The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 8: *Title at the End*

Chapter 8: *Title at the End*

Nighttime, the light shimmered in and out of existence in the deep night sky like a rippling calm sea.

Time flies, in the blink of an eye, more than a year had passed when Xiaya and Xiling arrived on Planet Selma. Not long ago, the Cyclops with the Max Battle Power had already died under their joint efforts.

The mission assigned from Planet Vegeta was almost completed.

However, Xiaya did not intend to immediately return to Planet Vegeta because he contemplated that going back now will bring an undesirable effect.

Planet Vegeta had not seen such a young Mid-level warrior like Xiaya in these last few years, and if he showed off his abilities too much, then carelessly will come under the scrutiny of King Vegeta as well as the forces behind Frieza, which Xiaya was unwilling to see.

With his present strength, he still could not cope with the forces of King Vegeta.

Fame has its price. In order not to attract the attention of King Vegeta and Frieza, Xiaya still needs to be low-key for several years until Planet Vegeta is destroyed in the future and then he will leave that place.

“Brother Xiaya, I want to go to toilet……”

Xiling asked while rubbing her eyes drowsily.

Xiaya got up and took her out of the cave. Right now, the night was dim, and rustling noise and insects droning were coming from the dense mountain forest. The Full moon had emerged and was hanging above in the distant sky like a bright lamp.

“Beautiful Moon!” Xiling looked at the bright moon on the horizon and exclaimed in admiration. And immediately after speaking, her whole body stiffened.


Noticing something wrong, Xiaya softly called her name, but she was not responding, her stiff face still looking in the distance.

What’s going on? A trace of doubt flashed past his mind, but an unknown premonition had already appeared in his heart.

Could it be —

Xiaya’s heart suddenly trembled, he stiffly turned around to look back and saw a bright full moon suspended in the gathering darkness while the crystalline moonlight shining among the leaves mixed with the emerging mist and caused the night to look particularly hazy.

“Not good! How could there be a full moon here?”

Xiaya opened his mouth, his expression suddenly changing dramatically.

Planet Selma was located in a Two-star system, the night time was only a short three hours. Although a moon exists here, they have never seen the Full moon in their more than one year stay here.

Today is actually the night of Full Moon!

Xiaya turned apprehensive as he doesn’t know if he can keep his rationality after he became a Great Ape, but judging from the original manga read in his previous life, only a few High and Mid-level Warriors could transform into a Great Ape while still keeping their rationality.

“Thump! Thump!”

His heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and the blood in his whole body immediately started boiling. Xiaya’s eyes turned bloodshot, and his body began to shudder involuntarily.

He turned around to look at Xiling and saw her body has grown brown hair.

“No, I can’t lose my rationality right now!”

Xiaya sharply bit his teeth to suppress his transformation, but the primal nature of Saiyans was too much strong, and he was unable to suppress it.


In this critical moment, Xiaya very decisively grasped his tail from behind, a blue arc flashed, and a piece of the brown tail fell to the ground.

He chose to sever the tail behind him.

“Fortunately, I acted fast or would have almost lost my reason. A tail is really the biggest uncertain element of being a Saiyan.” He started breathing heavily as a severe pain transmitted from his buttocks. Nevertheless, in the end, he did not transform into a Great Ape.

He could not imagine what horrible things would have happened if this time he and Xiling both transformed into a Great Ape with no rationality.

The Saiyans Great Ape transformation can increase their power by nearly ten times. However, it similarly also hides a great danger. Except for some Mid-level Warriors and Saiyans of the Royal bloodline, when an average Low and Mid-level Warrior transforms into a Great Ape they will lose their reasoning, and become a killing machine which only knows brutality and destruction.

It thoroughly reveals the crazy nature of Saiyans.

“Roar -”

Boom, Rumble !!

A big orange colored mushroom cloud rose in the distance which distorted the light. The colossal explosion broke Xiaya’s musings, and he returned to himself. After turning around, he saw a more than a 20m tall huge ape, roaring wildly and recklessly waving around the tree in its hand.

It shot a mass of energy ball, rumble, and another mushroom cloud slowly rose upwards.

