The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 5: Increased Difficulty

Chapter 5: Increased Difficulty

“Yes, this is Planet Selma, and our mission is to eliminate the primitive race here ah, let me first look at how strong the primitive race here is!”

Xiaya laughingly nodded towards Xiling, then immediately flew more than 300 meters off the ground.

Looking around, all he could see was a green wild forest, and a lush jungle surrounded by steep mountains. As Xiaya watched from a height, his gaze fell on a protruding rock cliff.

He tapped on the lens-type energy detector worn on his ear and pressed down on the detector switch. A “beep beep” electronic sound resounded in his ear, then a series of data representing the position and energy appeared on the lens.

456,289,358,985,650 … …

A series of data floated in front of his eyes. Along with the frequently flashing data on the lens, Xiaya’s forehead was gradually tensing, especially when 985 number flashed past, Xiaya could not help but shout in alarm.

“Why is Planet Selma’s aboriginals Battle Power is so high?” Xiaya’s face was a bit grave.

He initially viewed Planet Selma as a low-level planet, if the aboriginals have 600-700 Battle Power then they are already considered very powerful, but he did not expect for someone with nearly 1000 Battle Power to emerge which is very close to the standard of an intermediate planet.

Turning off the detector, Xiaya looked solemnly at Xiling and said with a forced smile: “It seems this mission will not be easy to complete. According to the data I just probed, there are as many as hundred or more energy sources with Battle Power exceeding 400 on the planet, almost 20 with Battle Power exceeding 800, and even some with Battle Power almost approaching 1000.”

“In short, this mission’s difficulty level is very high, a little incautiousness could bring mortal danger. Damn it!, it is obviously a mission which can only be performed by a High-level Warrior, how can it be assigned to us.”

Xiaya cursed in his heart, but he also understands in his heart why Planet Vegeta assigned this mission to them because their performance in the training camp was too much outstanding, even an average High-level Warrior cannot be compared to them.

“Hey, what do we do now, will we not be able to finish this mission for a long time?” Xiling heard the whole thing was not right, and her mood couldn’t help but turn gloomy.

Now that the difficulty has increased, if they could not complete the mission then they would not be able to return back to Planet Vegeta, and it means that she will not be able to see her parents for a long time.

“If it’s a normal mid-level warrior, he will need at least six to seven years to reach 1000 Battle Power! However, our training method is much more effective than an average Saiyan, maybe two-three years should be enough!” Xiaya calmly stated.

He left Planet Vegeta when his Battle Power was 410, and Xiling’s Battle Power was 370, and then after more than seven months of long-distance flight, although they spent all the time in hibernation, the Saiyan’s normal body growth still let their Battle Power have some improvement.

Xiaya had just scanned their Battle Power.

His Battle Power has reached 460, whereas Xiling’s has reached 420.

It’s important to know that they are only a little more than four years old, the other Saiyans at their age just has 200 Battle Power.

“But that will take a long time!” Xiling’s voice was a bit gloomy, but then she became full of fighting spirit, and said brimming with vigor: “Brother Xiaya, I will not be lazy from now on, and will properly train.”

Xiaya looked at Xiling full of fighting spirit and nodded while smiling, it seems that when there is pressure, there will be motivation, ah. Xiling finally took the initiative and promised to train.

But, Xiling’s following words, however, let him know that he was happy way too early.

Xiling said: “So Brother Xiaya, you have to work harder, so you can in two years, no, one year reach 1000 Battle Power, in that way we can go home earlier.”

“You think Battle Power can be promoted just by speaking Ah. Also in one year or even two year time, we may not necessarily be able to break through.”

Xiaya in a bad mood used his palm to press down on Xiling’s head and continuously rubbed, and turned her soft hair into a mess.

“Hateful, don’t touch and rub people’s head ah!” Xiling suddenly exposed a fierce glint, shouting with dissatisfaction.

Xiaya looked around and said: “Well, let’s first set aside the matter of mission. I am afraid to stay here for a long time, so first, we should move the spacecraft to a safe place and hide them, and then solve the problem of eating and living. To tell you the truth, my stomach is already grumbling from hunger. ”

“Yes ah. In fact, from early on, I have also been feeling hungry.”

When mentioning of eating, Xiling’s eyes immediately started shining, and things like worries were all tossed aside.

Xiaya helplessly shook his head, then together with Xiling searched the nearby mountain range and finally found a quiet place beside a towering cliff which was near a pool and also not too far away from a canyon.

“The environment here is excellent and can be used as a temporary place of residence.” Xiaya looked around at the remote and quiet scenery, his eyes exuding a look of satisfaction.

Slightly mobilizing his body’s energy, he converged a deep-blue energy ball in his palm and then feeling pleased, voluntarily threw it at a not-far-off cliff.

“Bang” a violent explosion was heard, and smoke suddenly came out from a big cave of about five meters which has suddenly appeared on the steep cliff.

Then Xiaya flew back to where the spacecraft crashed, dragged the two of them and moved them to the cliff so as to hide them well in the cave.

They must be appropriately kept as both of these spacecraft concerns whether they can leave Planet Selma or not.

After hiding the spacecraft, Xiaya flew back and forth in the wild forest to find some dry vegetation and fixed up a temporary home in the cave.

After doing all this, Xiaya clapped his hands and looked at `home` with satisfaction.

“Although a little simple and crude, it at least looks like a place for living. After I came here, I did not expect to do a real version of Wilderness Survival1, and next, we have to find food.”

“Xiling, both you and I are going hunting, today you could have a taste of your brother’s skills. ”


Hearing about eating food, Xiling repeatedly nodded.

Next, Xiaya again turned on the energy detector, and after beep sound, they flew toward the southeast direction. In that direction, at five miles away there was an energy source of 67 Battle Power only which can apparently serve as a food source.

Flying towards the south-east direction it did not take long for Xiaya to found that energy source, which turned out to be a ten meter tall Earth Dragon.

“An Earth Dragon, we can eat till full,” Xiaya revealed a smile.

“Roar -”

The Earth Dragon also saw the two people in mid-air, and as if similarly seeing a prey rushed at them and uttered a loud roar. As the overlord of the nearby area, Earth Dragon’s deafening roar suddenly alarmed the surroundings and a giant bird jolted from surprise, Ya Ya Ya.



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