The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 6: Ki

Chapter 6: Ki

The thoroughly enraged dragon raised its sinister head which made its 10 m tall body tower above the forest. Roaring towards Xiaya, it extended its big bloody mouth, exposing dozens of sharp protruding teeth.

“Courting death!” Xiaya’s eyes flashed with a cold light, in his hand a blue light flashed and a ball of fist-size energy condensed.

“Let me, let me!” When Xiaya was preparing to attack, Xiling impatiently jumped to the front of the earth dragon, her young small body, and earth dragon’s enormous body formed a huge contrast.

Seeing Xiling’s ‘eager for a fight’ appearance, Xiaya nodded his head and dispersed the energy ball in his hand. With a mood to enjoy, he retreated to one side and said: “Then you can have it, and act a little bit fast.”

“Got it!” Xiling feeling happy raised her head, and looking at the earth dragon which was several times larger than her, exposed a bloodthirsty smile on her small face, “Hehe, obediently be our food.”

The young and cute childish voice revealed a chilliness which made one’s hair stand on end.

As soon as she finished speaking, in the midst of her wanton laughter, numerous dazzling light energy bombs fell from the sky and crazily smashed towards the Earth Dragon.

“Rumble -”

The moment energy bombs came in contact with the Earth Dragon they issued a deafening explosion, accompanied by a miserable howl and violently shaking ground. The explosion of smoke drowned our line of sight. When the thick smoke dispersed, I saw hundreds of square meters of range were bombed beyond recognition, and the ground was full of cracks, and sediment and gravel which was turned inside out from the explosion.

The pitiful Earth Dragon subjected to a direct attack by Xiling was lying prostrate on the ground riddled with scars. Its whole body was emitting blue-green smoke and its split opened wounds have been roasted and half cooked at high temperature.

“I only told you to kill that earth dragon, why on earth did you make such a big stir? Look at all the meat you have destroyed.”

Xiaya suddenly grabbed Xiling’s head and fiercely admonished her. His voice only had worries about the destroyed meat’s quality, yet had not a bit of sympathy concerning the death of the earth dragon.

This was Saiyan’s nature of ‘law of jungle’. Even with his past life’s memories, Xiaya was still somewhat influenced by the Saiyans.

Xiling whimpered to struggle free, and said unperturbed: “Well, Brother Xiaya you better go quickly and deal with the food.”

“You glutton!” Xiaya knocked her head forcefully which made Xiling glare at him with indignant eyes and then concentrated on dealing with the corpse of earth dragon.


A few thin energy blades were brandished down and the Earth Dragon’s corpse was split into chunks of several pieces. Xiaya picked up the split dragon meat to examine and singled out few pieces of best quality meat from inside to bring back to the canyon where their temporary home was located.

He thoroughly washed the meat once inside a pool, then started a fire and used a tree trunk to put it on top of the fire for barbecue. Blood red meat slowly turned brown under the burning and roasting of the flame while the transparent fat dripped down the wooden frame, the entire canyon was suddenly filled with a rich meaty aroma.

Xiling’s two eyes intensely stared at the barbecue, her throat swallowing saliva from time to time while her beautiful small eyes kept darting to Xiaya with a face like a hungry kitten.

“Well, you can eat!” Xiaya rolled his eyes while waving his hand helplessly and said.

Following Xiaya’s order, Xiling’s figure turned into a scurrying shadow and arrived at the side of the barbecue, and then holding up a piece of roast meat which was much bigger compared to her body size, madly gnawed on it.

“Oh, delicious, delicious, I have not eaten such delicious food for a long time.” Xi Ling gnawing turned her entire face oily, who together with stuffing meat in her mouth was simultaneously shouting indistinctly.

The few pieces of barbecued meat had not entered the duo’s stomach for a moment, here cannot help but sigh at Saiyans digestive ability, as not much time has passed and almost all the food was completely digested.

After the meal, Xiling with a bulging small stomach and a satisfied expression on her face had sprawled on the grass. Right now she completely had no intention to move.

