The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1438 - Kill and Destroy

Chapter 1438: Kill and Destroy

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Noah Realm C’s voice reverberated in space while its numerous tentacles rapidly merged into three. There may only be three tentacles left now, but all three were shining with a frightening glow!

These three tentacles quickly wrapped around Noah Realm E’s sole remaining pincer. A terrifying cracking sound could be heard, like the sound of a stone smashing an arm – once, twice, thrice! The horrible creak tormented the nerves of all who heard it. In the end, the giant pincer was forcefully torn apart. However, a few long spikes also shot out from the abdomen of Noah Realm E, so sharp was their momentum that it felt like they would tear through time itself. They pierced through Noah Realm C!

A large amount of unidentified fluid gushed from the wounds and flowed into the space in the universe. They quickly vapourised into large patches of black smog that had a strange odour. Some who smelled it felt sleepy, while others were full of spirit.

Noah Realm E seemed to have taken a much heavier blow than the enemy, but when Noah Realm C attacked again, a web of light appeared over Noah Realm E’s body and completely absorbed the attack.

“Hahaha!” Noah Realm E could still laugh even under such a situation. “That’s all you can do to me, you fool! You think the final barrier set up by the Creator to avoid our mutual destruction is so easy to break through?”

Suddenly, about seventeen or eighteen tentacles shot out from the floor around Sheyan and the other contestants and wrapped around them tightly. The tentacles merged together and wrapped all the contestants inside it. The thing now looked like a giant red tadpole standing upright, with a large head and a long tail. It was formed of solid muscles that contained a large number of veins on its surface!

A strong propelling force came from the interior of Noah Realm C and ejected all the contestants outside. All of them left a trail of dark green viscous liquid behind them, forming terrifying-looking lines in the vast space. From afar, it looked like various dark green threads had shot out of Noah Realm C and penetrated into Noah Realm E!

[ Warning, warning! You are now under the protection of the Realm’s flesh armour, which can ensure your survival in space, and are flying at a very high speed. You are about to pass through the Creator’s screen surrounding Noah Realm E. The moment you pass through the screen, you must empty your mind and make sure you have no hostile thoughts, or you will be killed. ]

From a spectator’s point of view, flying at high speed may seem like a cool thing, but that was not necessarily the case for those experiencing it personally. At the moment, Sheyan felt as if he was riding a motorcycle at 300 km/h without a helmet. All he could hear was the howl of the wind, and everything in his sight had become lines, thousands of lines!

The Realm’s warning gave Sheyan a fright. He quickly closed his eyes and tried not to look at anything or think of anything. However, because of Sheyan’s strong Perceptive Sense, he still seemed to be able to “watch” himself from a third person perspective as he streak across the space like a meteorite, leaving behind a long tail of flame in his wake. When he reached the “Creator’s screen”, he went through it without a hitch!

At the same time, Sheyan noticed about a fifth of the contestants turning into wisps of smoke and dispersing into nothingness when they came into contact with the Creator’s screen, as if they were moths that had rushed into fire. They did not even have the time to scream or groan.

Sheyan could not help but marvel at the fact that the set of flesh armour on him could shuttle him through space. Its toughness had exceeded that of ordinary meteorites, and his own strength was completely bound! However, such strong protection was still instantly reduced to smoke by the Creator’s screen. What terrifying power the Creator possessed!

Of course, at the moment, Sheyan did not have any time to dwell on his feelings. Yes, he had passed through the Creator’s screen without the slightest bit of difficulty as if it was nothing but air, but during the process, a chill had washed over Sheyan, like his entire being, from his body to his soul, had been scanned by something cold and penetrating. Fortunately, he was cleared and allowed passage.

After rushing past the Creator’s screen, he could only watch in horror as he approached the “ground” at an alarming speed! He must be moving at several hundred metres per second at the moment! At this speed, even if the surface below was water, it would still be harder than a concrete ground!

With a loud crash, Sheyan slammed into the ground, the terrifying impact creating a large crater where he landed! The large crater – or rather, the large wound – twisted and squirmed as a yellow liquid overflowed out of it. The texture at the wound was a mix of flesh and metal.

