The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 26: Going back to Planet Vegeta

Chapter 26: Going back to Planet Vegeta

Opening the cave entrance, Xiaya moved out the two huge spherical spacecrafts from the cave, and pushed the button on top, opening the aircraft’s door.

The Saiyan’s spacecraft quality was indeed good, even after so many years, it’s interior’s was the same as new. He changed the returning route inside the spacecraft to Planet Vegeta. The spacecraft’s alarm “beep beep” resounded, and the machine began the self-analysis.

“Xiling, adjust your body’s Ki to 850 Battle Power, and when we reach Planet Vegeta then again change it to more than 900!” Xiaya exhorted.


Xiling nodded seriously. Nowadays, controlling her Battle Power’s value was too easy for her, very quickly restraining her body’s Ki to around 850 Battle Power.

Xiaya seeing her actions, couldn’t help but nod and then he also adjusted his Battle Power. Currently, their age was eight, and when they reach Planet Vegeta it will almost be nine years old. At that time their Battle Power will reach 900 due to their latent talent of a Mid-level Warrior. Although it is also very outstanding, at least it will not attract others undue attention.

“Well, let’s return now.”

“See you on Planet Vegeta!”

The two separately entered their spacecraft. Since these spacecraft were commonly used vehicles of each Saiyan, so even adults will not feel crowded sitting inside.

Pressing the button on the spacecraft, it’s door slowly closed. Soon after the spacecraft slightly trembled, and a huge force suddenly ejected down, and the spacecraft immediately flew out of Planet Selma’s atmosphere.

Looking at the reddish-black planet receding farther and farther away, Xiaya slowly closed his eyes and entered hibernation, he would not wake up until he reached Planet Vegeta.

Seven months later.

Surrounded by a vast expanse of darkness, the group of stars radiated a dazzling weak white light. They shone like tiny diamonds adorning a black plate, showing a touch of perennial beauty.

In a huge galaxy, a big dark red planet slowly moved in orbit.

This dark red planet is Planet Vegeta, which was formerly known as Planet Plant, a planet Saiyan’s snatched from the Tuffles, and now renamed to Planet Vegeta, which has now become Saiyan’s famous headquarters in the universe.

Planet Vegeta’s spaceport was busy as ever, one by one sphere shaped spacecraft continuously took off or descended from the spaceport.

Suddenly, two spacecraft rapidly passed through the dark red atmosphere and landed on the spaceport where under the control of pilot the spaceships precisely landed on the landing site, and then the cabin door opened from which two figures exited.

After years, Xiaya and Xiling have finally returned to Planet Vegeta!

At this time, the spaceport was bustling with life, people coming and going. Apart from Saiyan’s, who were returning or going for expeditions or who were waiting to carry out mission’s, many strange long-nose, big-eyed Aliens were still in the crowd.

Most of these Aliens were slaves captured like the Dada Star people, and others were subordinates sent by Frieza from the headquarters ‘planet’ to assist Saiyan in day-to-day management.

After all, Saiyan’s scientific and technological knowledge is not high. Apart from fighting, they have not mastered any advanced science and technology. Just like uncivilized people in front of inventions of an advanced civilization. They still need Alien specialists to operate many types of High-tech equipment.

Of course, how many of these Aliens were sent by Frieza to monitor Saiyan’s, who knows.

“Xiaya, I just used the communicator to contact my parents, they are waiting for us at home.”

On the side of the platform of the spaceport, Xiling pressed down the button of the energy detector on her ear, her cheeks rosy with excitement. In addition to detecting the energy strength of living beings, this machine also works as a communicator.

“OK! Let’s go back immediately!”

Xiaya looked at her and chuckled, realizing that Xiling was very excited in her heart as she was about to see her parents. Actually, he was also feeling excited in his heart!

Quietly counting, it’s been more than five years since they left Planet Vegeta. Although one and half year has been spent in interstellar flight, they have not seen Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Adri for more than five years.

After which they crossed the platform, and walked outside the spaceport.

Xiling’s home is located in the bustling area of Planet Vegeta, belonging to the upper-class residential area, which was only a short distance from the Imperial City. However, it takes some time to reach Xiling’s home from the spaceport.

As they have to hide their Battle Power, they could use their full strength to fly, nor could they hurry over by using Instant Transmission.

Using a normal flight speed they traveled across most of the city, and then landed in a bustling residential area.

Traveling on the grassy road of the residential area, twisting green ivies, swaying trees, and smelling the faint fragrance floating in the air; one by one the familiar scenery from childhood flashed across his mind. In an instant, they arrived in front of a lone double-story house, which is Xiling’s home.

Compared to the few other surrounding houses, Xiling’s home was much bigger.

“Knock Knock Knock!”

Knocking on the door a few times.


The electronic dashboard quickly made a sound. The door opened, and when Xiaya could not react someone quickly rushed out from inside and tightly held him in a hug.

“Ah! Xiling, Xiaya, you are finally back, Let mother look! Ah, you both have grown so big. Mom has missed you so much!”

Rebecca does not seem to be good with words, but her two arms clearly expressed her emotions.

As a Fighting Race, the strength of female Saiyan’s was not worse than that of men, and it was even more valiant when they were mad. Especially Rebecca such a High-level Warrior, who was the former member of Adri’s team. Although in recent years she has not gone out to perform any mission, her powerful strength could not be underestimated.

Being hugged by Rebecca, was like bound by countless tenacious ropes, both Xiaya and Xiling were stiff and unable to move. Of course, they could easily break free using their current strength, but they did not intend to do so.

“Keke, Aunt Rebecca, let us go, your hug will suffocate us!”

Xiaya rolled his eyes and said, somewhat helpless.

“Yeah, Mom, quickly let us go!

“Oh, yes yes yes, Look at me, come, let’s come in and talk.”

Rebecca reacted, and removed her hand, somewhat embarrassed, and quickly urged them to come inside the house.

After entering the house, Rebecca began to inquire about their well being and asked questions about their life in recent years. Xiling recounted to her while making exaggerated sounds and actions whenever she mentioned any critical situations they had faced, and though these actions seem clumsy and ridiculous to Xiaya, Rebecca would still make shouts of surprise from time to time.

Although her daughter’s descriptions were lacking in words and were not at all vivid, she still listened attentively.

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