The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 18: Senzu Beans

Chapter 18: Senzu Beans

Xiling nodded, and then curiously followed Mr. Popo into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

After they entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, the golden door closed with a loud bang. Xiaya knew that the rate of flow of time in Hyperbolic Time Chamber has already become different from the outside world. One day outside is one year inside.

With nothing to do, Xiaya sat alone in the winding corridor of the Lookout for a long time, then followed the ring-shaped white jade stone staircase inside the corridor, wandering.

Lookout’s exact time of construction could not be verified, perhaps several thousands of years, or maybe even longer have passed. But years did not leave behind much traces on the Lookout, which is probably its magical aspect.

A half meter tall gold motif was inlaid on both sides of the wall of the winding corridor along the center of the Lookout. These motifs embody the elegance of the Inca murals and depict the relationship between mankind and nature in ancient times; slash and burn fire1 and hunting pattern pot scenes.

And Xiaya also found that many beautifully decorated door were scattered in the criss-cross corridor at every few meters distance, and behind the doors were rooms filled with piled up junk. There was also magic added to the gate just like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber’s special space.

After walking through the corridor for a long time, and passing through the complex criss-cross road, he finally returned to the Lookout’s entrance.

At that time, Kami leaning on his walking stick walked over.

“Xiaya, you are here! Korin just told me the information provided by you, but I do not think there are still so many experts in the universe. Earth, in contrast, is too weak.” Kami’s old face exuded helplessness.

After Kami find out about the strength of the other races in the universe from Korin, his heart was haunted with a weak’s fear of the strong, deeply afraid of when aliens would invade Earth, and bring about misery and suffering to people.

Seeing the Kami took the initiative to mention, Xiaya also had no intention of beating around the bush about how and why, and said: “Yes, the Earth’s overall strength is indeed too low, perhaps in the universe it is the lowest level planet.”

“But you do not have to undervalue yourself. Although the individual strength of Earthlings is not high, you also have some other advantages that other planets do not have. Your martial arts concepts are much more advanced than the people of the universe. As long as you can develop your strong points, I think Earthlings would not weaker than the people of the universe.”

Xiaya said that not to comfort Kami, in fact, the Earthlings weakness is not permanent, when Dragon Team2 really rise, such as Krillin, this kind of purebred earthlings will be much, much powerful than the majority of the people in the universe!

Of course, this needs opportunity.

Kami froze for a moment, he did not think Xiaya would be so optimistic about earth’s martial arts.

“That being said, but the power of the earth is really too small. In recent centuries, genuine martial artists are declining on earth. There are only a few people who are worth training. Alas!” After mentioning this, Kami could not help but sigh.

In Mortals martial-arts world, Turtle School3 and Crane School’s4 strength is well-known, and their name shakes the whole world. But the faults of the younger generation of this martial arts families have shown that their lacking performance will cause the earth to be in a very disadvantageous state in the face of probable invasion by the people from the universe which could happen anytime.

Since understanding the earth’s situation, Kami began to ponder on how to enhance the power of Earthlings.

“Oh, by the way, Kami I heard that you know a lot of mystical magic. I need you to help me with a favor!” Xiaya suddenly thought of something and asked with a smile.

“I do know a little bit of magic. I don’t know what you need my help for?” Kami asked curiously, he has not considered that Xiaya would look for him for help with something unreasonable.

As the universe follows the law of the jungle, and the law of the jungle gives too many natural privileges to the strong! For example, the weak serving the strong, and in many places even strong are considered as weak themselves, is this not normal, very logical?

Xiaya turned around, and a brown, fluffy tail fell down from his waist, swinging in mid-air. Since he had cut his tail on the full moon on Planet Selma, few months have already passed.

“This is a Saiyan’s tail, and I hope with Kami’s help it will not grow out again.”

Kami has never seen a human with a tail, so he couldn’t help but stare at it carefully and observe it for a moment while thinking in his heart, this tail may be the racial characteristics of Saiyans! But at this time, in his sea of consciousness, the angry roar of a Great Ape suddenly appeared.