The flesh armour which originally wrapped around Sheyan had shrunk. It now looked like the armour of the Gladiators of old which protected only the heart, the lower body, the throat and other vital parts. A soft light radiated from its surface, vaguely opposing the surrounding environment.

Sheyan stood up and shook his head to clear away the confusion. He suddenly felt that the place looked rather familiar. He did not notice it when he was looking down from above, but now that he was standing on the ground, did this place not look like the trading hall in the Realm?

“Have I actually infiltrated into the body of Noah Realm E?” he thought in surprise.

Soon, Sheyan realised that his guess was most probably correct, because when the small doors on the nearby walls popped open one after another, a number of contestants rushed out of them with a roar. They were glowing with a soft white light, while he was shining with a dazzling red light!

[ You have entered the interior of Noah Realm E! The power attached to the flesh armour you are wearing can resist the will of Noah Realm E so that you will not be obliterated by it! ]

[ Your mission is to kill and destroy! Destroy everything you see and kill every creature that do not belong to your Realm! ]

[ Your combat with the contestants affiliated with Noah Realm E will follow the combat rules in an ordinary world. ]

[ Due to Gaia’s Law, although you may encounter contestants from a higher era than the Era of Martyrs, their attacks on you will be weakened. Of course, if you attack a contestant not from the Era of Martyrs, your attacks will become invalid. ]

Before Sheyan could carefully read through these notifications, he was already being targeted by several contestants in front of him. What followed was naturally a frenzied bout of attacks. However, Sheyan was now already extremely powerful. His base attributes were several times higher than contestants of the same level, and he was also protected by the ‘True Luck’ ability which only protagonists could normally possess. In his hand, he wielded a high tier legendary weapon, and on his body, he wore the Major General Blood Armour!

Therefore, Sheyan could just grit his teeth and steel himself to take the attacks. He then charged forward like a tank; aggressive, tyrannical and unstoppable. Amidst the smoke, Sheyan sank his shoulders and knocked a shield-wielding MT flying. He swung his sword and cut a wound on the arm of the enemy in front of him, then rolled and jumped forward.

The shield-wielding MT wished to give chase, but he suddenly started coughing violently, his eyes almost popping out. Although he had covered his mouth with his hand, the coughing noise only got worse, like a nail was brutally scratching his throat. After a while, the violent coughing turned into vomiting. His vomit contained some startling crimson patches and lumpy objects. The MT collapsed on the spot. He could already hear nothing but the screams of his teammates. The wound Sheyan made on him rapidly rotted, exposing the white bones underneath!

The current Sheyan was not someone these Growth Hunters could deal with. But suddenly, while Sheyan was slightly distracted, a dark shadow leaped out of the darkness in the corner. Taking advantage of the gap between Sheyan’s attacks, the shadow stabbed a dagger at Sheyan!

The attack felt eerie yet unreal, like a ghost which did not belong to the mortal world!

Sheyan did not make any attempt to dodge. The dual-snake ring on his finger shone, and the illusions of the former rulers of Gondor instantly appeared and formed a brilliant mirror. It was the ‘Divine Shield’ of the Ring of Barahir!

When the dagger came into contact with the mirror, the mirror immediately shattered. A harsh noise of friction was heard, and the sparks produced sprayed more than two feet long. The dagger still injured Sheyan, but the muscles around the wound immediately twisted and interlaced like they were cramping up, attempting to heal the wound. However, the illusionary image of the dagger would appear around the wound from time to time and kept cutting it open again!

The damage reflected back by Sheyan’s legendary equipment was definitely no joke. A groan came from the darkness, followed by the sound of footsteps rapidly moving away. A fluid that shimmered with a pale blue light dripped to the ground. The fluid was beautiful, albeit in a cruel way.

Sheyan immediately pursued without a word! Are you kidding? Only a legendary equipment could break through the ‘Divine Shield’! The guy must have some good stuff on him. How could Sheyan let him escape?

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