The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1439 - Executor

Chapter 1439: Executor

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The assassin seemed to be pathetically running for dear life, but because it was his home court, he was able to use plenty of secret skills to escape. If he were to use them in other places, he might even have transported his soul to other dimensions.

The assassin could finally take a breather, but when he looked back, he saw that the savage figure was still relentlessly chasing after him. Furthermore, a third eye had bizarrely appeared on the person’s forehead. The eye was staring right at himself. The assassin felt as if even his soul had been locked on by the enemy!


Before he could finish, Sheyan had already pounced on him. The assassin felt as if he was watching a gigantic beast pounce on a prey from a close distance! He already found it hard to breathe before the beast had even reached him. It was no fault of his respiratory system; it was more like all the air had been squeezed out of him due to the immense pressure!

Evil Sword Apophis was already in Sheyan’s hand. With a grim flash, it cut straight down!

The assassin rolled over, but found to his horror that he could not dodge the sword no matter what he did. He could only raise his dagger to block the attack. With a loud clang, the weapons clashed, and his hand went numb from the impact. He wished to borrow the impact force to jump back and run away, but as if the horrifying third eye had locked onto his soul, he had no choice but to receive the next attack.

Sheyan hacked three times in a row. The assassin’s arms were so numb by now that it felt like they were not his anymore, and the numbness was actually spreading towards his upper body! He knew things could not go on like this. He clenched his teeth and made his next move despite the risk of being stabbed in the chest by Sheyan.

While blood splashed out of the assassin, his dagger drew a blood-red cross in the air. The red was so deep that it appeared as if it had become another world.

The assassin immediately rolled into the blood-red cross and disappeared!

A lump of dark yellow paper dropped down. It was a weird, twisted paper puppet. The face of the puppet looked exactly like the assassin, and there was a terrible wound on its chest. It seemed that the puppet had taken a large portion of the damage for its owner.

Sheyan suddenly stopped moving, because he could sense that the assassin’s presence had not disappeared; he was merely hiding somewhere nearby, lying in wait. The assassin’s breathing became long and extended, slight but not weak, and it circled around Sheyan, like it would devour Sheyan at any moment!

At the same time, Sheyan also sensed four immensely powerful presences dashing here from the distance. They had already identified him from afar!

Of course, Sheyan knew that the priority right now was not to fight but to group up with his party members, but he had already confirmed through the party communication channel that they were now within Noah Realm E’s body. The fact that Noah Realm C could completely resist its power with the flesh armour was already no small feat.

There would always be major restrictions in certain aspects imposed on the party that invaded. Not that the contestants’ combat power had been reduced by much, but most of the infiltrating contestants had been separated.

The so-called “separation” referred to being isolated from each other. Noah Realm E could interfere with the contestants’ senses and create a situation where they were unable to leave a certain area. This way, even if a contestant saw an acquaintance struggling in the distance, they could not go over to help at all. No matter how hard they ran, they would just keep running back to the place they were in before.

It was actually not that hard to break out of this situation. They just had to perform the task that Noah Realm C asked of them, which was to destroy and kill wantonly. When they had caused enough destruction, the energy supply to that spot would naturally be blocked, and they would be able to leave the area!

By using its own body to stall the infiltrating contestants, the panicking Noah Realm E was actually drinking poison to quench its thirst. It was doing this because it realised that the enemy was not bragging; Noah Realm C had actually found a loophole in the Creator’s rules! Yes, the loophole was the contestants! Because it was possible for contestants to defect to another Realm, the Creator’s screen could not wipe out all outside contestants indiscriminately. It could only wipe out those that had hostile intentions.

In fact, a loophole like this was not really a loophole before this, because even if some contestants could infiltrate into the body of another Noah Realm, the Realm could easily destroy the contestants with a single thought, not to mention the Realm would also have a large number of its own contestants inside it. The Creator did not even consider the possibility that one day, a Noah Realm would become that much stronger than another Noah Realm, so strong that even the level of its contestants were generally one order higher!

Therefore, although Noah Realm E’s interference was very effective, it was actually a very costly move, for it was buying precious time with its own body. Besides, in Sheyan’s case, was it hard for him to face a fellow Temperer and a seriously injured assassin at the same time?

Sheyan sneered and took out an item. It was an item he purchased at the end of the previous world.

