The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 10: Foiled plan

Chapter 10: Foiled plan

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Speaking till here, Qiao Gun sat down and helplessly leaned back.

“I can only tell you this much, everyone’s predicament is disastrous, if there’s any good suggestions please say it.”

Diaz was still in disbelieve.

“Then what about Venter and those 3 bastards? Wouldn’t they similarly be unable to raise their impressions?”

QIao Gun coldly replied.

“The banks syndicate handed over the young bug to those 3. Venter was tasked to make the deal with Hagrid, therefore those 3 scumbags in Hagrid’s heart…… they have already accomplished this damned main mission.”

Sheyan knew that Qiao Gun wouldn’t spew all these words without a reason. A contestant would never engage in something that had no benefits, he probably already had an opinion within his party. Therefore, undoubtedly he was try to observe Sheyan and Diaz’s reaction. Sheyan had already previously already constructed an image of someone brave, thus he immediately jumped out and started fuming out with vulgarities. That unceasing torrent of vulgarities caused Qiao Gun to expose a look of disdain in his eyes but instantly withdrew it.

When Sheyan was tired from all the scoldings, Qiao Gun then clasp his hands together.

“What about you Diaz? Any opinions?”

Diaz pinched his own finger, coldly replying.

“Everything the Banks Syndicate has done only verifies one thing. That is being able to use unconventional methods to gain Hagrid’s approval. Therefore, we can likewise do the same.”

Listening to Diaz’s words, a flicker of light flashed in Qiao Gun’s eyes. He commended him saying.

“Well said, I’m afraid that is our only option.”

Diaz was a little jittery and said.

“To replicate the actions of the banks syndicate is not workable. Although this world possess many weird and strange creatures,only a few rare species are able to excite Hagrid incomparably. But more critically, we wouldn’t be able to obtain such a thing. Thus, we can only strike using other methods. Hell, we don’t even know what else that giant likes.”

After listening completely on the series of events that the banks syndicate were responsible for, Sheyan’s thought processes had rapidly cranked up. After carefully considering his current position and the understanding of these events, he became aware of something.

“Is it….. These Symbiosis sect is thinking of using that thing? But that should be one of Lord Voldemort’s premeditated plan! If a contestant participates in it, wouldn’t it trigger a separate storyline?”

A dead silence. Qiao Gun was obviously satisfied with such a hopeless atmosphere. He cleared his throat saying.

“The Banks Syndicate, that group of fools have yet to show its true self. But our Symbiosis sect has already come up with a countermeasure. Our adviser has similarly entered this world previously and already laid down several deep foundations! After getting wind of the banks syndicate schemes, the first thing was to find a method to foil their plans. If we follow according to our adviser’s method, then we would certainly succeed in our main mission and continue on in this world, until we get the qualifications to enter Hogwarts castle!”

Qiao Gun’s surrounding contestants had a serious expression, naturally they were kept in the loop. Instead, Qiao Gun’s gaze was pressed towards Sheyan and Diaz.

“We are all victims of the Banks Syndicate, naturally we should work against a common enemy. How about it? Are you willing to join us in our plan?”

Diaz squinted his eyes, slowly speaking.

“First, I need to hear about this extremely ingenious plan you have.”

Qiao Gun was well prepared.

“That’s impossible. Only by joining and drafting a temporary agreement will we give you the relevant report.”

Diaz remained indifferent, he displayed a noncommittal attitude, but instead took out his Karabiner rifle and focused on wiping it, keeping it in a good shape. Qiao Gun already knew persuading him wasn’t an easy task, thus he turned to Sheyan.

“What about you, Seaman?”

Sheyan once again performed out a distracted and impulsive aggressiveness. Immediately standing up and clenching his fist exclaiming.

“Yes! Why not. If not, would I just content with being kicked back into the realm? That damnable Banks Syndicate, if I see them next time, I will stuff their brains into their anus all the way up to their eyes!”

Qiao Gun smirked, but still exhibited a warmth gratitude as he extended out both arms.

“Welcome Seaman! We are all honored to fight alongside you.”

At this moment, Diaz lighted up a cigarette and puffed on it, he finally rubbed his brows and replied.

“Give me some time to consider.”

Qiao Gun’s pupils slightly contracted, but still bluntly put out.

“No problem, but only until 9 tonight. Because we will start our operation at 10.”

Diaz nodded, offering a ‘understood’ hand gesture. Qiao Gun stood up and exclaimed.