Xiaya shook his head with a smile, and walked forward to pick up Xiling, then came to the side of the pool, and took off her battle suit intending to give her a bath.

However, the brat turned out to be a brat even if she is a Saiyan. When Xiaya was wiping her body, Xiling made many troubles and a simple bath almost took an hour.

Xiaya could not help but sigh at how his coming days will pass ah.

After the sky gradually darkened, Xiaya and Xiling lay down in the cave on top of the hay. After a while, the little girl’s light breathing sounds were coming from beside his ear. Looking down he found Xi Ling had fallen asleep while holding his arm, her small beautiful nose deeply breathing.

Seeing Xiling’s satisfied look, Xiaya chuckled in his heart.

“This little foodie is a very easy to nurture. She is already so cute in her childhood, what will she become when she grew up. Agh, could it be count as me raising a Lolita.”

The night silently passed.

Next day, the brilliance of the first light of the morning sun slowly pulled open a curtain to a bright and colorful early morning.

Since Planet Selma lies in a Two-star system, its night was extremely-short i.e. just three hours, which was clearly not enough for a biological sleep, especially for children who need even more time to ensure a good sleep.

Five hours after the sun came out, Xiaya helped the sleepy Xiling to the poolside and began the new day’s activities.

After a simple breakfast, Xiaya sealed the entrance of the cave, and then turned on the energy detector. In a flash, countless sources of energy flashed before his eyes.

Xiaya while searching for a target, turned towards Xiling and said: “We will begin killing targets with Low Battle Power first. When you are fighting, pay attention to those of High Battle Power energy source and avoid them as much as possible.”

“Brother Xiaya, there is an energy source of 243 Battle Power in the northwest direction and with no other energy source in its immediate 100km area. ”

“Then we will go with that. ”

Xiaya also probed that target,” Do not rush to kill the target when fighting. And also don’t try to use the energy detector to observe the target as much as possible. ”

“Why?” Xiling puzzled to ask.

“There are a lot of living beings in the universe that have grasped all kinds of bizarre abilities, some of which are unable to be probed using energy detectors.”

“If they hide their Battle Power, then detectors basically cannot read the readings. Therefore, I want to take advantage of this opportunity to develop our combat skills and energy perception, which will be very useful in the future when we roam the universe. ”

“Ah? ”

Xi Ling tilted her head, not understanding anything.

After all, she is just a four-year-old child, what Xiaya said is still too complicated for her.

“As long as you obey it,” Xiaya said with a serious look, his pair of sharp eyes looking in the distance with a profound look.

For him, Planet Selma is a rare testing ground with countless powerful prey’s which does not surpass him by too much, making it the most suitable place for his training.

He is deliberately developing his and Xiling’s combat skills. After all, the battles here are real life and death battles which will shed blood and not like the deliberate protected training given in Planet Vegeta’s training camp.

At the same time, he also wants to improve his energy perception. Although he is not learning the keen Ki perception of earthlings, he can at least lay down some foundation.

This time, Xiaya hopes that his energy growth can be slightly slowed down so that he can understand the essence of Ki a little bit.

But this is obviously not possible because both Xiaya and Xiling are Middle-level warrior, and when growing up their Battle Power will reach 2000 to 3000 points.

This is completely different from the situation of earthlings.

On Earth, Turtle Hermit1 and Martial Artists had to persistently train for 50 or 60 years to train Ki training. As they have very little inner Ki, and their formation rate is also very slow, their understanding of Ki is even more detailed.

Every trace of “Ki” has been thoroughly studied by them.

To lose at sunrise but gain at sunset.2

Saiyans and even the vast majority of people in the universe are not only born with great power but their growth speed is also very fast such that they ignore much of the essence and only use the Ki as a form of energy.

Their attacking methods and application methods are extremely rough.

What Xiaya has to do now is to lay a good foundation so he can even more easily learn the use of Ki in future.



*2 to compensate later for one’s earlier loss

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