The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 799: Dreams shattering in an instant

Chapter 799: Dreams shattering in an instant

“Use them without hesitation!”

Goku’s mouth split open into a smile. Even though he could only use one arm, he was quite looking forward to the next fight.


The two of them moved at the same time.

Bang! ! The sound of the explosion created an enormous wave which then spread out.

Boom, boom, boom!

Exploding energy balls appeared all over the sky, flaring dazzlingly. The violent energies raised up a terrifying whirlwind before sweeping out like raging wind and waves.

“They are evenly matched?!” Vegeta’s eyes widened in surprise.

In the arena, Goku and Hit were rapidly exchanging moves. Fighting is the best method to improve oneself. Goku, who was at the peak of Super Saiyan Blue, seemed to have improved. Goku’s realm began to improve and gradually caught up with Hit’s pace. Since Hit has been using his assassination techniques frequently, Goku is now able to dodge them for the time being.

“Come on, Goku!” Watching all this, Krillin could not help but get influenced and shouted loudly.

“That Saiyan can actually fight on par against Hit?” Champa was dumbfounded. Although Hit wasn’t using all of his techniques, it was still shocking.

“Champa-sama, if that Saiyan continues to improve, it’s only a matter of time before he enters the second level of the Divine Realm.” Vados, who was always pouring cold water on him, again said in Champa’s ear.

“Vados, don’t talk nonsense!”

“That’s a fact.”

“I didn’t think Kakarrot would improve. If he can fully master the Super Saiyan blue transformation, he may be able to enter the second level of Divine Realm.” Xiling said with emotion. Full Power Super Saiyan Blue form is not weaker than the second level of Divine Realm.

“But don’t you think it’s too quiet?” With her golden hair fluttering, 18 suddenly asked.

“What’s too quiet?”

“Lazuli means that there is only Kakarrot and Hit fighting. There are no signs of Meifei!” Xiaya answered.

“Yeah, where did Meifei go? Doesn’t she like fighting the most?” Myers exclaimed, looking around the whole arena to look for her, but she didn’t find any signs of Meifei. Where has she run away to? She is actually not joining Goku and Hit’s fight.

Wasn’t she fighting very enthusiastically just now?

Then there is only one answer.

She found something more interesting.

Almost at the same time, Xiaya and others, who understood Meifei’s personality all had the same thought. But the question is where did Meifei go.

“Oh, she’s there!” Majin Buu was sucking his finger as he narrowed his eyes and pointed another finger to an inconspicuous crater in the corner of the arena. Meifei was standing still while blankly looking at the bright starry sky outside the barrier.

She seems to be looking at something interesting.

“What is she looking at?”

With such a question in mind, everyone’s eyes moved towards that direction, and it seemed that something was moving in the deep starry sky. Their eyesight was sharp, so even though it was thousands of kilometers away, they could clearly see what was happening over there. Looking carefully, they discovered an unusual thing.

A white figure was silently flying out towards the starry sky.

There, seven super dragon balls the size of planets were floating.

“Frieza…” A cold light flashed in Xiaya’s eyes. Doesn’t matter how Frieza left the venue, his purpose was obvious. He was aiming for the super dragon balls.

Thinking of this, a sneer appeared at the corners of Xiaya’s mouth as he looked at Frieza mockingly.

Pitiful man, it is impossible for you to get the super dragon balls no matter how hard you try. Because Frieza didn’t know that in order to make a wish on super dragon balls, he must use the “Divine Language”, but such important information, Frieza didn’t know at all.

“I’ll go and take a look.” Xiaya told them, then suddenly disappeared.

Xiling and Myers shrugged and sneered, anticipating what would happen to Frieza.


In the vast and endless starry sky, the seven orange super dragon balls were lined up neatly, their enormous planet-level size looked magnificent. Frieza was now very close to the super dragon balls, and his face revealed a crazed look, his blood-red eyes flashing with excitement.

“Just a little more and I’ll be able to make a wish soon.”

Frieza was cautious as he moved around the super dragon balls and hid behind it, his entire body hidden by the enormous size of the super dragon ball.

In fact, he didn’t know that his whereabouts had long been exposed. Not only Xiaya and the others knew long ago, but also Whis, Vados and Kusu. After all, the barrier around the entire arena was built by the three of them. If someone goes out, they would of course know, but they just didn’t want to pay attention to a nobody like him.