“Let us all go and rest, and gather here at 9.15 tonight. Start preparations, Seaman you stay back. We need to draft a temporary contract to ensure your rights and of course your obligation.”

Sheyan slanted his head to look at Qiao Gun’s act. He acknowledged that Qiao Gun was a talent, apart from his concealed individual strength, this guy truly had remarkable instigation skills and perception. Taking what he said as an example, placing ‘rights’ in front of ‘obligation’, that naturally gave one a good impression. It was like being able to enjoy the privileges before his obligation came into effect, cleverly diluting the unhappiness one would have in signing an agreement contract.

One must never overlook such minute differences between the words, success is normally based on countless minor details adding together. “Suffering defeats in every battle” and “To keep on fighting despite continual setbacks” are phrases everyone knows. Even Zeng Guofan, a renowned and famous Qing dynasty politician, was able to use a small language game, and successfully rescued his politics life! Details determine success or failure. At least this guy Qiao Gun, is rather well versed in details. If he didn’t encounter Sheyan, he might have really persuaded another convincingly.

When everyone else left, Qiao Gun straightforwardly sat beside Sheyan. He stared into Sheyan’s eyes and sincerely offered.

“Seaman, actually I roughly understand your strength. Being able to force the main source of firepower of the Banks Syndicate into a near death state, cooperating with us would give you enough benefits to spare. But since this is our first time making an agreement, we still need to lay out all terms and conditions properly, to prevent any problems in our cooperation in the future. Look at this temporary contract, if there are no issues please sign it.”

After finishing, he used the nightmare imprint to deliver a temporary contract. Sheyan briefly went through it, realizing there were four main criterias:

Firstly, He must announce his personal attributes (Strongest state, not excluding equipments or purposefully harming oneself to conceal) to the head of the close combat Symbiosis group, Qiao Gun. He will not leak it out to anyone outside of the Symbiosis sect.

Next, in the effective period of contract, both parties approve of a peaceful status. Even with a area of effect (AOE) attack, one mustn’t accidentally injure his ally. If anyone initiates an attack on the other, one must announce it 10 seconds in advance. If not a penalty of 6000 utility points will be instantly deducted and 50% of it will go into the pockets of the victim.

Thirdly, within the effective period of the contract, any spoils of war will go to the Symbiosis sect. Sheyan has the privilege of purchasing it and a share of the dividends.

Lastly, the duration of the contract last till 12 noon the next day.

Qiao Gun was really prudent, even after seeing Sheyan battle before, he still had to know Sheyan’s personal attributes. In case any incidents should happen, this was very reasonable. Instead, Sheyan grinned evilly as he consumed the ‘rotten eyeball’ after going through the nightmare imprint’s report. Fortunately, the 25% chance of failure did not happen, but instead offer out a notification asking which attribute does Sheyan want to conceal. It even prepared a choice of attributes/equipment/ability etc.

Sheyan selected physique amongst his attributes, instantly disguising his maximum 30 points to 10 points. He then consumed another ‘rotten eyeball’ and instantly concealed his 14 perceptive sensing points to 5 points. After he was then, then he displayed his attributes to Qiao Gun through the nightmare imprint.

Because all the contestants assembled here shouldn’t have low strength. Furthermore, most of them belonged to a party. Therefore Qiao Gun’s attribute trend, would either be strength with great agility, or strength with great physique and defensive power. Even if his perceptive sensing is naturally high, he wouldn’t have equipments that enhances perceptive sensing. This was because perceptive sensing is vastly crucial to a long range combat contestant. It is an important attribute second only to agility, and moreover this world doesn’t lack long range firearms users! Thus, the chances of any perceptive sensing equipment falling into Qiao Gun’s hands is pretty small. Thus, Sheyan dared to use the ‘rotten eyeball’ to deceive Qiao Gun, because he had a 90% confidence that his perceptive sensing was definitely higher!

Of course, Qiao Gun wanted all of Sheyan’s resources to be plainly visible as well. But that was a taboo in the nightmare realm, because a contestant’s resources are extremely private. Once they accidentally divulged out to an enemy, they would be able to scheme and get rid of you easily. Moreover, the most risky skirmishes require extensive planning. Therefore when entering a party, its regulations can only require contestants to release some information but not completely everything. It was like working in a Human Resource department for a company and meeting a beauty during recruitment. Once can only ask for her age or even marital status, but one cannot expect the other to answer if he asked for sensitive information like credit card number and so on. Doing that would be extremely overboard.

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