Golden Main Mission unique reward: ‘Compound High-Energy Injection of Aldanzo-Keluka-Lulizi (Alkelu), Type III’! A powerful item that could temporarily raise his order!

(Contestant Order: Normal Contestant < Growth Hunter < Awakener < Temperer < Executor < Arbiter)

When the syringe that had a golden glow stabbed into his neck and injected the substance that rippled like mercury into his body, Sheyan felt not pain, but an indescribable joy.

A voice whispered in his ears:

“You have stepped through the threshold which enables you to exert your maximum power, but possessing power does not mean that you can use it well. It is like suddenly gaining an amount of money. Some people will use the money to gain more riches and become wealthy, some will barely balance their income and expenditure, and some may even lose everything!”

“Therefore, you need the power of an Executor!! An Executor can accurately allocate their power to the spot that needs it the most!”

The part on Sheyan that mutated was the third eye in the centre of his forehead. Now that he had temporarily advanced into an Executor, he could feel countless tactile threads of differing lengths extending out of his third eye. The threads were transparent and colourless, just like water. The tactile threads could vividly feed back to him what they sensed from the surrounding environment in place of his five senses.

The assassin who could not be seen by the naked eye was unable to hide from the invisible tactile threads!

“Blood pressure: 110 / 60.”

“Heartbeat: 90 times / minute.”

“He has lost more than a third of the normal amount of blood in a person, so his body temperature has dropped to 35.9 degrees Celsius.”

“The muscles on his right hand are 1.7 times more developed than the left, so attacks that are threatening will most likely come from the right hand.”

“The dimension he hides in is not very stable. The most unstable spot is only 3.14 metres away.”

“Among the four people rushing here, one of them has a very familiar presence. He should be the Cardinal I met before.”


Sheyan suddenly took a large step to the left. At the same time, the weapon in his hand transformed. Instead of the powerful Apophis, he had actually opted for a weapon that he had not used for a long time – the big silver wrench he obtained in the Starship Troopers world!

His actions had moved him even further away from the assassin.

Sheyan half knelt on the ground and punched the ground hard! Flesh and blood splashed everywhere. A combination of flesh and mechanical parts was suddenly revealed beneath the originally smooth and even floor. Sheyan then raised the wrench high and slammed it down on a piece of protruding mechanical structure below.

A single hit from the wrench was enough to fully display its super-effectiveness against mechanical devices! When it was used to attack mechanical creatures, the damage would increase by 200% and half of the theoretical damage would be converted into true damage!!

After the attack, Sheyan immediately rolled away. The spot struck by the silver wrench was an important joint. Terrifying electrical energy gushed out and trashed about like pythons. One of the electric bolts happened to sweep through the place where the assassin was hiding. The assassin was instantly blown out from his hiding spot. The destruction of the sub-dimension had given him a severe blow.

When he finally managed to stabilise himself after the explosion, a sharp blade exuding much desire and relish had already been placed on his throat. The blade was naturally Apophis. With a gentle flick of Sheyan’s wrist, the extremely troublesome Temperer assassin that was even nicknamed the Servant of Death fell into a state of near death. He was instantly teleported away, but he was quickly killed by the continuous bleeding damage…

To kill the assassin, Sheyan did only three things. He smashed the ground, attacked Noah Realm E with a wrench, then lightly slit the assassin’s throat. He did not even use ‘Extinction’. Most of the assassin’s HP was lost to the intense turbulence when the dimension the assassin hid in collapsed!

“I see… Is that the essence of an Executor? A powerful person proficient in fighting in the most effective way. Although the strength level of an Executor is not that much higher than a Temperer, their levels of combat technique are miles apart! ”

Sheyan raised his head and greedily took in the strong smell in the air. The smell was a mix of Noah Realm E’s body fluid and contestant blood, and it was as addictive as drugs! Sensing the four powerful presences approaching from the distance, he suddenly recalled the time when he and Aziz were forced into an extremely desperate situation by the Cardinal’s replica. Right now, his heart was brimming with excitement and anticipation!

“Come!” Sheyan stared into the distance, his eyes unfocused as he felt everything around him with his tactile threads. With a voice filled with so much passion that it seemed to be burning, he muttered, “What an exciting encounter. That bastard, Aziz, will be so jealous of my good luck!”

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