The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 802: Ze….Zeno-sama

Chapter 802: Ze….Zeno-sama

Universe Tournament came to an end after seven fierce fights. Universe 10 won the finals with a slight advantage and Universe 7 was only second. Although there is an expert like Hit in Universe 6, it was unfortunate that it got ranked last. Although Champa expressed a strong protest against such a result, he only talked about it verbally and stopped after a while.

The dignity of a God of Destruction would never allow him to go back on his word.

Standing in the vast arena that has been completely restored again, dozens of people were whispering to each other m. They still haven’t recovered their senses from the previous fight. Whis and Vados indifferently looked at everyone below, then Vados shook the scepter in her hand and the black crystal ball at the top suddenly erupted out with a dazzling flash, and two blurry light rays like ice crystals floated out, falling into Xiaya’s hands.

“These are the universe marks of Caulifla and Kale. As the tournament’s reward, they will now be handed over to you.”

Vados’ beautiful face revealed a cold smile. The universe mark is equivalent to a “registered birthplace”, which is a mark representing the relationship between lifeforms and their universe. Generally speaking, incidents like crossing through the universe rarely occur, but since Caulifla is married to Xiang, then it is necessary for her to break away from Universe 6.

Xiaya glanced happily and handed over Caulifla and Kale’s universe mark to Kusu to put them away, and then looked at Whis again. After Universe 10 won, Xiaya obtained the universe marks that he wanted, and a group of people from Planet Hongshan were also within the agreement.

Whis nodded, and then a large number of marks floated out from the scepter, fluttering in the sky like snowflakes. These were the marks of all the experts of Planet Hongshan. Of course, now they belong to Xiaya.

“No matter what happens in the future, Universe 7 is also your home universe.”

Seeing that a large number of the marks representing the strong experts were taken away from Universe 7, Beerus’ expression changed, but he quickly became calm and said without any emotions.

“Of course!”

After putting away the universe marks, Xiaya smiled heartily.

At this time, although Planet Hongshan is still in Universe 7, all Saiyans now belong to Universe 10. This is Xiaya’s preparation as he is worried that one day Universe 7 will be suddenly destroyed by Zeno. He is transferring them to Universe 10 since he has a reward for his contribution which will prevent it from easily getting destroyed.

Moreover, by then, maybe he would have already entered the fifth level of Divine Realm.


Receiving Xiaya’s promise, Beerus nodded calmly.

Although he narrowed his eyes with a somewhat envious expression as he watched Xiaya transfer Planet Hongshan’s marks to Universe 10. After all, these are the experts of Universe 7 and watching so many of them suddenly go away, he was feeling pained.

But after thinking about it, in fact, the real experts on Planet Hongshan are only Xiaya and his family. They will surely stand on Xiaya’s side. The other Saiyans are at most Super Saiyan level, and they have less importance in Beerus’ eyes. Besides, Planet Hongshan isn’t leaving Universe 7, so his forehead immediately smoothed out.

And as he remembered that he had also defeated Champa, his mood immediately improved.

“By the way, what about Frieza?”

Looking around, he did not find that Frost Demon anywhere. Did that guy sneak away? Beerus asked gloomily.

“Frieza wanted to secretly use the super dragon balls during the match, but I found out and took care of him.” Xiaya recounted what had just happened.

After listening to him, Beerus said viciously: “He really deserved to die!”

“So Frieza has been killed by Xiaya. Good, good, now the hatred of Planet Vegeta’s Saiyans can be considered to be avenged.” Vegeta raised his head and a wave of heat surged out of his body. Similarly, Adri, Bardock and others also felt that their resentment had been assuaged.


“Then next is the authority of making a wish on super dragon balls!” Whis said with a smile.

“Beerus-sama, super dragon balls are yours, what do you want to wish for?”

Because of the agreement reached beforehand, if the final winner of the Universe Tournament is Universe 10, Xiaya does not need the super dragon balls, or to say, for him, super dragon balls are no longer attractive. So, the authority of making a wish on super dragon balls will shift to the second-ranked universe, i.e. Universe 7.

