The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 33: Who is the captain?

Chapter 33: Who is the captain?

“Intermediate mission, which means that the native lifeforms Battle Power is almost above 1000?” Xiling’s voice was somewhat indolent, in fact, these type of low-level battle were already unable to arouse her expectations.

Rebecca frowned, her daughter could lose her life anytime if her attitude is like this, so she scolded loudly: “Xiling, don’t be complacent because of completing Planet Selma’s mission. Mission’s from Mission Administration Office all undergo serious checks. Since there is a requirement to form a Saiyan Squad this time to complete the mission, then Planet Dalia may be not ordinary. If you treat it lightly then you are very likely to meet with a mishap.

Not feeling reassured, she also exhorted Xiaya: “Little Ya, you must take good care of her their.”

“Mhm, I will properly look after her.”


Xiling put aside her casual attitude, Planet Dalia may not arouse her interest, but she also could not show herself treating it too lightly.

Soon afterward, they packed up their luggage, bid farewell to Rebecca and went to the Squad gathering place.

In the suburbs of the city, at a plain away from the high-tech buildings.

It was about 100 kilometers away from the city, and even more far away from the Spaceport.

Although not the center of the mainland, however, the environment here was not good, the pale yellow color was the theme here. The riverbed has dried up causing several cracks to open.

The scattered grass blew in the wind around. In the vast expanse of the desolate plains, few trees without branches below ten meters stood straight until above it, the high tree separated into several branches forming a spherical tree cap which looked like a huge lollipop inserted there from far away. These are the most common desert plant.

Under a luxuriant tree, the large shade covered the scorching sun. In the shadowy corner, few Saiyan’s were gathered together, two man and two women of age around 11 or 12, and dressed in dark brown battle armor.

“Hey, Bailey, who do you think will be our captain this time?” A thin Saiyan raised his voice and shouted.

The Saiyan Bailey who was called, coldly stared and rudely said: “How would I know who the captain is? Lydia, you dumb idiot, don’t drag me down during the mission. Humph, I do not want you to compromise the mission completion! “

“Oh, how can you say that. At any rate, my Battle Power has already reached 750. As for talking about dragging down, shouldn’t it be you, useless Bailey!” The thin Saiyan Lydia ridiculed.


Bailey angrily stood up, and his burly body rushed toward the Saiyan named Lydia and wrestled with him while pulling each other’s tails.

“Enough, both of you stop, or don’t blame me for being impolite!” Along with a chilly voice, a tall girl stood up, her clear eyes flashed with coldness and a powerful imposing aura assaulted them.

“Shit, Anastasia is angry?”

“Definitely angry, we must not make her angry!”

Bailey and Lydia immediately shuddered, obediently letting go of each other, and stood still like a mouse turning rigid after seeing a cat. It can be said that among the four of them Anastasia’s has the highest Battle Power of 840, so they do not dare to provoke her.

Looking coldly at them, Anastasia turned around to look towards another girl on the side and asked: “Angeline, do you have information about the captain?”

The Saiyan women called Angeline shook her head. Apart from the captain, the other members did not know about the Saiyan candidates who were participating in the mission. Angeline said: “I also don’t know, but I heard that Shaque will also participate in this Mission … “


“Unexpectedly, that guy is also participating in this mission.”

“The captain is definitely him, his Battle Power is already over 900!”

Everyone was taken aback, and even that female Saiyan called Anastasia exclaimed. Compared to the genius Shaque, Anastasia’s Battle Power was nothing. They had all come out from the same time training camp. At that time, genius Shaque’s reputation was already resounding.

At the age of twelve had more than 900 Battle Power, though not particularly outstanding, among their peers he was one of the best!

Simultaneously, they were also glad. The higher the captain’s strength, the completion rate of the mission would also increase accordingly. Otherwise, with their current fighting strength, it would be difficult to finish the intermediate level mission effectively ah!

“It’s definitely him, or how else can we complete this intermediate mission ah!” Lydia struck his palm, his face sure that he had guessed the answer.

It’s not that they were underrating themselves. Just by relying on the fighting strength of the four of them, the difficulty level of completing Planet Dalia’s extermination mission was too big.

Just then, they saw a silhouette flying from the distant horizon. He was wearing a similar Saiyan battle armor, had a tall and straight body, resolute eyes, and a head full of fluttering long hair, it was Shaque who they were just talking about.

As soon as he saw the four Saiyan’s after landing on the ground, his calm eyes revealed traces of dissatisfaction. He said in a deep voice: “Who among the four of you is the captain this time?

Hearing Shaque’s question, everyone obviously became stunned for a moment, what’s going on, isn’t Shaque their captain?

Lydia asked in surprise: “Shaque, aren’t you the captain?”

“Of course I am not, I also want to know who is the captain?” Shaque’s tone was cold, his eyes glimmering, he would also like to know who exactly will be their captain.

“How is it possible, if it is not you then who could be the captain?” Bailey found it hard to believe. All the same age geniuses have a recognizable name and the few candidates other than Shaque were ” Is it Aisla, Kyle, or is it … Bensley! “

However, Anastasia on the side shook her head and said: “It cannot be them, I know that they are all currently doing other missions.”

“Then is it will someone from a higher batch than us?” Angeline suggested.

Everyone’s eyes lit up, and couldn’t help but cast an admiring glance towards Angeline. Yes, aside from the member of their batch in the training camp, there could also be someone from a higher batch ah. Planet Dalia’s extermination mission is extremely difficult, and there may even appear powerful enemies with more than 1000 Battle Power, so arranging a Saiyan from higher batch as a captain is also very normal!

They didn’t think that a Saiyan younger than them was chosen.

Firstly, secretly they didn’t believe that a Mid-level warrior younger than them could be so strong, and Secondly, Shaque has been one of the well-known Mid-level warriors among their batch, and the difference between their talent is not too big, so surmounting this age span would be very difficult.

However, the actual situation may be beyond their expectations!

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