The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 800: Disappearing from the space-time

Chapter 800: Disappearing from the space-time

There are too many ups and downs in life. After understanding the secret of how to use the super dragon balls, Frieza’s expression became even more sinister.

Who would have thought that to use the super dragon balls, he needs a specific “Divine Language”. Frieza’s face was cold and he could feel a chill rising in his limbs. Suddenly, he could feel a sense of powerlessness. How could he know something like a Divine Language! Just as mortals calculate Battle Power differently than the gods, Divine Language is also different from that of mortals.

At least, “Divine Language” is known only to Supreme Kai-level gods!

It’s over, it’s all over.

His ambitions, his hopes, everything ends here.

Frieza was not reconciled and struggled, the madness in his heart wanting him to completely destroy the whole world. Indeed, Frieza is such a selfish person. If he can’t obtain something, other people also can’t obtain it. Crazy thoughts brewed in his heart, but as soon as such ideas formed, a frigid chill rushed into his heart, and all of a sudden, it was as if cold water was poured into Frieza’s stirred up heart.

Looking at Xiaya, who was staring at him indifferently, Frieza shuddered and he could feel his heart being crushed. His face turned extremely pale and he couldn’t help but move to the side.

“You’re going to kill me now?” Frieza’s hoarse voice was gloomy and cold as he exuded an uncomfortable dark aura.

“You must die!”

Xiaya looked straight into Frieza’s eyes as he nodded indifferently, with no room for any negotiation in his voice.

“Damn it!” The indifferent look in his eyes was like a god looking down at an ant. Such a look deeply stabbed Frieza’s prideful heart and made him furious.

But in the next second, Frieza calmed down. He didn’t complain hysterically and frantically, and he didn’t put up any resistance. Isn’t it just death? It’s not as if he hadn’t experienced it before.

Raising his head, he looked at Xiaya with deep hatred in his eyes. One day he is going to take revenge for all the humiliation he has suffered today!

“It’s really a pity, I’ve just come to this world and didn’t have much time to enjoy my life here before I have to go back to that disgusting place.” The place Frieza was talking about is the garden-like place in Hell which is even more uncomfortable than purgatory, especially when the ‘little angels’ surrounded him and kept singing. It was really hateful.

“Anyways, just you wait Saiyans, one day I will repay for this humiliation with interest.”

Frieza stared at Xiaya, his cold blood-red eyes looking as if he wanted to tear him apart.

Xiaya looked at Frieza who had suddenly come to his senses in surprise and smiled brilliantly. Then, he condensed a ball of silver-gray bright energy out of thin air in his hands. As soon as the energy floated upwards, it continued to devour the surrounding space as countless distorted light rays could be seen floating at the boundary of the faintly discernible space.

Never having seen such energy before which is different from God of Destruction’s purple energy, Fireza could sense extreme danger.

“Frieza, do you think you still have a chance to return to the Underworld?” Xiaya said to Frieza with a smile.

“What do you mean by that?”

Frieza was dazed for a moment before asking uneasily.

“I’m also going to destroy your soul, no, not only the present you, but also the you from other universes and the endless timelines. All traces related to you will be erased!”


Frieza was startled. He didn’t quite understand the meaning of Xiaya’s words, but his intuition was telling him that the Saiyan in front of him was not joking.

“Did you say…you are going to destroy my soul?”

Frieza’s eyes widened in disbelief, his voice trembling. He was nowhere near as calm as before… If only his physical body dies, his soul could still live in the Underworld and he may have hope of making a comeback in the future, but if even his soul didn’t exist, there would be really no hope.

Especially when the other party said he wanted to erase everything about him.

That means, even if a parallel universe is created, he wouldn’t be able to come back to life.

He doesn’t doubt whether the other party had such an ability!

“No, I won’t let you do this.” The hatred in his heart was like a raging river as it rushed out. Sensing the danger to his life, Frieza suddenly roared and fought back. He gathered the icy energy in the palm of his hand, erupting out with the last of his strength. Countless dense and black energy beams surged out from Frieza’s palms, attacking towards Xiaya.

