The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 34: I am your Captain

Chapter 34: I am your Captain

Anyway as the captain has not appeared yet, they could not confirm their speculation, and only continue to wait.

Shaque also found a tree shade to sit down with some distance between them. They all knew his character so they ignored him and started talking about this time’s mission among themselves. And while chatting changed the subject and talked about each other’s cultivation progress which made them burst into fighting again, shouting curses.

Far away Shaque frowned while looking at others deep in conversation and mused: “These guys, don’t tell me they do not even know the importance of this mission? Humph, don’t know who will be the captain, hope strength is not too bad!

Saiyan’s form Squads to perform mission which was a very common occurrence, so as to increase the efficiency of mission completion.

And as you grow older, Mid-level Warriors will have to separately form battle Squad before adulthood, and once such a squad is formed, it will not be disbanded easily unless they encounter an accident and will last for a long time. In other words, Shaque and them will be Squad members in the future. At this time, he naturally hopes that his Squad’s strength is not too bad.

Secretly shaking his head, he temporarily threw aside these thoughts to the back of his mind. He slightly sighed and lied down on the cracked stone taking it as the pillow, and looking leisurely towards the sky.

It was a bright red sky, atmosphere smooth without any folds, several clouds were floating in the distance while changing shapes from time to time from the breeze. The clouds began to roll from the breeze blowing, and sun illuminated the ground projecting irregular shadows.


Suddenly, Shaque found two black spots appearing on the horizon, he exerted force in his arms and jumped up high, standing up in a natural manner. Then others also discovered them.

“Hey, someone is coming.” Anastasia’s pleasant sounding voice sounded.

“Is it captain?”

Angeline muttered, expectantly.

Shaque did not listen to the sounds beside his ear, squinting eyes towards the distance trying to clearly see the appearance of the people coming. When the distance between them got closer they discovered to their surprise that they were two small Saiyan’s, a man and a woman, and obviously younger than them.

“Why children, don’t tell me they are also in our Squad?” Lydia exclaimed, seeing the two people appearing in front of him, his face revealed disbelief.

“Impossible, Mission Administration Office is not making trouble…right?”

Bailey was little uncertain.

“But look, they are obviously coming toward us …”

“Hisss, its true!”

Finally, in front of their disbelieving eyes, Xiaya and Xiling steadily landed not far away, with all the signs indicating that … the two people were clearly members of their Squad.

Is Administration Office joking, actually sending over two children.

At this time Xiaya revealed a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, eyes overlooking everyone’s expression. He walked over in front of them and yelled in a low voice:

“Shaque, 12 years old, Battle Power 925!”

“Anastasia, 12 years old, Battle Power 840!”

“Lydia, 12 years old, Battle Power 750!”

“Angeline, 12 years old, Battle Power 788! ”

“Bailey, 12 years old, Battle Power 738!”

Xiaya spoke everyone’s name and Battle Power one by one. Knowing the name and Battle Power of Squad member could only be the captain’s privilege, so he really is the captain!

The Saiyan’s were all in disbelief!

Especially Shaque, his face suddenly became very unsightly, a cold light flickering in his pair of indifferent eyes. Damn, these two are clearly younger than me but he is actually the captain. Shaque clenched his fist, causing his fingers to turn pale due to using too much force, his body also slightly trembling because of anger.

His voice was indifferent and harsh: “Are you our captain? I will clearly say in advance, I will not acknowledge a weakling as our captain.”

Anastasia glanced at Shaque, though she did not say it, her gaze shone slightly, obviously thinking the same. Although she was not the best among her peers, she was still regarded as outstanding and would not degenerate herself into becoming subordinate to someone obviously younger than them.

Others, seeing Shaque and Anastasia’s attitude, couldn’t help but nod one by one.

Only someone strong can wish to be their captain!

Xiaya restrained the faint smile on his face. He was well aware of Saiyan’s personality so didn’t think it was a strange reaction. On the contrary, if they had accepted him as the captain without seeing his strength, then it would be unexpected! However, the feeling of being looked down by other was indeed not good!

Sure enough, in order to make these Saiyan know their place and recognize him as captain, he has to take some real action. Hence, Xiaya’s face once again blossomed with a huge smile.

Xiling quietly watching nearby saw Xiaya’s face revealing a smile, only that smile looked very terrifying.

“Right, I am your captain …”

A calm voice floated over from his mouth, Xiaya walked towards Shaque with his hands behind his back. His face carried a mature pretentious look when he came in front of Shaque.

Shaque opened his mouth and was about to speak again when he unconsciously felt something off, and suddenly a huge force came from his abdomen. A fist had suddenly appeared at his abdomen, followed by a burst of pain from down below. His body flew away several hundred meters like a projectile being fired.

Thump, Thump, his body continued to fly backward, and after consecutively bumping and snapping several bushes, his body smashed into a rock creating a huge hole, deeply embedding in it.

This scene happened very suddenly that everyone was dumbfounded, Shaque … he was sneak-attacked …

“Ah!” With a roar, Shaque broke free from the rock, a surging energy suddenly burst out from him immediately crushing the entire rock.

He finally woke up from his dumbfounded state, he was angry, unimaginably angry! His hairs were flying chaotically, both eyes were bloodshot, expression twisted, and pounced towards Xiaya.

Seeing Shaque’s irrational behavior, Xiling slightly shook her head and said mockingly: “I do not know who is so fearless enough to dare to attack Xiaya with such little strength, indeed reckless !”

“Giving an appropriate lesson should be enough!” Xiaya inwardly told himself in his heart, Shaque’s image in his pupils continued to magnify.

After all, the other is also a member of his Squad, it is not good to be too excessive.

Bang, readily mobilizing his body’s Ki, a bright ball of energy appeared in his hand. The translucent energy was sparkling, and its aqua blue color made it look a little cute.

However, the hissing, harsh sounds made from disrupting air flow and the slightly distorted light around it showed that the aqua blue energy ball was absolutely not ordinary! Xiaya sneered, throwing the energy ball towards Shaque in the distance.

Seemingly alerted from a living beings instincts, when the beautiful energy ball was about to fall, Shaque regained his rationality and quickly controlled his body to dodge to the side.


The energy ball fell down next to him and immediately exploded, creating a scene which would be difficult to forget.

The aqua blue ball exploded in the middle, and the explosion’s orange flames were like the sun. As soon as the “Sun” was born, it began to grill the earth. The air flow from the explosion helped Shaque flew away, keeping him away from the most dangerous zone.


The earth cracked open, randomly spattering the sand flying.

As the bright light and deafening booming sounds dispersed, the ground was as if it has been seemingly blasted with hundreds of small nuclear bombs, changed beyond recognition. The earth suddenly split open, a frightening energy spreading out underground formed cracks above ground.

Just when believed as if everything was over–

Boom!! The whole ground suddenly collapsed down below without any warning.

Following which wisps of blue smoke along with popping and surging bubbles, came out from the boiling lava.

“Strong … so strong!”

“Hiss, terrifying…”

All of them stared dumbfounded at this scene while looking towards Xiaya with a face full of awe. Who would have thought that this seemingly small guy, in an instant would burst out violently with such a sharp attack, simply astonishing!

“Is this guy a freak?”

Such a thought involuntarily emerged in everyone’s brain.

Especially Shaque who barely escaped with his life was standing still and has not recovered his spirit yet. Facing the scorching blast not far away, his mind replayed the soul-stirring scene from just now, huge beads of sweat hanging on his face.

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