The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1442 - Death

Chapter 1442: Death

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Sounds of explosion rose one after another. Sheyan was already three kilometres away from the last node he destroyed. All the contestants he encountered along these three kilometres had distorted faces, white eyes, clenched teeth, and were dripping foam from the corners of their mouths. They had obviously gone berserk.

Noah Realm E, who had been driven into a corner, was now ruthlessly manhandling the contestants who were slacking off by taking direct control of their bodies to force them to fight! As a result, the enemies who rushed at Sheyan kept shouting that they were being forced to do this and were calling out wildly for mercy, but at the same time, their bodies kept ruthless attacking him with suicidal moves.

It was always hard to deal with people who had lost their reasons. Even though Sheyan was strong, he still had a very difficult time against these suicidal contestants whose sole aim was to bring him down with them. Both the honorary dosage and ‘Gloryheal’ were already on cooldown. If it was not for ‘Death’s Lament’ still being available, Sheyan would have ran away without a second thought.

But the exploration of Noah Realm E’s interior was excellent training for his sensory threads. It was like training swordsmanship in the ocean. Although it was much more difficult, he gained various experiences, and the growth was much more rapid.

Training his sensory threads in Noah Realm E’s interior was almost equivalent to fighting thirty to forty battles as an Executor outside. He could not do this in his own Noah Realm, because to touch the interior of a Noah Realm with his sensory threads was as rude as to remove someone’s clothes with his hands. It would not be advisable to do this in his own Realm unless he wished to commit suicide.

Sheyan heaved a long breath, then forcefully tore apart the flesh layer beside him to come out of the hiding place. Before this, at least six contestants who had gone berserk had chased after him. If he had not hidden himself, it would have been another hard battle!

Right now, Sheyan had less than 2000 HP left. His body was covered in wounds that were still bleeding profusely. He was in no condition for another hard battle. After all, he had to consider the issue of cost-effectiveness. Was it really worth it to kill Growth Hunters and Awakeners with ‘Extinction’? Because they were inside the body of Noah Realm E, and because Sheyan had a higher order, the drop rate was abysmal, and he did not get much achievement points from killing them either. If he kept using ‘Extinction’, not only would achievement points be a problem, his HP would also be exhausted sooner or later.

After moving out of hiding, Sheyan took a bit of time to get his bearings and rapidly advanced in the direction he deemed correct. The interior of the Noah Realm was weird and bizarre. Sometimes, he would see a large number of fleshy connective tissues encircling the veins like lymph nodes, and sometimes he would see organs made up of metallic structures constricting and expanding, recycling a red fluid the colour of flesh. But most of the time, he would see a combination of the two.

Soon, no more road could be seen ahead. To be precise, an oval door wrapped in a lump of flesh had appeared before Sheyan. The door was made up of five weird-looking flesh valves, each of which was over 10 square metres in size. An oily substance flowed on it. It was the kind of door that rotated open, but it was obviously closed at the moment.

(TL: The valve here refers to a biological valve, like the ones inside the heart. )

Sheyan hesitated. He had the big silver wrench which specialised in demolishing machines, so it would not be hard for him to open the door with brute force, but if he were to do so, Noah Realm E would instantly sense it. The Realm was in a final, desperate struggle for survival, so it would definitely mobilise a large number of crazed contestants over! It was only reasonable for it to do so. If it were you and you suddenly feel an intense pain in your body, you’ll definitely do everything in your power – see a doctor, take medicine, perform surgery – until you solve the problem too.

But while Sheyan was still hesitating, the five valves suddenly turned and opened by themselves. The path inside looked like the inner part of a digestive tract in appearance. The flesh walls all around were red in colour. The tract was in constant peristalsis, transporting a large amount of thick and disgusting green stuff out from the inside, which should be something like excrement. There was so much of it that it piled up into a small hill.

Then, a large number of spider-like composite flesh creatures crawled out from the flesh wall nearby. Their long legs were made of steel, but their bodies were made of flesh. All of them were hauling along a large basket behind them. They quickly split up the excrement that had accumulated like a small hill and dragged it away.

“What!! What the hell are those?” Sheyan was about to rush inside when he suddenly saw a head, a familiar head, in the basket behind one of the spiders.

It was the head of the Metal Professor! Three quarters of the head had been chopped off. She must have died a gruesome death, for the expression on her face was exceptionally ugly! She had none of her delicate features left!

Next, Sheyan found several broken limbs, and also an acquaintance, Zeus – or, at least, certain parts of him.

