The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 27: Birth of Vegeta

Chapter 27: Birth of Vegeta

Xiaya stayed on the side listening seriously, with a calm expression on his face, and a faint smile hanging on his lips.

Xiling’s description has left out things about going to earth for training.

They had a prior discussion about it. After all, they had left Planet Vegeta for many years and were not clear about the situation here. After they clearly understand the current situation here, it will not be too late than to tell them about it.

“Mom, do you know Planet Selma has a moon. One day, a full moon had appeared at night pushing its way out of clouds. And when I had gone out, I saw the full moon and transformed into a Great Ape!”

“Ah, you didn’t lose your rationality, right?”

“Heh heh, I did lose my rationality! ” Xiling spread out her hands in front and said with an innocent face.

“But fortunately Xiaya reacted on time, cutting off his tail first and then had cut my tail too. However, he was still seriously injured. I heard from him that my Battle Power had increased by ten times at that time!”

Xiling laughed and continued to speak about the situation at that time.

” You! If Xiaya was not decisive enough at that time, then it could have been disastrous.” Rebecca hugged Xiling and used her hand to incessantly rub and pinch her cheeks, causing Xiling to whimper while struggling unceasingly.

“Little Ya, it must have been difficult to fight after Xiling transformed!” Rebecca let go of Xiling, turned her attention to him and asked.

Xiaya couldn’t help but nod while sighing, he still has lingering fears in his heart, recalling his situation at that time, “Yes, that fight was the most difficult one I had faced after arriving at Planet Selma. If it were not that I was able to seize an opportunity at the last minute, the consequences would have been disastrous, but even then I was still injured and had to rest for few months!”

Rebecca nodded deeply believing so. Saiyan’s Great Ape transformation is a double-edged sword. When confronting an enemy it is no doubt convenient to use, but it is also easy to accidentally injure your comrades. Therefore, when attacking a high-level planet the squads are often led by a High-level Warrior, so in crisis, the High-level Warrior can transform into Great Ape to attack enemies.

At that time, Low-level Warriors and Mid-level Warriors have to withdraw, otherwise, they will only become cannon fodder.

“Oh, by the way, is Uncle Adri not at home?” Having returned to the home for so long and not seeing Adri, Xiaya asked somewhat confused.

“Oh, he still has something to do in the training center, will be back in a while,” Rebecca said.

Xiaya nodded understandingly. Since the disbandment of Adri’s team, he has been working as an instructor in the training center and was mainly responsible for training children of High-level Warrior latent talent. And he will also often go out with those children to perform some simple mission.

Of course, the mission is performed by those Saiyan children only, Adri is just responsible for properly watching over them.

It can be seen from this the difference between Saiyan’s treatment of Mid-level Warrior and High-level Warrior. Xiaya and his batch had stayed in the training camp for three years and were also given mission to perform, but the treatment was not so good.

They chatted for a while, and then Rebecca started preparing dinner while Adri had also returned by then after finishing his work.

Seeing his daughter and nephew after so many years, Adri’s slightly conspicuous dark-skinned face revealed a smile and walked forward before looking at the two of them affectionately. “Ha ha ha, I had not seen you two little guys for quite a while and you have both grew up strong. And little Xiaoya has started looking more and more like his father. ”

“Father!” Xiling cried happily.

“Uncle Adri!”

“Haha, It’s good that you’re finally back safely!” Adri laughed heartily while loudly shouting.

He knew that Planet Selma’s mission could not be simple, it was easy to run into dangerous situations. Initially, he had thought that they would take longer to finish the mission, but they came back after only short five years. Adri was feeling very happy as both had returned safely, it could only mean that they passed the test.

A Saiyan’s first mission is extremely crucial and can be said to have a direct impact on future growth. It is the first step, in a step by step career. In his time, hasn’t he also completed his mission outstandingly and then step by step became captain of his team?

He patted Xiaya on his shoulders, reached out and took out a simple energy detector from his pocket before putting it on his ear, saying “Come, let me see how much your Battle Power has increased?”

Adri said with a smile and pressed down on the detector’s switch, with a “beep” sound the data appeared.



