The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 13: Conform to the arrangement

Chapter 13: Conform to the arrangement

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Faced with such a crisis, Qiao Gun strut forward with an ugly expression. If he didn’t stand up for his own people, then undoubtedly he will lose their respect!

“Diaz! Release your gun immediately. Do you want to start a war with us before slaying the trolls?”

Diaz answer came in the form of slow but distinct words, forced out between his teeth.


Qiao Gun unyieldingly refuted him.

“Then first release him! Anyone who has a gun pointed to his throat, wouldn’t have the guts to do anything else!”

After speaking, he shot Gale a look which caused Gale to slowly recline. Scared witless, he then started searching for his spit, as Diaz’s malicious glare penetrated his back like a needle. Until Gale obediently buried his spit did Diaz retract his gun, and took off with big strides.

There was no trace of serenity on Diaz’s face. That phlegm was like a stone that crashed and shattered his peace. Hidden and fragmented memories started to float in his mind, provoking his mind.

“Diaz remember, the dark of night is a hundred folds more dangerous than daytime in the black forest, but…..benefits, are also a hundred folds.”

Covered with profound wrinkles, his leader Ghosteve sincerely advised him.

Similar night, different people.

The wind rustled against his ears.

“Hu” the wrinkled face leader, Ghosteve, raised his middle finger. The ring on his finger glowed gently, five characters ‘ZH222’ engraved on it. That was the name of the leader’s true love, his source of motivation in this realm.

After struggling through the muddied waters for half a day, Diaz felt extremely impatient but still nodded his heart earnestly. He felt a slight itch in his throat, coughing and spat out a phlegm. At present he was completely clueless what this fresh spit meant to those hunting within the black forest.

20 minutes later. Diaz was frenziedly fleeing in the black forest, his forehead streaming with blood. His entire right arm was slowly rotting within the digestive tract of a savage and barbaric centaur. Under such an intense chase, Diaz started to feel a severe nausea but he kept on running. Frantically fighting for a chance at survival.

In the end, two legs could never be compared to 4 legs. Just when the barbaric centaur caught up to Diaz, a tall shadow darted out from the side and brought the massive beast to the ground. It was a fuming male with deep, profound wrinkles. Diaz didn’t have any thoughts of halting, fear and agony had tortured his mind to continue fleeing.

In the end, he survived.

Daylight, Diaz summoned his courage and returned to the scene of the incident. However, he found a huge bloodstain, and on it was a finger with a ring engraved with the words ‘ZH222’.

“I saved your bunch of foolish lives!” Diaz shook his head violently, forcing himself back to reality. His rambling was soft, thus only the few beside him heard it and one of them was Sheyan. Sheyan faintly sighed, obviously Diaz wasn’t someone with good communication skills. Thus, he had to force his gun on Gale, if not the the results would be a world of difference if he tried to persuade with words.

“Standby, we’re about to reach.” Qiao Gun’s voice rang out. In his left hand, there was a suddenly faint yellowish glow, as though it had picked up a signal. The trees ahead were crooked, it then swayed to the left and right before pulling out its roots from the ground and opening a pathway. The pathway ended with a wall, the wall also emitted a faint yellowish glow.

Looking at it, under the peculiar shine of the glow, the surrounding leaves reflected the yellowish glow. The temporarily formed party waddled their way forward cautiously, as the droplets of rain pierced against them like icy arrows. Drawing strength from the wind as they pierced against their necks, this chilly sensation spread down to the entire body from the neck. Those contestants who were not mentally prepared swept their environment with fear and trepidation.

Qao Gun who was leading the way gradually pressed on towards the wall. His hand then directly bypassed followed by his entire self vanishing into the wall. His voice then sounded over.

“To prevent others from discovering, Voldemort had consumed his magic to set up an illusion to seal up this place. So that others would never discover the mountain trolls were residing here.”