The unfortunate couple had survived the previous Realm War, but they did not manage to hold on until the end of the war because they were too greatly hurt. In this operation to infiltrate Noah Realm E, they had crash-landed in the key area, such was their luck. In order to reap great benefits, they must take great risks. However, they obviously could not survive this time.

Sheyan examined the corpses of the Metal Professor and Zeus carefully, trying to get some hints from them, but it seemed that the waste excretion time had come to an end, because the valve door was starting to rotate again; it would probably be closed soon. At the same time, the sensory threads that Sheyan had spread hundreds of metres away had detected a group of crazed contestants running to his location while breathing heavily…

Under these circumstances, Sheyan had no choice but to go through the door. He ran to the gradually closing valve door and leapt through it like a fish.

Sheyan was not being reckless. He had only made the decision to move inside the tract after giving it careful thought.

First of all, he found out from examining the corpses of the Metal Professor and Zeus that their deaths were extremely tragic. There were wounds all over their bodies. They had obviously died after experiencing a tough battle, but Sheyan could find no fatal injuries on them, like a hard blow to the head or a stab to the heart.

From this point, it was not difficult to deduce that the attacks they encountered had high frequency and low damage, and they were killed slowly, bit by bit. There were very few explosive attacks like a sniper shot. This kind of attack method happened to be perfectly countered by Sheyan’s innate ability. But how did Sheyan deduce that the attacks were high-frequency and low damage, and not high-frequency and high damage? Because if they were, the Metal Professor and Zeus would not have lasted until their entire bodies were covered in injuries.

But more importantly, Sheyan had a way out, thanks to the amazing silver wrench that G-Spot could transform into. It was the perfect tool to break a path open. It might have been a useless weapon in the hands of its original owner, but in the hands of Sheyan, it was a godly tool!

Sheyan had strengthened it to +4, so when G-Spot transformed into it, it became +11 and would do a shocking amount of true damage. When it was used in tandem with ‘Extinction’, it was a better bulldozer than a real bulldozer! Zeus and the Metal Professor may have been powerless against the valve door, but Sheyan was confident he could break himself out.

After jumping through the valve door, Sheyan immediately detected a strange smell. Even the air felt abnormal to his skin. The skin that was facing the front felt very hot, but the skin at the back felt very cold. Even though he did not move his feet, he was still being transported deeper inside. Sheyan would be rolling on the ground right now if he did not have a decent sense of balance.

After moving for about four or five hundred metres, Sheyan met the murderers who killed Zeus and the Metal Professor. They were a kind of flesh-and-metallic creature called the Sweepers. The Sweepers had a pair of sharp, serrated front limbs like a mantis, and a body which moved by wriggling, suitable for moving in this kind of environment. They also had excellent leaping abilities.

The Sweepers had an important role in the digestive system of the Noah Realm. The digestive system of the Realm was a combination of flesh and metal parts and also contained a strong digestive fluid, so the filth inside would easily solidify into rocks in some key places. The rocks were like stalactites, and they were very hard. If they were left unattended for a long time, they might even block the digestive cavity.

The Sweepers were designed to clean up these filth rocks with their sharp front limbs. For fear of injuring other tissues by mistake, the Sweepers were not very strong, but in pursuit of work efficiency, they were very agile.

Sheyan was soon submerged under the crazy assault of the Sweepers. To make matters worse, the ground and walls here were constantly in peristalsis motion, so it was hard to keep himself on his feet. The digestive fluid would also lower his defence. The Sweepers could easily drill in and out of nearby walls thanks to their special anatomy, so they could attack from any direction and were very difficult to defend against.

But Sheyan merely found them difficult to defend against and not really threatening, thanks to his powerful innate ability, ‘Death’s Lament’. Most of the attacks only did 1 damage to him. Moreover, the Sweeper had previously battled Zeus and the Metal Professor, so they had also suffered great losses. Therefore, after killing hundreds of those creatures, Sheyan finally managed to drag his tired body to the end of the digestive tract. There was another revolving door that also comprised of five valves here, and it seemed to be shut tight.

Sheyan naturally had no intention to dally in this place. After all, the digestive fluid here was strongly corrosive. His skin already had patches of red and purple on it due to the corrosion. His face would probably have melted down if it was not for the ‘Stairway of the Sun’, which had a natural resistance against diseases, corrosion and poison.

Sheyan broke through the thick valve door in front of him with a deafening smash. He could instantly feel fresh air rushing to his face.

He was immediately stupefied. Never would he have thought that the core power zone of the seemingly omnipotent Noah Realm would look like this!

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