The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 11: Troll

Chapter 11: Troll

Translated by : Chua

Edited by : TN and Elkassar

After obtaining Sheyan’s attributes, Qiao Gun scrolled through it. His eyes leaked out a ‘as expected’ look, but he covered it up fabulously. If one didn’t pay attention to details, he would think his face perpetually carried a warmth smile. He nodded and continued.

“Mm, alright I understand. Welcome to our symbiosis sect.”

He then signed the temporary contract with Sheyan. To express his sincerity, Qiao Gun knew that Sheyan was currently lacking in utility points, thus he took the initiative to pay the 1000 utility points fee in signing a temporary contract.

After signing the contract, Qiao Gun begun sharing information to Sheyan endlessly. He also provided Sheyan with several useful resources, because in his heart he reckoned that Sheyan wasn’t a person that made much preparation. Although Symbiosis sect was superior in numbers, but still were being pressured greatly by the banks syndicate and this wasn’t without a reason. If foiling the plan devised by the boss of the banks syndicate was so easy, why would Qiao Gun painstakingly try and persuade Sheyan and Diaz to collaborate? The meaning involved goes without saying, in Qiao Gun’s heart Diaz was a gunman his duty was providing firepower (DPS – damage per second). Yet, Sheyan, such an explosive but rash individual was also very crucial, he was cannon fodder*.

(TN:*cannon fodder basically meant troops to be expended)

9.30 PM, the contestants all assembled inside a wooden house. After deliberating, Diaz had also opt to participate but Sheyan reckoned that the contract he signed with Qiao Gun was definitely worlds apart. Probably the Symbiosis sect had even paid him some utility points. But naturally in this manner, everyone in the Symbiosis sect would be directing their focus and attention on Diaz! Thus, when Sheyan stood beside Diaz, it was like a shadow against a illuminating bright light. He would be safe and away from the attention…..this was the goal he always wanted to achieve.

“Our target for this operation is an extremely savage beast. It is a special creature within the magical world of Harry Potter, called a troll. Its threat level can be seen from it being hailed as a legendary creature, I don’t need to waste our time elaborating on it.”

Qiao Gun’s expression was grave, as he spoke his nightmare imprint shot out a ray of light shining onto the table surface. It transformed into the 3D image of the troll, slowly rotating and seemingly lifelike.

This sort of projection ability was achieved after a person’s achievement level had reached a certain degree, and their military rank status acquired this special ability. But after activating it requires an achievement points fee, furthermore its details weren’t concrete. Because this was just an ordinary report and most people in the Symbiosis sect knew that Sheyan’s life was like a cannon fodder, therefore he very straightforwardly showed him what he was facing.

Sheyan’s pupils slightly contracted, but he scoffed in his heart.

“Troll……so you guys plan to attack it!”

After a brief moment, the 3D image of the troll started to display a list of relevant information. This was the boss of the Symbiosis sect utilizing his military rank special ability to transmit the information over.

The troll could reach a height of 3-4 metres, its weight was roughly a ton, a truly dreadful creature. The troll possess extraordinary strength, but its stupidity breaks through the roof. Thus it cannot use any magic, and its weapons are normally natural objects like branches or rocks. It has grey skin, swelling bumps all over its skin and flat feet covered in keratin. Its body releases a filthy odour, a blend of smelly socks and unwashed toilets. Greyish viscous glue like liquid drips from its nose – the troll’s mucus.

Every wild troll has violent tendencies, and is easily irritable and extremely impatient. There is no way to predict when their bed temperament would suddenly blow up. The trolls originated from the Scandinavian Peninsula, but now can be spotted in England, Ireland, northern Europe and various places. They communicate with puffs of breaths, like an uncouth language. But humans know that some trolls have a little comprehension and can even speak a few simple human languages. Humans have already been on guard because they now some trolls possess certain intellect.

Trolls are separated into 3 classifications: Mountain trolls, Forest trolls and River trolls. Mountain trolls have the largest built and poses the biggest threat. It has a bare head, and its skin is ash grey. Forest trolls have light green skin, some even grow messy green or brown fur. River trolls grow a small horn, and sometimes fur. Its skin appears slightly purplish, and people normally discover them hiding beneath bridges. The troll’s diet includes any organism with flesh and blood, but humans are one of their favourites.

After getting wind of the Banks Syndicate ploy, Sheyan’s first countermeasure was similarly a troll. From the original storyline, Quirinus Quirrell who was possessed by Lord Voldemort tried to steal the philosopher’s stone by releasing a group of mature mountain trolls as a distraction in Hogwarts on one of the festival.

