The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 28: Saiyan's Future

Chapter 28: Saiyan’s Future

Vegeta huh!

After listening to Adri’s sighing with emotion, Xiaya’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow. Vegeta’s birth means that Planet Vegeta was not far off from being destroyed by Frieza.

It might be in two or three years.

He recalled that in the original, Vegeta was about five or six years old when Planet Vegeta was destroyed, maybe five years old! And following this, Xiaya also has to pay attention to the Bardock family’s situation. Based on his speculation, at this time, Son Goku’s brother Raditz should have also been born.

The day Son Goku was born, was the day Frieza had attacked Planet Vegeta. But what made Xiaya feel a headache is that Bardock’s house is not in the area where he is living, which means he would not be able to know the Bardock family’s situation for a while, this is a bit problematic ah!

“And Vegeta is indeed one of the best genius among Saiyan’s. His Battle Power is already so high at birth, which should be able to breakthrough 500 points in a couple of months. Tsk, tsk, only 2+ years and his Battle Power has already reached 500, if it keeps developing at this pace then perhaps before the destruction of Planet Vegeta it would reach 1000 Battle Power. It is no wonder that he will be taken hostage by Frieza for researching about Super Saiyan…… ”

Xiaya silently calculated.

If the plot keeps developing as it is, then Vegeta’s power will certainly breakthrough 10000 Battle Power when he reaches adulthood, which is not much different from the original. In other words, he has not caused any butterfly effect which will cause the plot to change!

Of course, it is also natural. After all, his family background is insignificant in the Saiyan community and not to mention he had left Planet Vegeta when he was very young which made him have a very little impact on the plot.

Regarding his training, Xiaya was somewhat emotional.

Vegeta has a much higher starting point than him, but it barely made any difference as both of them had reached 1000 Battle Power. Xiaya breakthrough to 1000 Battle Power by the age of 5. And in the original work, Vegeta too was capable of defeating Saibamen at this age. Both of them’s breakthrough time is almost the same, but in fact, Xiaya should be in the lead as he trained up from less than 100 Battle Power.

But then the gap between them clearly increased, as Xiaya was able to go to Earth and had gone through training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, making his Battle Power broke to 10,000 points much earlier, which Vegeta will only have after adulthood.

“If instead of choosing to go to Earth, we had directly returned to Planet Vegeta. Then, I’m afraid we would have already come under the scrutiny of King Vegeta…..”

Xiaya inwardly pondered in his heart but was feeling pleased with himself for his foresight. Life is not about assumptions, so now even if King Vegeta want to deal with him, and get rid of him to maintain his reign, he has no such capability now.

“Oh, Uncle Adri, what do you think about Frieza’s attitude towards Saiyan’s?” Xiaya intentionally asked.

Adri did not expect Xiaya to ask such a question and

glanced at him in surprise. After contemplating for a moment, he slightly wrinkled his brows and said: “King Frieza is the absolute Emperor of universe and has always been working favorably with us Saiyan’s, but……..his attitude towards us…. ”

“is of indifference and even somewhat loathe us!”

Adri is a rational person, the reason Saiyan has been able to work with Frieza is because each has what one requires. Saiyan is a warlike race and needs Frieza’s all kinds of network, and Frieza regards Saiyan’s battle lust as important and to use them as a tool. As for how much affection both sides have, it is certainly debatable.

Adri had long ago seen Frieza’s nature, and also know that in his eyes Saiyan’s are only insignificant lackeys, nothing more. Only he couldn’t have imagined that Frieza’s attitude toward Saiyan is not merely of loathing, but is a kind of crazy and viciousness, even desperate to personally destroy it.

“But what worries me most is that King Vegeta is also dissatisfied with Frieza’s control. I’m afraid that King Vegeta will eventually lead Saiyan to revolt!” Adri suddenly stopped after saying this as the topic was no longer suitable to continue.

Surprised, Xiaya looked at Uncle Adri. He did not expect this rough looking burly fellow to be able to analyze everything so deeply and see the essence of the problem! This talent is rare in a Saiyan.

“What would happen if King Vegeta really revolted?” Rebecca asked somewhat worriedly. Could Saiyan’s really obtain final victory against the de facto Emperor of the universe using their strength? A victory would be good, but if they failed, will Saiyan still have the room to live?

“If we cannot defeat, we can just run away!” Xiling said indifferently.

“What nonsense are you saying, how can Saiyan flee without fighting! Are we still Saiyan?”

Adri scowled and berated.

However, Xiaya felt that Xiling was correct, where there’s life there’s hope. He should give Adri and Rebecca a wake-up call so as to make it easy for him to act in future. So he thought for a moment and said: “But I heard that Frieza actually have malicious intentions towards Saiyan and has been keeping watch on us because he fears that the legendary Super Saiyan will appear among Saiyan’s, which could threaten his rule. ”

“Legendary Super Saiyan, hehe, that’s just a legend!”

Adri laughed and shook his head in disbelief. Although such a

rumor has been circulating among Saiyan’s, no one has seen a Super Saiyan before. And as time passed, no one believed in such a legend anymore.

“But you’re right, Saiyan cannot co-exist with Frieza after all! King Vegeta should have prepared a long time ago,” Adri murmured.

“Unfortunately, they don’t know Frieza’s true strength, and that the revolt would eventually fail! And the result of the defeat was the destruction of Planet Vegeta.”

Many thoughts flashed past Xiaya’s mind.

Next day, the sun was shining brightly.

After a comfortable sleep in his bed, Xiaya got up early and started training in the backyard.

Although this low-intensity training is certainly not of any help to him, he still habitually carried out every movement in a meticulous manner. Xiling also joined him then and the two of them familiarly trained together.

Strong whirlwind blowing in the backyard, the surrounding vegetation lightly swaying.

After some time, the sun climbed high and the two stopped their movements while standing still, calmly breathing deeply, their faces were not red and gasping, as if not have done any strenuous exercise.

Just now those movements were not even considered as a warm-up exercise.

Rebecca was in the house preparing breakfast. A delicious fragrance wafted over, Xiling’s eyes couldn’t help but shine after smelling the fragrance, she ditched Xiaya alone and run away to the kitchen.

“Really greedy cat!” Softly whispered Xiaya who after Xiling left was sitting alone on the side of the stone bench in the backyard, training with his eyes closed.

“Ding dong!” A series of bell ringing sound came.

“Hey, you, I am asking you. Is Master Adri at home?” A proud voice sounded.

Xiaya opened his eyes, his pupils flashing with a bright light, and what appeared in front of him was a young figure dressed in a small combat suit.

“Hey, I am asking you, can’t you hear me!” That figure was a little impatient, shouting in a sharp voice.

“You should be polite when asking. I’m not going to answer someone with that kind of attitude.” Xiaya said and closed his eyes, not answering and ignoring the opposite figure.


Flustered, the person coldly snorted and said with a proudful face: “Humph, I know, you are that Mid-level Warrior living in Master Adri’s house. I am telling you, I am a High-level Warrior, you cannot offend me. If it was not because of you, then Master Adri would have already brought me out today to execute the task! ”

So, she is one of the Saiyan brat led by Uncle Adri!

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