The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 14: Terrifying mountain troll

Chapter 14: Terrifying mountain troll

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Suddenly a thunderous roar boomed from the direction of the mountain troll's cave, it sounded like a tiger who had a mask over its face but was still trying its best to howl. Immediately, everyone tensed up and their heartbeat became faster. Holding their breath uniformly, they carefully listened to the distance sound.

But after that beastly thunderous roar, nothing else followed it. Only the splattering sound of the rain against the tree leaves could be heard. After a while, one investigating contestant returned. His face was pale and his body covered in mud. His face was clumsily cut by a tree branch, and he looked extremely flustered and terrible. After panting for a moment, he regained his breath.

According to his report, it was confirm that the mountain trolls were indeed residing in a cave at the east. This contestant only had high agility, but wasn't trained specially in reconnaissance. Therefore when he approached closely, he was discovered by the mountain troll which led to that raging roar! This one roar destroyed his courage, he knew the dangers of facing a mountain troll alone. Scared witless, he fled immediately and only relaxed when he confirmed the mountain troll didn't give chase.

After hearing this contestant's report, Qiao Gun pursed his brows. This recent happening indicated that the surveillance range of the mountain troll was rather far, and yet it wasn't willing to come out and give chase. This meant that the 'bait', Seaman, had to approach very near to the mountain troll, to attract it to give chase! This undoubtedly increased the risk level of the 'bait'.

Obviously Qiao Gun wouldn't be a good samaritan and be concerned about Sheyan's life. Since the start he did not consider that this 'Seaman' would even survive. His only worry was that Sheyan would die even before displaying his usefulness by luring the mountain troll to the minimum distance. Then that would mean the Symbiosis sect having to sacrifice one of their own! If this led to failure and subsequent chain reactions.....Qiao Gun would be in for a cold war. His brows frowned together.

At present, it could be said that everything was ready, all they needed is an east wind (Chinese idiom - lacking only one crucial item). Qiao Gun sunk into deep thoughts, the lacking of contingencies in urgent scenarios was a skill he lacked. He frowned and pondered a short while, but gave up and strode to Sheyan to prepare executing the plan. In his heart, he was already sure this 'Seaman' was a dead man, and that he should arrange someone to take his place.

In such a vile situation, it would be lying if Sheyan wasn't a little nervous. But his psychological preparedness was always superb, furthermore he had already gone through a cool-headed analysis of the plot. Considering various contingencies, thus he silently proceeded. Because everyone in the Symbiosis sect had been startled by the terrifying declaration of might of the mountain troll, thus no one noticed the composed Sheyan. Only Diaz observed Sheyan's leaving figure, his eyes formed a suspicious glow.

The rain continued falling, Sheyan followed the muddy pathway. His footsteps were steady and uniform, leaving a firm footprint and equal wherever he walked. He seized this serenity to regulate his breathing, trying his best to reach the optimal state both physically and mentally. Although he had confidence in himself, but a lion would also do his best to capture a rabbit. What more against this legendary creature from Harry Potter's magical world, a mountain troll? Sheyan went through his personal plans again in his mind, and then continued on his way.

Within this half of the sealed up valley, the only active huge size creature is the mountain troll. Undoubtedly, the route Sheyan was using is the exact same road that the mountain troll uses to hunt fishes, causing the terrain to be vastly inconvenient due to the huge potholes. Footprint the size of a basin could be seen everywhere. Sheyan swung with the parang he brought to clear the way, he did not completely follow the road that was formed by the mountain troll. Instead, as he walked by the side he set up certain arrangements causing his movement speed to be rather slow. When he reached the cave, he took more than half an hour.

When he wasn't even close to the troll's lair, Sheyan could already smell an unexplainable stench. This stench was close to a rotting fish that was exposed to the sun. The mountain troll was obviously not a hygienic creature, in addition to its lifestyle within this enclosed region, feeling on fishes daily it was no wonder the filthy fishy odour. Sheyan took in several deep breaths, to allow his senses to get used to the stench. He then continued to inch closer to the cave entrance, slowly observing for any movements.

Regarding the plan that Symbiosis sect formulated, right, Sheyan had long tossed it to the back of his mind.

Presently, the rain had turned heavier, those impatient morons from the symbiosis sect would have turned anxious from the wait. However, Sheyan didn't mind letting them wait a little longer. Borrowing the cover of the torrential rain, Sheyan gradually crept closer. Within the lair, there was a faint phosphorescence, thus he could vaguely capture the outline of that massive and brutal beast. Fortunately from exterior information, the mountain troll was hailed for its devilish strength. Regarding perceptive sensing, intelligence, spirit it was probably close to zero. Thus Sheyan carefully activated his 'insight' ability.

