The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 801: Luck is very important!

Chapter 801: Luck is very important!

“Xiaya, how did it go?”

Seeing Xiaya return, Xiling and Myers gave him a lovely smile. From Xiaya’s expression, they understood that Frieza, who has had countless ill-fated relationships with Saiyans, has been “completely” annihilated.

Xiaya nodded to them and the couple smiled at each other before their eyes fell on the arena again.

At this time, the fight between Goku and Hit had reached an exciting point. Having rudimentarily mastered the Super Saiyan Blue transformation, Goku’s strength had greatly increased, and his foundation has improved a lot. At the same time, Hit has also stopped holding back and was using his assassin techniques.

The result of which was that the spectacle of Goku and Hit’s fight was getting bigger and bigger, and even the entire arena looked very small.

Xiaya glanced at the arena and after seeing Goku’s performance, he showed a surprised expression, “Amazing, Kakarrot can actually keep up with Hit’s pace.” Observing Goku’s growth, he could tell that Goku may soon be able to advance to the second level of Divine Realm.

His growth is so fast, which seems to be even a lot faster than his!

“That Hit is also very strong, and I feel that he still hasn’t used everything he has.” Myers frowned while watching attentively.

Xiaya nodded and said: “Yes, Hit’s profession is an assassin, and his techniques are lethal. He is greatly restricted because of the rules of the tournament. It’s like an expert who is good at boxing has his hands tied with a rope. It would be quite good if he can even use half of his strength.”

“Even then, he can still suppress Kakarrot. He is really amazing!” Xiling exclaimed in admiration, “If this goes on, Kakarrot may win in the end!”

“Not necessarily, there is also Meifei, she should be coming out.” 18 has watched Meifei grow up and she knows a little about her personality.

Sure enough, before long, an earth-shaking energy swept through the ruined arena, followed by a big green flash which was as dazzling as the scorching sun. It was just like an enormous wave rising and splashing in the ocean, majestic and full of oppressive feeling.

“What the hell is that Meifei doing?”

The majestic energy swept out like a hurricane. In the spectator’s stands, Zangya was shocked by this aura, her little face turned pale and she couldn’t help but take half a step back.

“What! So, she is actually so powerful!”

Champa took a deep cold breath, his round face twitching. His expression instantly turned bitter and he got an ominous feeling. On Universe 6’s God of Destruction’s Planet, Champa just thought that Meifei is not bad, but he didn’t expect her to become so powerful.

“That Meifei, she really loves to cause so much trouble!” Xiaya shook his head and scolded, but there was a faint smile on his face.

Looking at the arena, Meifei, who had got some rest, regained her energy and became lively again.

“He he he! Meifei definitely wants to throw both of them down so it is not bad that she has gotten a big burst of energy.” Majin Buu kept nodding his head and seemed to agree with this approach, but it requires infinite energy, otherwise, if the opponent is not pushed down, she will use up all her energy.

The arena suddenly swayed, Goku and Hit both paused and looked towards Meifei who was rushing over and could not react for a while.

Goku became vigilant. However, he saw Meifei swipe her palm across the air, drawing circles one after another as raging green energy condensed into emerald light rays in her palms before suddenly erupting out into countless starlights.

An unease formed in Goku’s heart and his countenance suddenly changed: “Not good!”

He hurriedly dodged, but at this time Meifei’s icy and crazy voice resounded in the sky, followed by an earth-shaking explosive attack.

“Whole Sky Star Map Cannon!!”

These simple words seemed to be full of infinite charm as the starry sky above turned dark.

This is Meiling’s technique, but in Meifei’s hands, its quality had changed.

After entering the half-crazed state of the “Legendary Super Saiyan God”, Whole Sky Star Map Cannon became even more powerful.


The shining energy condensed into petals, dazzling like stars and beautiful like snowflakes, but each petal was sharp like a blade.

Meifei cackled, but her delicate voice was frightening like a nightmare.

Everyone who saw this technique couldn’t help but shrink their necks. The glistening and fingernail-sized tiny energy blades were even more difficult to guard against than Krillin’s Destructo Disc.


Goku roared loudly and broke through them all, directly resisting the powerful energy.

On Hit’s side, “Tides of Time” erupted out and his entire body entered an illusory space, but Meifei, who had became crazy, was even afraid of herself. No matter what energy is there in front of a “Legendary Super Saiyan God”, it is far inferior.


With a faint sound of shattering, a hole appeared in the space.

Hit frowned, looking surprised.

“Time Prison!!”

Energy that suspended time erupted out.