Looking at the data displayed on the detector, Adri froze for a moment, and then laughed heartily: “Oh, incredible, your Battle Power is quite high. M-hm, but this kind of Battle Power is not much to flaunt in front of a High-level Warrior. ”

“Not bad, Not bad, maybe we’ll have two more incredible warriors in our home in future!”

Although he had guessed that Xiaya and Xiling’s Battle Power would definitely not be small when they had safely returned to Planet Vegeta after finishing the mission, Adri was still pleasantly surprised after actually measuring their exact Battle Power with a detector.

It must be known that his daughter and nephew were still not nine years old, but their Battle Power has already reached near 1000. In future, they would certainly become great warriors with unlimited prospects.

“Hey, we were only focused on talking that I have already started feeling hungry. Eating one’s fill is a must for a combat Saiyan ah!. Rebecca, quickly serve the food!

Adri said while informing everyone to eat as the head of the family.

The Saiyan’s fighting on the dining table is extremely fierce.

Dinner time, four Saiyan’s in order to get food repeatedly held out their hand, immediately staging a fierce battle! “Ding Ding Dong Dong” Dinner plates issued sounds of a collision, while a table worth of food quickly disappeared visible to the naked eye. This scene could simply cause someone’s expression to change. Since the speed of their battle was very fast, it created several faint shadows. If you let Earth’s martial artists see this scene, they will certainly sigh feeling it to be a type of training.

The amount of food a Saiyan family consumes per day is staggering. If there was no dedicated food supply system, then without food the whole Planet Vegeta would quickly fall into chaos. Therefore, Planet Vegeta has specialized Aliens in charge of supplying food.

After dinner, hall.

The family of four were sitting on a sofa in the hall. Adri held a flat data receiver and was reading the daily news while planning the training schedule of the training camp, and also listening to Xiling chattering about her glorious achievements.

Rebecca was sitting on the side quietly listening, and from time to time will tell Xiaya about Planet Vegeta’s news.

Xiaya was listening especially seriously as he has to understand exactly what was the current situation of Planet Vegeta like, which would make it convenient for him to better plan.

Under his deliberate indirect inquiries, Adri and Rebecca told him and Xiling about what happened on Planet Vegeta over this years.

From Adri’s description, Xiaya learned that the overall changes on Planet Vegeta were not much; it was still helping Frieza with conquering planet business and has not stopped their evil deeds, still making the target planets jittery and scared.

Of course, there were still some major events which happened on Planet Vegeta in recent years, such as King Vegeta’s son, first Saiyan Prince—Vegeta, was born more than a year ago.

Although it was not surprising, Xiaya’s expression still became serious as he knew that after Vegeta was born, date of Planet Vegeta’s destruction by Frieza will be near.

Adri’s voice was laced with envy when listening to him speak that when Vegeta was born the detector had shown his Battle Power to be astonishing 280, which is the extremely rare high talent of a High-level Warrior! For this reason, King Vegeta happily named his son after Planet Vegeta and had given a banquet in the imperial palace to celebrate Vegeta’s birth.

Moreover, in only one year Vegeta’s Battle Power has grown at an alarming rate reaching 420!

This was a rare genius in Saiyan’s history.

“Prince Vegeta is a rarely seen super genius, and perhaps he will only take few years to achieve 1,000 Power…” Adri said somewhat moved as he had never seen a Saiyan with such a good latent talent. Moreover, the Prince Saiyan will be regarded as darling of King Vegeta, as it is obvious that he will be his successor.

Having said that, Adri glanced at his daughter and nephew, both of whom were although outstanding, were still lacking compared to King Vegeta’s son. Xiaya and Xiling have reached near 1000 Battle Power at the age of nine, which King Vegeta’s son may reach at the age of five or six!

Three years difference, in future, will be like the difference between heaven and earth ah!

Despite sighing, Adri still had a smile on his face. At least compared to the same generation Saiyan’s, they were still very outstanding. How could he compare his children to the Prince, His Royal Highness? Their levels are fundamentally different ah! At least, he is grateful to heavens that Xiaya and Xiling would surpass him and reach 10000 Battle Power in the future!

At the moment Adri had no idea that, in fact, Xiaya and Xiling’s strength was far beyond his imagination, and it is destined that the ultimate goal he has planned for his children will be his own goal.

If you tell this to him now, who knows what expression he would have.

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