Since someone led the way, the others followed accordingly. When it reached Sheyan, he similarly dove in, only to discover darkness followed by a complete change in scenery. Both sides were flooded with dense and tough wall-like shrubs, obstructing the sides like the previous wall they faced. A contestant attempted to approach it, reaching out his hand to probe it but was thrown back immediately wounded by the thorns within. The thorns also contained a strong and concentrated venom, causing him to collapse to the ground and only awakening after Qiao Gun injected several dosages into him. Someone tried to slice out a pathway, but instead of cutting through the shrubs, the small thorns instead dispersed out from the impact. Fortunately, the blade wielder was prepared, he immediately dodged away. If not, there would definitely be a need for wasting another round of medicines.

After the series of alarming events, no one dared to approach it anymore. After a conducting careful investigations, they decided to avoid this dense and dangerous shrubs, opting for another challenging and meandering route. In this dense forest there was obviously no pathway, the contestants had to cut open a way for themselves. This was the unfavourable terrain that the contestants struggled with for close to half an hour before Qiao Gun suddenly halted. He lowered his voice.

“There’s a stench in the air, we should have arrived.”

Presently, the rain was still pattering down, as it cleanse the leaves on the tree, revealing a refreshing glow. According to logic, in the forest under such circumstances, the air should be relatively fresh. But if one carefully notice, they could catch a whiff of a unique odour. A group of people sneakily crept forward a little, and suddenly discovered a wide clearing ahead. Ahead in the jungle, shockingly a pathway that wasn’t very narrow appeared.

After seeing this pathway, Qiao Gun immediately halted, and the rest of them immediately constructed a temporary camp over here. Three members with adequately high agility from the Symbiosis sect dispersed out to investigate, after an hour, they returned with their reports. The entire area near this location was projected out in a 3D image from Qiao Gun’s nightmare imprint.

This region, apart from the magical entrance they entered from previously, was completely sealed off by those towering shrubs with intense anesthetic thorns. Those shrubs should probably be created with dark magic, it was a natural protective screen preventing the mountain trolls from escaping. Those shrubs naturally interlocked, forming enormous circle sealing off the place. In the middle of this cordoned area was a rivulet of a river. This river originally flowed underneath the surface, but the riverbed over here was slightly elevated and thus propelled it to the surface. It flowed at surface level for roughly 2 kilometres before returning underground.

Following a muddy road they just discovered to the west, they would then reach the riverbank. There was a clear destruction of vegetation over there, and the riverbank contained distinct massive footprints of the mountain trolls. Obviously, the mountain trolls normally hunted for food within the river. The east side of this muddy road led to a earthen cave that the mountain trolls excavated previously. For fear of being discovered, the scouts didn’t dare to approach the cave but retreated after confirming their existence.

The environment wasn’t very different from their plans, the only difference was that the rain had caused the pathway to be slippery. This impacted the running speed. But Qiao Gun tried to console Sheyan, although the rain could easily result in accidents, the mountain trolls would similarly be affected. Furthermore, the rain would conceal his scent. They could also commence their digging closer to the cave, which gave a little more security to Sheyan.

“Why didn’t we set up the pitfall at the cursed shrubs?” Diaz suddenly asked.

Qiao Gun shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

“I’ve already considered this possibility, but this would mean Seaman would have to run an additional 300 metres. More crucially, these poisonous shrubs were set up specially by Voldemort for those creatures. They probably have encountered the deadliness of it, and would turn and flee once they come near those shrubs.”

Diaz resumed his silence. Following that, everything related to the digging of the pit was handled by the Symbiosis sect. Diaz seemed to be widely incompatible with them, as he ran off alone to find a place to hide and at the same time planning his retreating route. Due to everyone’s inclination towards strength, even the speed of digging was extremely fast. Not even an hour later, a gigantic pitfall had been excavated. The pit had the shape of an earthen jar, and was incredibly camouflaged.

The Symbiosis sect naturally had an expert in concealment and camouflaging. Sheyan could actually run across the concealment cover over the pit without falling in, but once the mountain troll stepped onto it, the trap would immediately be activated.

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