Beerus grinned and swaggered forward while giving Champa a smug look, full of provocation.

With a light cough, Beerus said: “Although the result of this tournament was a little unexpected, there is no doubt that I defeated Universe 6. This also proves that Universe 7 is better than Universe 6…”

“What a joke, Universe 6 ranks higher than Universe 7 in Multiverse!”

“I didn’t lose at all!!”

Beerus hadn’t finished speaking, when Champa roared. Isn’t it just a loss by a slight margin, moreover it wasn’t a loss, just bad luck. Why is Beerus acting so arrogant? Strutting around and acting smug, and slapping my face, it’s too much, too much!

“The truth is present in front of you,” Beerus said lightly.

“Bastard, if you are capable, let’s do it again. But this time, we will only have a tournament between Universe 7 and Universe 6. It was a mistake to involve Universe 10. If I say so myself, the experts of Universe 7 are not as strong as Universe 6!!” With a flushed face, Champa argued and proposed a tournament between the two universes.

“Who’s afraid, you fat bastard!”

“Skinny bone, awl face!”

Beerus and Champa became more and more angry, and soon confronted each other. A terrifying whirlwind suddenly rose between the two, and the waves of powerful pressure were like a vast expanse of ocean colliding against each other. Everyone could feel a chilling aura. In front of this vast aura, they were as small as a drop in the ocean.

The two brothers, Beerus and Champa, were at odds from birth, and they quarrel every time they meet. Seeing this, even Whis and Vados felt very helpless.

Seeing that Beerus and Champa might start fighting, Xiaya waved his hand and put a barrier around the people on his side, and then watched with interest.

“They really wouldn’t start fighting, right?” The strong unease caused Krillin’s face to turn pale and his voice was somewhat trembling.

“It’s hard to say……”

“Let’s move far away, a casual gust of wind raised by the fight between Gods of Destruction can blow us to death!”

“Sigh, it’s such a headache. So troublesome.” Supreme Kai Fuwa of Universe 6 stared blankly as he kept muttering.

“Ancestor, what should we do?” East Supreme Kai was also at a loss. He had never experienced such a thing before. He could feel the pressure emanating from Gods of Destruction, and only felt that the sky was about to fall. After all, even Supreme Kai, who is also a top-level god of the universe, has no effective means to intervene in the dispute between Gods of Destruction.


Old Supreme Kai, with sweat dripping from his forehead, quietly moved half a step back.

When the others saw this, they also stepped back…

As Beerus and Champa’s eyes were erupting out with sparks, Vados’ cold voice echoed in the air as she called out to Champa: “Champa-sama, Champa-sama!”

“What is it?” Champa turned around unhappily.

“Look over there.” With her slender finger pointing in a direction, Vados’ expression was a little weird.

“Look at what, I’m about to teach this bastard…this bastard…a lesson” Champa’s voice slightly stammered when he reached the end. As he looked in the direction of Vados’ finger, his eyes widened and his mouth opened wide.

On the other side of the vast arena, a small little guy, accompanied by two bodyguards, was floating half a meter above the ground.

That ellipsoid-shaped innocent face was like a nightmare, making Champa’s heart thump wildly.

“Ze… Zeno-sama!!”

Cold sweat trickled down Champa’s forehead.

Hearing Champa’s cry, Beerus, who was originally looking gloomy, also turned around to look. The next second, his expression became the same as Champa’s. With a “thump” in his heart, his whole body froze.


Two lightning bolts flashed almost at the same time. Like a wind, Beerus and Champa appeared not far from Zeno, and then simultaneously bowed on one knee. Because they were too fast, it raised up a whirlwind that spread out in all directions.

“Zeno-sama, welcome!”

“Zeno-sama, welcome!”

The two of them bowed with their hearts thumping wildly as they broke out into cold sweat.

Who can tell them what the hell is going on?

A being as great as Zeno actually came to the location of the tournament in person, and they unfortunately happened to let him see the scene where the two of them were confronting each other. According to the rules of the Multiverse, God of Destruction cannot have a fight without reason. Maybe their qualification as God of Destruction would end here.

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