Naturally, this heavy and stupid creature would never trek here all the way from thousands of miles away. The biggest possibility should be that they were prepared beforehand and concealed somewhere near Hogwarts by Quirrell / Lord Voldemort, until the optimal time to release them. Moreover, Quirrell had to conduct lessons, and did not have much free time on hand. It wasn’t realistic that he would have gone and captured these mountain trolls, such massive and aggressive creatures.

Upon slaying these mountain trolls that resided near Hogwarts, then undoubtedly that was sweeping aside a tremendous threat that Hogwarts faces. It was like a group of temporary workers taking the initiative to rid criminal activities around the school and obtaining the school’s approval. Furthermore these ‘criminal activities’ had a huge possibility of inflicting fatal or crippling damages to the students.

Part of Hagrid’s job description was the key caretaker of Hogwarts and guardian of the hunting grounds. This implies that his job scope includes being responsible of the beast/creatures around Hogwarts. Thus, if they were to successfully eliminate the hidden but immense threat of mountain trolls near Hogwarts, then naturally Hagrid’s impression of them would surge up by leaps and bounds.

If it was said that the Banks Syndicate leveraged on Hagrid’s personal passion to raise their impression, then slaying these mountain trolls would be a method on the side of ‘justice’. However, the risk involved was massive. Even if they managed to round up these menacing mountain trolls, getting rid of them may in fact provoke and meddle with Voldemort/Quirrell’s plan. Since within Voldemort’s scheme, the appearance of the mountain trolls in Hogwarts was a critically essential piece!

Qiao Gun waited for everyone to finish reading. He then clapped his hands to attract the attention of everyone to him.

“From what you just witnessed, slaying a mountain troll is no easy feat. But guys, please do not let this exaggerated difficulty dishearten you. According to boss’s explanation, the mountain troll possesses slow-moving speed and a terribly low IQ. We can exploit these two weaknesses.”

“Moreover, according to the storyline, the centre of the head should be the troll’s weak point. Striking that should easily cause it to faint! What we have to do is simple, that is to dig a adequately deep pit for these blockheads to fall into. Then we will aim towards their heads with maximum firepower and decimate them! That….is how simple it is, anyone has any questions?”

Diaz hugged against his Karabiner rifle and coldly asked from the corner of the room.

“I have an important question….. Why would the mountain trolls so foolishly fall into our trap? Don’t throw his low IQ to pacify me, no matter how dumb something is, it will definitely possess some survival instincts! What is the exact plan involved?”

Qiao Gun’s expression turned a little gloomy.

“This is for me to worry about. Diaz, your responsibility is to aim towards the head of the mountain trolls and press your trigger. You do not have to worry so much about other things!”

Diaz snorted and replied.

“That is not bad, I’m just afraid when i open fire, then I will turn into the primary target of those mountain trolls! Then I will gloriously turn into a luring bait. If by keeping us in the dark is how the Symbiosis sect normally operates in a collaboration, then I choose to quit!”

Qiao Gun deeply inhaled and shut his eyes. Even though he wanted to retaliate so much against Diaz, he ultimately chose to endure. Assembled here from the symbiosis sect are mostly contestants who placed emphasis on strength. Therefore, this meant that unfortunately they currently had a lack in far range combatants. Based on this world’s difficulty itself and comparing it with a contestant’s possible strength, maybe there were parties who managed to eliminate those mountain trolls solely with a pure close combat team. But that team definitely didn’t include anyone from the symbiosis sect. Thus, keeping Diaz on the team was crucial as he was the only one who can engage in long distance attacks, and even do it so valiantly.

“If only boss could appear and assist us…..why would we need to rely on this moronic Diaz? But….hmph hmph.”

Qiao Gun once again opened his eyes, he had already regained his composure.

“You are our core firepower, of course we will try our best to protect you. Regarding the problem of attracting the mountain trolls into our trap, I can answer you. We will use bait to lure it into the trap, the bait will be dead deers. Regarding retrieving of these deers for the trap….. One of us will be in charge of that, but definitely not you.”

After hearing this arrangement, Diaz finally nodded his head. It could be said he approved of this arrangement, but he still added a sentence.”

“Before the mountain trolls enter the trap, I will definitely not open fire.”

Qiao Gun gloomily nodded his head. He huddled the rest of the group together and bluntly spoke out.

“Now everyone should be very clear on our current situation. I do not wish to say much. Those who possess a long distance combat ability, please stand up and walk to the left.”

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