"You activated 'insight' on that legendary creature, mountain troll."

"Evaluation: Your distance between the target is too far, your comprehension strength is comparatively weakened."

"Acquiring target's information failed, utility points deducted."

Sheyan helplessly shrugged his shoulders. It was the first time his insight ability had failed. Fortunately, after Qiao Gun's investment, his current utility points on hand was relatively plenty. Thus he wasn't willing to risk going closer, but continued activating insight from where he was. After numerous failed attempts, he finally succeeded.

Female mountain troll (Junior rank legendary creature)

Height 13 foot 2 inch, weight 583 kg

Strength 35 points

Agility 8 points

Physique 18 points

Perceptive sensing 1 point

Charm 1 point

Intelligence 1 point

Spirit 1 point

Basic close combat lvl 7. Specific attribute ?

Junior rank legendary creature ability: Earth's skin lvl 2: Additional 5500 HP

Mountain troll special ability: Uprooting catastrophe. This enormous beast will occasionally uproot surrounding trees as weapon. Raising its attack power by 135%, its attack range by 100%. Ability requires 5-10 seconds casting time, when the mountain troll is uprooting, it will receive 200% more damage. Because uprooting is extremely energy consuming, normally after pulling out a tree it will rest at least 5 minutes before pulling out the next one.

Mountain troll special ability: Tree Toss of Slaying. When a mountain troll turns angry, it will throw the tree on hand, causing AOE (area of effect) damage. Damage value = ((Mountain troll's strength - victim's strength) x 2 )+ fixed 20 damage points.

Secondary ability effect: Knockdown. Enemies within a 5 metres radius of the tree's target will be knocked down for 5 seconds. During this duration, unable to move, attack or cast abilities.

Mountain troll special ability: Putrid. The mountain troll's filthy lifestyle habits result in a layer of stink covering it, causing close combat enemies to be affected by this stench. Accuracy lowered by 10%.

Mountain troll special ability: Original home run. Twisting its body 360 degrees before dealing a terrifying strike, causing immense damage and blasting off effect. Distinct casting action before ability is used, after using it the mountain troll will be unable to maintain its stability and lose attacking capabilities for 5 seconds.

Mountain troll special ability: Cardiac fissure. Releasing a furious roar, dealing enemies within a 15 metres radius a (physique x 1.5) damage, and lowering movement speed by 70%. Duration: Mountain troll's physique minus victim's physic. If the victim's physique is higher than the mountain troll, they will only receive damage, and not the negative buff. (For example, if Qiao Gun's physique is 12 points, then the duration will be 18 - 12 = 6 seconds).

Individual special ability: ?

Although Sheyan had foreseen the legendary creature, mountain troll to be extremely mighty, he had never expected the variables to reach this extent! 18 points of physique results in 9 points of defence, that isn't considered high but can at least absorb 1/4 of the damage. Furthermore that earth skin lvl 2 legendary creature ability, instantly raises its HP to 5680 points. When Sheyan viewed these numbers, a desperate emotion filled his heart.

However, when Sheyan went through the attributes of this legendary beast carefully one more time, he found its shortcomings. That was the 8 points of agility. Furthermore, it didn't have any related abilities like basic footwork. Exploiting this deficiency in speed, long range combat contestant would definitely have the chance of defeating it.

Of course, if this mountain troll was so easily defeated, then it wouldn't be hailed as a legendary creature. Its 'tossing ability: Tree Toss of Slaying' and its 'roar: Cardiac fissure' was specially used to deal with long range combat contestants. The threat of the 'slaying tree toss' can be seen from a 10 points physique contestant, from calculations he would receive 70 points of damage. But this ability is not just an AOE damage, it further results in a frightening 5 seconds knockdown duration!

Within 5 seconds, even if the mountain troll was slow it would be able to close up the gap between the knocked down contestant by 15 metres. Following that, the terrifying 'roar: Cardiac fissure', although its damage could be considered as secondary, the 70% movement speed decrease is a nightmare.

To a far range combatant who vastly relies on agility and perceptive sensing, the terrifying movement speed decrease shouldn't last more than 8 seconds. But within this timeframe it is enough for the mountain troll to ravage them into a thousand pieces. Furthermore, could be guaranteed your corpse wouldn't be spared as the mountain troll had probably long got sick of its fishy diet.

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