The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 7: Growth

Chapter 7: Growth

After locking on to the target, Xiaya, and Xiling soared in the sky and flew into the northwesterly direction turning into two light rays, and soon they arrived at a vast plain in the forest.

Unlike the wild forest from before which was surrounded by a range of steep mountains, the jungle was much more orderly where the rows of green trees were arranged in a picturesque disorder as if they have gone through meticulous decorations.

“There!” Xiaya swept his eyes around and found the target under a tree.

It was a saber-toothed tiger with sharp protruding teeth which was ten times bigger than an average saber-toothed tiger and covered all over with explosive muscles beneath its black fur. Currently, it was sleeping under the shade of the tree, and not too far away was a small mountain of piled up long bones of the dead.

When they flew over it in the sky, the saber-toothed tiger was suddenly startled awake, while all of its muscles were stretched taut in a split second and its cruel beastly pupils swept all around. After that, it rigidly stared at them, and a thick murderous aura that could make one feel fear immediately suffused the surroundings.


The saber-toothed tiger roared. Suddenly, a cold light appeared, and sharp and strong claws burst out. Its body abruptly disappeared from its original place only leaving behind a faint residual image.

The sound of “rustling sand” echoed everywhere, the saber-toothed tiger flew and crossed through the forest in a lightning-fast manner.

Suddenly, a black figure appeared behind Xiaya and sharply pointed claws slashed with a poignant light.

“Thud,” Xiaya shook his arm and hit backward with his fist while not turning around. Wuuu, the saber-toothed tiger, was knocked flying back uttering a sad cry.

“Boom!” After falling the saber-toothed tiger once again shot up like a bullet, and it’s pupils suddenly tightened while an even more oppressive aura flashed inside its beastly golden pupils.

“Roar -”

Suddenly, the saber-toothed tiger raised its head high and shot out a crimson shock wave from his mouth.

Xiaya had no reaction, but he saw Xiling to his side, however, raised her little hand, bent it slightly into a karate chop and directly hit the crimson shockwave, splitting it apart. A boom resounded, and the shock wave was scattered into a cloud of red streams of air.

“Wuu, it hurts!” Xiling realized after touching her flushed red palm that her entire arm had turned somewhat numb.

“Brother, I want to drink tiger soup.”

“As you wish.” Xiaya shrugged.

Then a pair of eyes brimming with a murderous look fiercely stared at the main culprit.

Looking at Xiling’s murderous and cold eyes, the saber-toothed tiger felt the temperature around it reduced by a lot.

Its wild beast instincts made it feel timid, so while trembling, its body was retreating non-stop.

“Kill!” A bright and crisp voice crooned, and Xiling’s silhouette pounced flutteringly towards the saber-toothed tiger.

Thus pitter patter beating sounds resounded in the forest followed by the beast’s muffled and anguished wailing. The sturdy trees were snapped squarely from the middle by being pounded, and many deep large pits were appearing from time to time on the ground.

Xiu Xiu Xiu, crystal-clear and bright energy beams shuttled back and forth in the woods. A pierced tree was emitting smoke after catching fire, while thick smoke was floating upwards.

Hee hee, loud and clear laughter resounded in the woods, Xi Ling was exerting all her strength to play with it. The reckless kid was dauntlessly attacking to kill, while saber-toothed tiger was jumping up and down but it was not able to struggle free from Xiling’s attack.

Xiling mischievously played with it. While, Xiaya carefully observed both sides movements, and lightly closed his eyes to try and perceive both sides changes without using external objects. But from start to finish he was not able to sense things from the battle without using his vision, like Earthlings method.

“In the end, earthlings know how to feel the presence of Ki. I have no specific training method, so I am basically powerless to accomplish in this step. It seems necessary to find time later to visit earth.”

After trying several times, Xiaya helplessly gave up.

In the original, Vegeta has to just look at Son Goku and other’s using it several times, and not long after he learned how to use Ki on his own. Usually, it should not be that difficult, why can’t I learn it then? Is Vegeta’s latent talent really that high-level where he can learn just by seeing it once?

“No, there definitely has to have some trick just that I haven’t grasped it yet.”

Although Vegeta is a genius, Xiaya could not accept that his perception is inferior to him.

Right now, on Xiling’s side, the battle has already concluded. Under Xiling’s brutal attacks that pitiful saber-toothed tiger was not her opponent at all, and was long ago tortured to death at an unknown time.

Looking at her innocent smiling face covered with blood stains and feeling comfortable in her heart from fighting violently just now.

Xiaya frowned, it seems Saiyans savagery was deeply ingrained in their bones, even a four-year-old child would fight so brutally.

“Let’s go and wash your face first, you look like you have crawled out from a corpse mountain.”

Xiling happily laughed, and let Xiaya take her to the river bank for cleaning.

In the following days, Xiaya would take Xiling out every day to hunt prey. From the starting day, their prey’s Battle Power only continued to increase from 100,200… and now was basically similar to them.

Of course, in addition to hunting prey for completing their mission, Xiaya put more emphasis on their training. So no matter how Xiling pleaded, he will be unshakable and require both of them to tie a heavy load on their back for more than half a day for training.

At night, he would meditate for more than an hour from his memory of Son Goku when he ascended the Lookout1 and received Mr. Popo’s pointers on training method.

Feeling the sky as serene, and thunder and lightning as very fast.

This may be one of the ways of sensing ‘Ki’.

Although very exhausting, but every day’s growing strength allowed him to feel joy in his heart.

The effects of training suddenly became apparent for Xiaya. Not only he made progress in his Battle Power by leaps and bounds, but his perception of Ki also seem to have some development. He is now capable of faintly perceiving the energy flow inside other’s bodies.


Two months later, in a broad plain.

Pitter-patter sounds of the fighting fell incessantly. Xiaya and Xiling in a mutual exchange were fighting hand to hand nonstop, scurrying like a gale. The two were suspended in mid-air and staring at each other with a solemn expression.

“Ho!” Xiaya adopted an attacking motion and slightly shook his palm, while energy inside his body seemingly surged like a monstrous wave.

Hum –

A steady air flow appeared between his palms, continually compressing the surrounding air. Suddenly, a shiny blue light blossomed, dazzling to the eyes.

“Ka me ha me ha!”

Xiaya’s hands suddenly thrust forward, and a scorching energy swiftly exploded outward. The deep blue light swirled like a monstrous wave, inundating the skies. An irresistible force charged in the distance, creating a vacuum in the air.


The sound of a deafening blast appeared in the vacuum.

The waves circled in the air like a dragon, and the trembling energy proliferated recklessly. The powerful wave charged straight in the distance.

“Chop Beam!”

Shouting, Xiling’s petite body appeared in front of the wave and facing the incoming wave, her little face even revealed a crazy smile.

The air burst apart in a split second when the two shock waves collided, the dazzling splendor was similar to a rising sun drowning everything.

The huge energy balls swelled in an instant, and then a rumbling sound reverberated in the heaven and earth. A Heaven destroying Earth drowning energy spread wantonly seemingly wanting to completely swallow everything.

When it disappeared, and everything has calm down; a scorched earth appeared in their eyes like it has been devastated by an artillery fire. Each and every large pit scattered on the plain which was covered with cracks looked like they were blasted by an artillery shells attack.

At this time, Xiaya’s Battle Power has already made a breakthrough to 550, a full 90-point increase from two months ago. And Xiling has also made amazingly rapid progress, reaching 520 Battle Power.



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