The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 12: Hunt or be hunted

Chapter 12: Hunt or be hunted

Translated by : Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Following that, Qiao Gun was the first to stand as he walked to the left.

“I’m good at empty hand wrestling, and also an excellent bomb thrower.”

Saying that he took out 8 black grenades and placed in on the table. He then picked up the nearby glass cup and casually flung it out without looking. When the glass cup reached the opposing wall roughly 5-6 metres away, it did not shatter but instead propelled out of the small gap in the window. This demonstrated the brilliant control of his strength as well as observational and judgement skills of his surroundings. He indeed had the qualifications as a bomb throwing expert.

“Next.” Qiao Gun shrugged his shoulders at the remaining guys.

Following that, expectedly the symbiosis sect had already discussed beforehand. Most of them went forth to demonstrate a long distance ability although some didn’t have smooth execution. Lastly, the five of them stared at Sheyan, observing if he had any surprise up his sleeve. But just as Qiao Gun expected, Sheyan shrugged his shoulders and cursed frustratedly.

“Damn! My favourite style is to directly charge up and tear those bastards apart….I do not possess any long range combat methods.”

When Sheyan completed his sentence. That black flintlock musket ‘Ambition’ flashed an unyielding and angry glow within the interspatial room of his nightmare imprint.

Qiao Gun sighed.

“Sorry Seaman, everyone should act for the party’s main goal. Since you are unable to contribute in terms of dealing damage, then you should be responsible for the crucial role of attracting the mountain trolls with the bait. But don’t be flustered, your job is to successfully lure those foolish trolls out of their nest, and then running for about a kilometre. Then you wouldn’t need to participate in the rest of the fight. Ok, that is all you need to do, loosen up partner.”

Sheyan was stunned and replied.

“Wait! Why do we need to dig the hole one kilometre away from the mountain trolls?”

Qiao Gun leaned back.

“According to the report from boss, mountain troll love sleeping on the ground. Therefore if the ground shakes, it will easily startle them. Moreover, digging out such a huge pitfall for these humongous beast is not a small process. Therefore, boss repeatedly emphasize that 1 kilometre will be the distance that will best guarantee our safety. It cannot be compromised.”

Saying till here, Qiao Gun walked up to Sheyan and patted his shoulders, he wanted to settle this matter when the iron was still hot. To Qiao Gun, the reason why he painstakingly tried to recruit Sheyan and Diaz, was because they both played an important role. Diaz was the main firepower, Sheyan would be the one taking the greatest risk! Qiao Gun had to ensure his party did not lose anyone unnecessarily, and thus be able to accomplish the ultimate objective of the Symbiosis sect for entering this world!

“Oh no.” Sheyan frustratedly brandished his fist and paced about in the room, finally shouting out loudly. “Qiao Gun, you’re a murderer! The job you’ve arranged for me is more dangerous they plucking a fang out of a black python!”

“Calm down my friend. Calm down and listen to me first.” Qiao Gun patiently tugged against Sheyan’s arm. “We will definitely support you, trolls are not that scary. Their stupid and heavy 2200 pounds body will not possess any threat to you as long as you keep up your pace.”

Of course, the real scenario wouldn’t be as easy as Qiao Gun described it to be. Although the mountain trolls are foolish and heavy, this doesn’t mean they don’t pose a threat. Adding the length and range of their arms, the attacking range of the mountain troll exceeds 6 metres. Moreover, there is no evidence that it wouldn’t use objects to hurl at you. Furthermore, think of the consequences of being smashed by a 4-5 metre long tree branch! Also, the objects flying speed would definitely be more that 60 km/hour due to the monstrous strength of the mountain troll. Apart from this, there is still to account for the terrain and unknown variables. Once there is a miscalculation, then death is inevitable!

Actually, Sheyan was already anticipating such an arrangement from Qiao Gun. Truthfully, when Qiao Gun started to recruit him, he roughly could predict what this scheming bastard was up to. But he still bravely stayed on and played according to Qiao Gun’s tempo was because he obviously possessed great confidence.

Confidence can be summarized in a number.

30 points.

That is the peak of Sheyan’s physique!

An entire 30 points of physique!