“Sure enough it has lost its rationality!” Xiaya looked at the scene before his eyes and could not help but sigh.

The horizon lit up with brightness as if the burning sun had smashed hard on the ground. The earth shook violently followed by the shock waves from the explosion. Tree trunks in the forest were pressured to bent, and the rocks from tremors had turned into rock gravels.

For a moment a tragic scene appeared like the advent of doomsday, and the blurred vision caused to not be able to differentiate between Heaven and Earth.

The storm buffeting on his face caused his black hair to sway while Xiaya was using both of his hands to support his forehead.

Xiaya roughly sensed that Xiling’s Battle Power has suddenly soared to more than ten times in a short amount of time, and so he used the detector to probe and very quickly a number appeared on the lens which made him shocked.

“9370 Battle Power!” Xiaya whispered feeling terrified.

After Xiling transformed into Great Ape, she actually has such a high Battle Power which I can’t even resist.

In more than a year’s time, under Xiaya’s directions and urging, the two people’s strength has advanced by leaps and bounds breaking through the 900 mark. But now facing Xiling’s 9370 Battle Power after the Great Ape transformation, Xiaya can only bitterly laugh.

With ten times disparity, he only felt helplessness when confronting this scary guy with nearly 10,000 Battle Power.

“Ah?” The Great Ape saw him and blasted a wave of energy towards him from its mouth.

“What a bad luck to have been marked as a target.” Xiaya’s expression became heavy, and he hastily rushed upward. The scorching hot temperature roasted his face when he almost brushed past the energy periphery while escaping the attack.

“Bang!” The energy wave directly hit a mountaintop, producing a loud sound of an explosion, and then a mushroom cloud rose upward in the distance.

The small canyon made a rumbling sound, and crushed stones tumbled to the ground.

Seeing Xiaya dodging its attack, the Great Ape flew into a rage and jumping from his original place he brandished the tree in his hands, once again attacking towards Xiaya.

“Wow, Xiling, your Elder brother has doted every day on you in vain Ah!.” Xiaya’s mouth cursed, he knew the damage would be considerable if they battled in the valley, which could damage the concealed spacecraft in the cave. So he, from his side, circled around the Great Ape to the other side and began to lead it, trying to lure away towards outside the forest.

Bang, Rumble!!

The loud sounds of an explosion have been coming non-stop from behind. The hot air currents had burned the atmosphere, setting the entire forest ablaze.

Xiaya did his best and finally led the Great Ape to the middle of a vast wild forest.

“Thump !!” A trace of anger flashed past the Great Ape’s brutal eyes. He stamped his foot with enormous strength; one of its foot penetrated the ground, and the tyrannical power of its leg caused the underground rocks to burst apart with a loud bang. The ground was as if withstanding hundreds of tons of heavy objects falling from a height of 10,000 meters. It caved in with a loud bang, and large cracks appeared in the surrounding area.

The heaps of cluttered stones exploded with a loud bang, and the smaller stones were directly blown flying into ash. A pit appeared in the original place from the big explosion. Xiaya momentarily unable to observe was hit by a flying stone which smashed into his chest.


He spits out a mouthful of blood from his mouth, while a sharp burning pain spread throughout his upper body causing his movements to become somewhat sluggish.

Seeing the prey suffering from heavy injuries, the Great Ape waved his arms while issuing a deafening howl. Immediately, the whistling winds dispersed the clouds forming a shock wave which spread to the surrounding area on all sides.

Bang! The Great Ape waved his arms and swept his brutal claws in an imposing manner, which arrived in front of Xiaya in the blink of an eye, and immediately hit him making him fly out.

“Cough,” Xiaya was hit in the same exposed wounded place from before and suddenly knocked against the top of a protruding deep cave. Although severely wounded, his gaze was still firmly locked onto the Great Ape and was pondering in his heart on how to make a counterattack.

“Hahaha, It is not that an easy thing to want to defeat me so simply.”

Xiaya laughed boisterously while coughing up blood from his mouth. He was thinking of a plan on how to sever Xiling’s tail but wanting to approach her, however, was not an easy task.

Chapter 8 Great Ape Transformation

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