The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 32: New Mission

Chapter 32: New Mission

“If Frieza really installed the tapping devices on our detectors, then he may have hostile intentions toward us from a long time ago, and perhaps our each and every move are under his surveillance.”

Adri’s expression was gloomy, changing several times before he turned towards them and beckoned. “Well, I will handle this matter. You two children will not participate in this huge matter anymore. I’ll go with Rebecca to verify it.”

Then Adri didn’t speak anything on the way as his thoughts were on the future of Saiyan’s, so he didn’t ask where Xiaya’s Senzu Beans came from.

When we returned home, Adri went into a room with Rebecca and didn’t come out until evening. Both of them were not looking well and had troubled expression.

Next day, at the first glimmer of light above.

Early in the morning, Adri was already gone with his student Myers in the spaceship to execute the training mission on Planet Red. Naturally, his other purpose was to try to get in touch with a slightly sensible Saiyan to discuss the future of Saiyan’s. And the first one to come to his mind were his previous comrades from before.

They first have to figure out how strong Frieza is. If they could not even clearly determine their opponent’s strength, and risk everything in attacking like how King Vegeta wants to revolt, then the result will surely be very tragic.

A war about survival must be done after learning about your enemy.

In fact, regarding this point Xiaya could have helped them, but he couldn’t tell them directly ah! Saiyan’s have arrogant character, and sometimes could be stubborn. If you tell them directly that Frieza is powerful enough to destroy all the Saiyan’s with a wave of his hand, so be prepared to retreat rather than fight him to death, then the Saiyan’s will absolutely not believe nor will approve it.

Not to mention that Xiaya could not clearly explain the source of his information. Even if he could make it clear, they have taken it for granted in their heart that Saiyan warriors can only die on the battlefield and not run away from fear.

When there’s life there’s hope, this kind of advanced concept they may only be able to understand when they personally experience Frieza’s despairing strength. And after a little push from Xiaya then will cause them to make a real decision!

Far away, undulating mountains and rivers extended into the distance as far as the eyes can see.

The rising sun quietly stuck its head out, light rays illuminating the earth after passing through the dense fog in the forest, and reflected a riot of beautiful colors in the middle.

Due to a light shower on the previous night, the leaves still retained some small drops of water. The blowing wind caused the water droplets to roll down the leaves, immediately splashing more thin fog, unfolding a beautiful scenery among the green foliage in the dense forest, shining and shimmering in the dense atmosphere, full of life Aura.

Xiling’s home, inside a hemispherical training room.

Usually used by Saiyan’s for training, its length and width were similar and of more than ten meters size. The semi-curved walls were build using the most advanced alloy, and the top layer was painted with a special energy-absorbing paint which could be used to absorb the excess energy scattered during training. The entire training place was shining with a silvery light giving it a very modern feeling, however, it did not appear blinding at all.

This was a very common training room which has no control system for providing additional air, temperature as well as gravity. Generally speaking, all the Aliens in the universe use such training rooms, which does not have this type of inherent settings. They were not yet aware of the importance of these insignificant small elements towards training.

At the moment on both sides of the arc-shaped training room, robots used for protection have been fully activated, their single red eyes were flashing with a shuddering scarlet light, and the two energy launchers on their chest were filled with energy, emitting a faint blue-light…

In the middle of the training ground, two small figures swiftly shuttling across the field were fiercely fighting against each other. And at the same time, they were also avoiding the surprise attacks from the robots. Their hand-to-hand fighting speed was so fast that afterimages appeared while frequently fighting dozens of rounds in the blink of an eye.


Robots fired in a fixed regular pattern. The faint blue energy beams fired from the chest’s tubular launcher, converged in a crisscross pattern in mid-air forming a huge network, just as if fishing for the two children in the middle.

The body in the air paused for a little, changing it’s moving trajectory like floating clouds and flowing water, almost avoiding the energy from an unimaginable angle. Feeling happy, Xiaya looked at the young girl in front of him with eyes full of smiling expression. Xiling had a serious look on her exquisite face. Although they were only using a weak aura during this common sparring, Xiaya’s posture still allowed her to see a distinct Martial Artist, confident and at ease. The powerful aura was directly hitting the face.

“Whoosh!” Xiaya’s figure disappeared in front of Xiling, while her eyes were constantly turning following his figure.


A fist suddenly appeared at Xiling’s waist, a bright light flashing in her eyes, her body moved backward a little avoiding the fist. The strong wind hit the ground hard creating a sudden burst of noise.

Slender body dodged avoiding the other’s series of offensive. The wave of attack followed like wolves and tigers, continuously growling and roaring.

Xiling retreated tens of meters, and then swayed, dived, and rushed towards Xiaya!

Xiaya’s eyes flashed, his eyes fixed on her movements.

“Bang!” Xiling attacked, but unfortunately, her fist was pushed down by both of Xiaya’s elbows.

Looking at Xiling who was not at all affected, and her attacks did not become sloppy, Xiaya couldn’t help but nod and then quickly attacked her. …

“Clang” “Clang” “Clang”

A series of rapid bells reverberated in the training ground, and the dozens of robots, seemingly having received instructions, simultaneously leaned against the wall of the training ground. Coincidentally, an opening suddenly appeared in the silver arc, and then the robots entered the opening in the shining silver wall.

Rebecca was quietly watching on the side, and when she saw Xiaya and Xiling coming out of the room after completing the training, she handed two towels and laughed: “Here, wipe off the sweat first. To think that you could already cope with 32 robots while simultaneously attacking each other. Must know that the energy beam from the robot can reach as high as 800 points! From this, it appears that your Battle Power is almost approaching 1000. ”

“Its only 1000 Battle Power, nothing much. We still have a long way to go!”

Xiaya wiped the sweat from his forehead and spoke. If it were not for suppressing his Ki, then just this little bit of movements, would not have caused him to sweat.

“Mom, has our new mission’s arrangement came?” Xiling asked in a crisp voice while taking a mouthful after unscrewing a water bottle.

Rebecca smiled, took out a document and handed it over. “Look, this is your new mission. It’s going to Planet Dalia to exterminate a primitive tribe, mission grade is intermediate, so you need to establish a Saiyan Squad!

Xiaya took the document and seriously thought while quickly opening it, his eyebrows slightly wrinkling. Dalia planet is close to an intermediate planet, with the same strength as the Planet Selma from the last mission. However, this time Mission Administration Office requires them to establish a Saiyan Squad and enter Planet Dalia.

These missions were directly issued from the Frieza Headquarters based on Saiyan’s situation. Even though the Jetonian at the Mission Administration Office was very annoying, however regarding this matter it does not dare to go against the wishes of Frieza headquarters and add extra details to the mission document.

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