“Frieza, do you want to make a wish on the super dragon balls?”

Suddenly hearing a voice, Frieza broke out into cold sweat and his heart fiercely trembled. He turned around and saw a face that he detest bitterly.

His pupils suddenly shrank to a small dot and his eyes turned bloodshot.

“Saiyan!!” A voice squeezed out from his lips. The voice was like a demon dripping blood, cold and resentful.

Why, why did this guy appear here? Did he already know my movements? Shivering all over, Frieza couldn’t help but tremble.

Just a little bit and I could have made a wish on the dragon balls. How did this Saiyan appear in front of me?

Does heaven really dislike him?

Some always run out to stop him when he is about to succeed! !

“Actually, if you want to make a wish, I won’t stop you, but you only have one chance. Don’t blame me if I don’t show you kindness after that.” Suddenly changing his tone, Xiaya allowed Frieza to use the super dragon balls.


Frieza was full of doubts. Would this Saiyan really be so kind? Is there any trap? But he didn’t have a choice to think about it too much. He would do everything to get out of this desperate situation since he already has no way out. Gods of Destruction, Super Saiyans, everyone wants to kill him and dragon balls are his only chance.

“I didn’t lie to you, and there is also no need to lie to you.” His voice was indifferent, and it didn’t seem like he was speaking to a living person at all.

“Ho ho ho!” Frieza pursed his lips and smiled.

Saiyans are really the stupidest race he has ever seen. Conceited, arrogant and ignorant, all the shortcomings of inferior races can be seen in Saiyans. But then Frieza smiled happily. If Saiyans weren’t stupid, how could he have gotten a chance?

Super Dragon Balls, here I am.

He will soon be able to fulfill his wish.

Hahaha, Saiyans, Gods of Destruction, you will soon regret it.

But Frieza didn’t see that when he was excitedly getting carried away, a sneer flashed in the Saiyan’s eyes, whom he regarded as ignorant. The three angels in the arena also revealed an indifferent look in their eyes.

“Dad has appeared there too?” Meifei’s eyes curled into crescent-shape, wishing she could run over to take a look.


Frieza took a deep breath, even though there is no air in space and tried to calm his mind as if he was on a planet.

Looking at the 7 colossus super dragon balls, Frieza spread his arms and shouted with deep enthusiasm—

“Shenron, come out and fulfill my wish!”

“Make me immortal and undying!!”


A heavy and disturbing silence!

After waiting silently for a while and not seeing any world-shaking phenomenon, Frieza opened his eyes in confusion and moved his limbs, but he didn’t feel any changes.

“Did dragon balls fulfill my wish?”

“Or is the power of dragon balls so strong that I can’t feel it at all?”

“Yes, dragon balls can even achieve resurrection. There’s no reason why my wish won’t be fulfilled…” Frieza squinted his eyes and he tried to figure it out. He did a test as he drew a deep cut on his other arm with his fingers and blood flowed out from the cut. But as the blood dripped down, the wound still did not heal!

“What happened?”

“Hahaha, Frieza, do you think your wish has been fulfilled? Look at the dragon balls, have they disappeared? Under normal circumstances, dragon balls will turn into stones and disappear when the wishes are fulfilled. Moreover Shenron didn’t even appear just now, did it?”

Frieza was startled and said in astonishment: “Are you saying my wish hasn’t been fulfilled?”

“Why? I already made a wish on dragon balls. ”

“Ignorance is really scary…you need to use divine language when making a wish on super dragon balls, and those crystal dragon balls also require a special language to make a wish on them!

“Then could you please tell me the summon chant in divine language or the special language?”

“So that you can summon Shenron?” Xiaya shook his head, his voice becoming cold, “Did you think I would be so kind to allow you to make a wish, am I stupid?”

“No, because I know you can’t summon Shenron at all!”


Frieza froze.

I was tricked?

A light flashed in his mind before Frieza’s expression became ugly. On Planet Namek, Sorbet had made it clear that to make a wish on Planet Namek’s dragon balls, he had to use Planet Namek’s language. Similarly, a special language must also be required for other dragon balls.

Frieza’s lips trembled as his face turned pale: “I actually overlooked such an important information!!”

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