The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 15:

Chapter 15:

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

After carefully familiarizing himself with the report, he started to prepare to lure this mountain beast into the trap. Of course he wouldn’t foolishly listen to the bunch of idiots from the Symbiosis sect. They wanted him to directly carry the deer corpse, still dripping with blood, and brandish it at the cave entrance. That was like taking his own life as a joke. Instead, in his hidden position he cut the deer into 4 portions and kept it in his nightmare imprint. Afterward, he placed the first clump of meat around 300 metres away from the mountain troll’s lair.

Sheyan surveyed for any movements but confirmed that the mountain troll had not discover this piece of meat. He then continued advancing, placing it 150 metres away.

Still there was no movements.

Sheyan took a deep breath, gritting his teeth he forced himself 75 metres away. Waiting for a brief moment, an indistinct groaning from within the mountain troll’s lair could be heard. Yet the troll went back to sleep. Looks like this should be approaching the critical point already. Sheyan then placed the cut portions of the deer corpse orderly onto the route, each having 50 metres between them with the furthest 200 metre away from the lair. The next was 150 metre, and following that 100 metre. Following that, Sheyan stood at the 75 metre critical mark and flung the last portion of deer meat towards the lair.

At present, his strength was 13 points which was close to 3 times of an average person. This chunk of meat at least flew 30 metres away, causing fat nostrils of the mountain troll to twitch violently. Then it instantly jumped up from its sweet slumber. From its throat, it released a deep insatiable roar, clumsily picking its massive body out and strided out.

Very naturally the mountain troll discovered that sweet piece of meat. It greedily picked it up, ignoring the dripping mud as it engulfed it with huge bites. Blood and muddy water sprayed out from the mountain troll’s mouth, looking extremely sinister. The mountain troll’s appetite was shocking, this piece of meat was at least 10 kg but it barely enough to fill up the gap between its teeth. After finishing, the troll was in high spirits, its lethargy had faded and its nostrils flared with greed. It then found the other chunk of meat 50 metres away, immediately marching forward in big strides.

When the mountain troll found the fourth piece of deer, Sheyan had already retreated, with 200 metres of safety distance. Of course, it wasn’t that he didn’t consider directly dividing the deer in bits and pieces to attract the troll back to the pitfall. But in this manner, the meat pieces would be too small and wouldn’t be able to satisfy the mountain troll. Thus, hunting the deer would be in vain. Perhaps capturing more of ‘food’ to be used as bait would be a good idea, but regrettably nearby was the centaur’s habitat. These swift as the wind, half-human creatures had the habit of hunting large animals. Within the forbidden forest, most of the large animals had already been hunted completely, even small animals like rabbits were sparse. Thus Sheyan and the contestants had no way of hunting any animals nearby, even the deer was found in a faraway place by the efforts of the Symbiosis sect head.

When the last piece of the pitiful deer disappeared into the troll’s mouth, Sheyan took a breath and pierced his own shoe with 5 small needles. This manner of harming himself was to activated the ability of the obsidian fossil anchor, to raise his condition to the optimum! He then walked out from behind a large tree, finally going face to face with this humongous, filthy and mighty beast. Once facing this troll, a raging sensation of danger soared within his heart which was obviously the warning mechanism of his 14 points of perceptive sensing. Yet his eyes focused ahead, calming his heart down as he tossed away all distractions.

The introduction of a fresh delicacy caused the mountain troll to cry out in delight! Without hesitation, Sheyan turned to flee. Although the crisis was imminent, Sheyan could feel a strange feeling coming over him as though injected by a stimulant. It was a nice and warm feeling, and his thoughts were exceptionally clear. Thus his reaction to this immense danger was a form of intense conquest for victory! This had no connection to individual capability, but determined by a person’s character and fortitude. THat was why in the present world, there were would be performed much better under stress. The strong their rivals, or larger the pressure of the occasion, the better they showcased their natural talents!

The rain remained icy cool. But under the pattering rain, Sheyan tossed an orange sized, smoking black round object behind him. It was a grenade! It was hailed as an infantry’s nightmare, the SG3 fragment grenade!

The grenade flew across 20 metres and landed into the mid, coincidentally between the rough legs of the mountain troll.