“It’s not for you to decide.” Xiaya’s eyes flashed and he pushed the silver-gray energy in his hand forward. He watched as the black and dense energy quickly disintegrated after touching the silver-gray energy. As if attracted by a huge vortex, it completely disappeared. Everything obstructing Xiaya was annihilated amidst the mighty power of space-time energy.

“No, impossible!!”

Seeing that his full-strength attack was so easily annihilated by his opponent, Frieza’s eyeballs protrude out from his eyes and his face became distorted.

“Don’t deceive yourself when you’re about to die. Frieza, it’s time for you to say goodbye!” Amidst Frieza’s eyes full of despair, Xiaya coldly announced his death sentence——


Boom! The silver-gray energy immediately exploded and like a raging holy fire burning all the filthy substances in the world, everything that it touched fell into the abyss and was destroyed.

“Extinction” is an absolute judgment technique of someone who has great mastery over space-time, more terrifying than God of Destruction’s “Energy of Destruction” and Xiaya’s own “Annihilation”. In just an instant, Frieza’s body kept disappearing before turning into stardust.

“No, Saiyan!”

“I can’t die!!”

Frieza cried out mournfully.

But it was useless. Intense pain surged into his heart as his body and soul was slowly being burnt, and after about 0.1 second, Frieza only had his head left. His bloodshot eyes were protruding outward and his expression was distorted as he kept screaming in a heart-rending and tragic voice.

“Die!” Xiaya looked at Frieza coldly.

The silver-gray energy immediately became stronger.

“No, no, no, no……”

The shrill cry stopped abruptly, and in the next second, Frieza’s head shattered, turning into countless tiny stars.

When Frieza’s body completely disappeared, the power of “Extinction” did not disappear, but continued to burn his soul, and then a light flashed a few times before space-time ability pierced through the space and time barrier with vast mighty force and went to a more distant era.

Beyond the space-time where Xiaya is located.

The other three parallel universes, Underworld.

Frieza, who was wrapped like a dumpling and hanging on a tree trunk, suddenly trembled and screamed silently. With an incredulous expression on his face, he slowly turned to dust and disappeared. In the Underworld, the soul is an energy with a special imprint. After disappearing, it will never appear again. The “little angels” around him stopped their lively singing and dancing, and looked at the tree trunk that had become empty…the person there had disappeared.

Such a thing happened in several other parallel universes, and all the Friezas of present time in the Multiverse disappeared.

The power of “Extinction” did not stop there.

Going back to the past while following the timeline——

A long time ago, the expression of a young Frieza who was fighting with Cooler suddenly stiffened, his eyes darkened and his body became blurry for a while, but it immediately solidifying again before he continued to move along the trajectory of history; During the battle of Planet Vegeta’s destruction, Frieza was laughing crazily as a huge Destroying Ball condensed on his stretched out finger, but the next moment his eyes turned blank and he was dead, but the blazing fireball continued to fall…

In the decisive battle of Planet Namek, Frieza, who was in the silver-white form, was fighting against Xiaya. He, who had gained the upper hand for a moment, suddenly trembled violently for no reason…until Planet Namek was completely destroyed…

The power of “Extinction” completely wiped out the existence of Frieza, not only all the Frieza in the present time were completely annihilated, but there was only a phantom left in the history, which continued to follow the trajectory of history, but no longer had any thoughts of his own.

Frieza’s destruction was irreversible after Xiaya used the “Extinction” ability from Time King.

In space, time, and cause and effect, the real completely turned into an illusion.

Looking at the place where Frieza had disappeared, Xiaya’s expression was neither sad nor happy. For him, killing Frieza is like killing an insignificant nobody and there was no unnecessary feeling. At most, he calmly sighed and said “Ah, he is dead.” Other than that, there was nothing else.

This is the second time Xiaya has used the “Extinction” ability. The first time was when he destroyed Demigra.

Xiaya was surprised by the power of this ability, and he seemed to have found a way to reach the fifth level of Divine Realm from it.

God of Destruction’s “Energy of Destruction” is mostly related to spatial matter, but “Extinction” touches upon the absolute power of causality and time. It would really take a lot of time to study it. If he can understand even just a little, then it will be of great help to him for advancing to the fifth level of Divine Realm.

After calmly standing still for a while, Xiaya suddenly smiled, turned around and disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was already in the tournament venue.

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