Whole Sky Star Map Cannon, Kamehameha and Time Prison. As the three energies gathered together, they immediately exploded like stars, producing completely different effects. Rumble, beautiful dazzling light rays suddenly covered the venue with three whirlpools as the center, creating a bizarre scene

“Ah, my eyes!”

“My ears!”

“It’s so uncomfortable…”

Everyone became blind temporarily and their eardrums buzzed due to the shockwaves. With a loud rumbling sound, the barrier trembled because of the intense energy.

The three scepters tapped the void and as if striking a flat surface, ripples spread out.

Whis, Vados and Kusu narrowed their eyes and closely watched them fight with a calm look in their eyes, adjusting the strength of the barrier in time.

“The outcome will be decided soon.”

“Who is going to win?”

In the spectator’s seats, all the audience were looking forward to it. Although most of them could not see anything at all except for fireballs flying around in the distorted plane, but so what? They found it very enjoyable. For example, Satan, the blonde-haired host, Galactic King and Master Roshi found it worthwhile to have made a trip here just to get a glimpse of it.

“Whole Sky Star Map Myth!!”

Meifei’s countenance turned pale. She bit her lips and shouted again.

This attack is faster and more powerful than Whole Sky Star Map Cannon.

Boom, boom! !

A bunch of energy balls of different sizes suddenly appeared.

Targeting Goku and Hit!

Don’t know if it was intentional or not, most of the “Whole Sky Star Myth” attack fell on Hit, and Goku only had to block a small part of it, but the attacks in quick succession had already exhausted them.


“Flash Fist Crush!!”

Goku and Hit used everything they got to respond to the wave of attacks. However, because of Meifei’s special physique, her stamina recovery was much faster than theirs, not to mention that she had experienced a period of “rest” before. Facing the two’s attack, Meifei flicked her wrists and endless green energy unrestrainedly erupted out.

“Whole Sky Star Map Myth” shot out everywhere and wherever it went, it turned everything into dust.

Clank, clank, clank! !

The sound of metal objects colliding sounded.

Immediately, there was a rumbling sound before a stifling atmosphere descended.

The scorching and shining attack fell on Goku and Hit, while Goku and Hit also employed their power. As the three of them fought each other, the arena couldn’t bear the heavy burden and finally collapsed because of the collision of the powerful energies. And unfortunately, the ground on Hit’s side collapsed first, followed by Goku’s side, and finally even the arena under Meifei’s feet disappeared.

There was only a dark crater left with a diameter of more than 500 meters and a bottomless depth. Meifei, Goku and Hit were standing there while looking at each other, it’s just that the arena under their feet had sunk into the ground.




Everyone watched in a daze for a while before erupting out with fierce applause. The fight between the three of them was quite exciting, and even the entire arena was destroyed. If Whis and others had not strengthened the barrier during the fight, all the spectators would have been exposed to the charging boundless energy.

Such an end would have been obvious, and only a few among them would have been able to luckily escape

“Then how to judge who won?”

Although none of the three fell down, the arena is gone, so the match is over.

Whis discussed with Vados and Kusu for a while, then he announced the result.

“7 matches have happened in the Universe Tournament, and now there is a result. Based on the situation at the end, I will announce the result. The one who has won is…”

“Universe 10!”

“Second place, Universe 7!!”

Woosh! !

As Whis announced the results, everyone stood up.

Not happy with the result, Champa stood up and shouted angrily: “Why is this the result? How did you judge that my Universe 6 lost? It’s clear that I didn’t lose, so the match should continue.”

Whis said: “Champa-sama, this is determined according to the order of landing when the arena collapsed. Hit landed first, so he lost the match.”

Champa was stunned and shouted: “That’s because all the energy was concentrated on Hit’s side. In the end, it’s because the floor of the arena is not strong enough. I ask for a rematch!”

“It’s impossible, Champa-sama. Luck is also extremely important. Meifei was able to win because her luck was good enough. If they chose to float in the end, this would not be the case.” Vados looked at Champa and said with seriousness. Speaking of which, if the tournament is restarted, isn’t it going to be troublesome?


Champa angrily gasped for breath, unable to accept it.

“Hahaha, then according to the agreement made before the tournament, the universe marks that Xiaya chose will be given to him and the super dragon balls will belong to me… As for the crystal dragon balls and Earth, hehe, Champa, you didn’t want them, right?” Beerus laughed out heartily and didn’t forget to give a blow to Champa with his words.


Champa yelled angrily, but he immediately calmed down and took his seat again.

After Whis used the scepter to restore the entire arena, everyone flew down from the spectator’s stand as the prizes were about to be handed out.

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