The massive troll was confused. It picked the grenade up in curiosity, and placed it in front of its face.

“Boom!” The agonizing roar of the mountain troll echoed throughout the forest, shaking the leaves to fall to the ground. That grenade exploded in its eyes, thousands of pieces of shrapnel pierced against his head causing incomparably savage wounds. Light blue blood spurt out aggressively, causing this mountain troll to clutch against its head as it spun it rounds. After a moment it finally raised his heads, its eyes were brimming with extreme murderous intent. Targeting the fleeing Sheyan, it started to frenziedly give chase.

Sheyan summoned his full strength to sprint, but to his horror the gap between him and the mountain troll was desperately shortening!

His current speed was composed primarily of 3 factors. First was his 10 points of agility, this was his main driving force. Second was the 28% bonus speed from the endless vodka.The third was the bonus from his basic footwork lvl 4. Basically, Sheyan’s current speed should approximately be 15 points of agility. It was almost two times that of the mountain troll’s 8 agility! But why wasn’t he able to outrun this freak?

After a swift, careful observation, Sheyan understood. It was because of the pouring rain. The route previously formed by the mountain troll’s footsteps was originally muddy and slippery. As Sheyan sprinted, he would occasionally slip and tumble. His movement speed had respectively plunged by at least 1/3. When the mountain troll trampled down with his naked broad feet, mud splattering everywhere, it would sink into the ground by at least a foot giving it greater stability. In addition to the bigger reach of its long legs, its every step was akin to Sheyan’s 3 steps! This was why the mountain troll had superior movement speed.

Citing a simple example. If Sheyan were to run 100 metres, he would need 100 steps. Every step had a 1/10 chance of slipping which would lower his speed. That meant that in 100 metres, Sheyan may have slipped 10 times. Yet this mountain troll only need 30 steps to conquer 100 metres.

Furthermore its broad feet ensured better stability. It only had a 1/20 chance of slipping for every step. Thus, for every 100 metres, it would merely slip 1 time. In such circumstances, chasing up to him was something to be expected. This also displayed the significance of the basic footwork lvl 4 additional ability ‘unfavourable terrain (deserts, swamps)’, which will prevent the 33% decline in movement speed.

As the thumping sounds from the back gradually turned louder, the earth also started to shake slightly. Although Sheyan didn’t look back, an intense odour pierced into his nose indicating that the mountain troll was rapidly inching closer. Fortunately, the little arrangements Sheyan made on the way was beneficial. He abruptly turned, unexpectedly diverging into the thick vegetation by the side.

The surrounding vegetation wasn’t those enormous shrubs with venomous toxins, but it also grew extremely dense and packed together. If someone wanted to pass through, they would definitely have to cut open a path. But the mountain troll possessed such terrifying strength and thick skin, it could just charged straight without fear and the vegetation would be powerless against it. Hence, Sheyan’s method of deviating from the main route, under normal circumstances would be looking to die.

However, Sheyan had already prepared a set up! Once he darted into the nearby shrubs, his legs slightly bent and forcefully stomped! The mud beneath his feet splashed out, as he borrowed the force to leap up. A cold flash appeared in his hands, as he used an ordinary dagger to slice a binded vine he previously tied in advance. Using the vine, he swung 10 metres over a short cut like an orang utan, finally letting go with a somersault and landing back onto the main route. But in an instance, Sheyan managed to pull back some distance from the mountain troll, he could finally catch his breath.

After Sheyan repeated this action for several times, the mountain troll furiously released a raging roar. She suddenly paused from pursuing, but stretched out her rough arms and hugged a nearby tree! Cringing as she exposed her yellowish teeth, thick saliva constantly dipped from within the teeth. The veins on the thick arms bulged out one by one, as the ground around her started to vibrate. Crackling sounds sounded from the roots of the tree, and with a thunderous boom, mud soared out fanatically! This tree was uprooted just like that.

The mountain troll gnawed against the crown of the tree, she then waved it a few times feeling pretty satisfied. Observing the distant Sheyan, She released a furious roar as she started giving chase with her new weapon. Wherever the mountain troll passed through, her feet trampled heavily against the floor causing mud to spray out incessantly. Even the trees on both sides of the road was splashed with mud, just like a racing car speeding by. Its might was inexhaustible!

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