan’s feet sank deep into the floor, and countless roots abruptly spread out of them, greedily and forcefully corroding the flesh and blood of Noah Realm E. The ‘Stairway of the Sun’ appeared, and on its every tendril was a strange eye.

The tendrils of the ‘Stairway of the Sun’ were not dancing wildly like they were wont to do before. Instead, they pierced through the shackles binding Sheyan with meticulous precision and quickness. A slight pry or pull from each of them instantly broke the shackles.

It was the kind of precision akin to a key unlocking a lock. They unbound the shackles with the minimum amount of effort. That was the power of an Executor!

Sheyan’s lightning quick ‘Ultimate Impact’ struck the Cardinal’s chest, but a large amount of divine runes floated up from the Cardinal’s robe, absorbing much of the damage!

However, that was just the very first of Sheyan’s attack, and it was only an ability on his equipment. While the Cardinal was staggering back unsteadily, Sheyan had already taken a deep breath to regain his composure, and a sinister smirk appeared on his face.

“Have a taste of hell, you religious fraud. ‘Withering Impact’!!”

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