In addition to his defensive innate ability ‘Endurance’!

Even though the mountain troll possess frightening arm strength, actually any beast would also possess terrifying strength. Receiving a blow would surely be fatal to other contestants including Qiao Gun, but this was not so for Sheyan. He believed he wasn’t as weak as them, he had a total 300 HP and additional 37% damage reduction defense. This does not include the additional reduction of 25 points his innate ability provides. Putting into numbers, a mountain troll would at least have to dish out 516 points of damage to finish Sheyan off. Yet such a devastating single explosive strike, according to logic, would not happen in this world’s difficulty level.

Furthermore, in this world’s storyline there was already an emphasis that a Hogwarts professor could easily deal with a mature mountain troll. If the mountain troll could really deal such terrifying damage, even if it lacked magic capabilities, it would still be an enormous threat to the professor’s life. Thus, they wouldn’t have describe it to be such an easy feat. It was like in the present world, few would dare to say a cobra is easily dealt with.

Even though Sheyan didn’t mind fooling around with Qiao Gun, that didn’t mean that he would fully adhere to Qiao Gun’s arranged performance. At least up till now, Sheyan still planned to maintain his secret. If he were to accept ‘luring the mountain troll’ such a high risk duty, then he would at least have to squeeze out some benefits from the Symbiosis sect. If he simply accepted, it will result in two consequences: A) Others will take him for a fool and a stepping stone. B) the attention focused on Diaz would then be directed onto him until every secret is laid out for all to see.

After Sheyan’s extremely resolute attitude rejected Qiao Gun for the fourth time, that fellow loosened his speech and suggested to provide Sheyan with some help. Loosening a little was extremely good news to Sheyan. It was like a sudden small crack after years forming on a sturdy and firm dam, and this small crack could easily lead to a complete collapse in mere months.

Qiao Gun’s fifth round of persuasion finally succeeded.

He possessed a relieved but heartache feeling.

In order for this damned yellow man to become the bait, he had paid a huge price as follows:

1500 utility points

An aspirin (Concentrated) which can instantly recover 40 HP

This medicine also had an effect whereby after consuming the medicine, other medicines would not be effective on you within a 300 second duration.

Also, after slaying the mountain trolls, he would have a 3000 utility points purchasing overdraft (Which meant, amongst the loots of the mountain trolls, if Sheyan wanted to purchase them from the symbiosis sect he could take away an item worth 3000 utility points without forking up a single cent. Of course if the object was worth more, then he could additionally top up from there. Of course if Sheyan decided not to purchase, then this overdraft would be converted into 1500 utility points and compensated to him.)

Since the two conditions of luring and firepower were fulfilled, the rest would naturally fall into place. Under the quick pace of this temporary alliance, along the black forest and over a hill was the mountain troll’s lair. The mysterious head of the Symbiosis sect had already transmitted information to Qiao Gun and pinpointed the exact location to him.

Pitch black night. Pitch black forest. The sunshine was shimmering splendidly in day time, but now patters of raindrops fell. Qiao Gun took the lead as he marched on forward. As the raindrops rushed in with the wind, a chilliness binded them. All the contestants from the symbiosis sect couldn’t help but shiver. A person named Gale murmured to himself, cursing this terrible weather. He then coughed hardly, and spat a thick phlegm into the shrubs.

He then paused, because against Gale’s throat was shockingly a cold, black barrel. The owner of the gun was called Diaz.

This haughty and formidable man gritted his teeth as he scolded out hurriedly.

“Find the phlegm you just spat, and bury it into the ground, now! If not I assure you that the next thing that comes out of your throat will be blood!”

The atmosphere tensed up as people from the symbiosis sect rushed to intervene. Sheyan hesitated for a moment, he felt a slight exasperation from Diaz’s tone. To be able to trigger such offensive nervousness in Diaz was not something that could be absolute ignored! Thus Sheyan silently retreated a little, standing slightly behind Diaz to show his standing position.

The situation sunk into a deadlock, but Gale was unable to keep his cool as he refuted.

“Hey, mate I only spat phlegm…..what has it got to do with you where I aim it at. I can apologize to you, but you should put away your gun from my throat first right? Trust me, this is not a good feeling.”

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