A tyrannical aura of violence surged out, continuously impacting his spirit.

Kami’s two eyes revealed an astonished expression and hurriedly shifted his eyes away.

He wiped his forehead which was exuding cold sweat and asked with lingering fear: “Such a frightening mental attack. What exactly was that Great Ape, its unknown Aura almost destroyed my mind.”

“You first sever the tail. I want you to cast magic so that it cannot grow out again.”


Xiaya nodded and cooperated by condensing a Ki blade which cut down, severing the tail while blood flowed out from the wound.

Kami seeing Xiaya so decisive, couldn’t help but nod, and then used his magic. I saw him stretch out an arm from his white magic robe, his two fingers moved and made an incantation, a little glittering light flashed a few times before flying towards Xiaya’s wound.

“Puchi !!”

Magic enveloped Xiaya’s body, gently touching his body with a warm feeling, a sparkling green light continuously fluctuated slowly from light to dark and then disappeared healing the wound on his buttock.

Moving his body around, Xiaya immediately felt the difference. He was surprised to find that his control over his strength had slightly improved after he lost his Saiyan tail.

“Thanks Kami, if earth has any trouble in the future, as long as you notify me, I will naturally help out.”

Xiaya was in a good mood and was not at all stingy in making the promise, as for whether he could fulfill his promise or not, he will see if he is on earth at that time. Only he knew that there would be no major crisis, at least, until the Dragon Ball Z began, but then Son Goku and the team would have grown up.

But Kami does not know these, so after receiving Xiaya’s promise, he could not help but smile.

“Then I will trouble you in the future.”

The two were quietly engaged in a pleasant deal; Xiaya has eliminated the unstable factors which the tail might bring, and Kami has received the other party’s promise of help if Earth is ever threatened. It could be said that each has gotten what he needs.

Again conversing for a while, Xiaya put forward many questions on problems faced when training, and Kami also answered them one by one. Although Kami’s strength is less than Mr. Popo, his knowledge and experience in martial arts are extremely rich, similarly exceeding Xiaya’s by a lot.

Making him benefit greatly!

After getting pointers from Kami, suddenly everything became clear in his heart, and many of his previous doubts have also disappeared.

Much time had passed, and there was still a lot of time left before Xiling, and Mr. Popo would exit from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. So, after thinking for a bit Xiaya directly flew towards the roof of the Korin Tower which was under Lookout.

He was going to Korin Tower this time to get the earth’s healing holy medicine from Korin—– Senzu Beans.

Before, he had not asked Korin for Senzu Beans because he had been busy training. But this time he is making the trip to get the Senzu Beans. Saiyan’s physique coupled with the healing effect of Senzu Beans, doesn’t this combination make people look forward to it.

Korin Tower, flat spherical roof.

Korin was lying with a relaxed face on a bench, resting. When suddenly he felt a powerful aura approaching him.

Opening his eyes, he saw Xiaya who unknowingly had appeared in front of him.

Korin habitually yawned. After that he got up from the bench, and asked while rubbing his eyes: “Xiaya, Why are you not training above. Is there something you need from me?”

After associating with each other for a dozen or more days, Korin thought he had already grasped Xiaya’s nature, so his words were very casual.

Xiaya got straight to the point and asked: “Immortal Korin, I heard you have something called Senzu Beans here. Don’t know if you could give me some?”

“Senzu Beans?”

Korin narrowed his eyes a little before stretching for a bit, and nodded without any care: “Well, I indeed have this thing. Eating one Senzu Bean could make it so that one doesn’t need to eat for ten days. If you want I can give you some.”

“Wait a minute, let me look for it. I remember putting it somewhere here.”

Korin began to search for them in a box. After rummaging through a pile of miscellaneous goods, he finally pulled out five sealed earthenware jar, on top of which were stuck two red characters “Senzu Beans” and opened them, and sure enough, there were emerald green dried beans inside.


1* Primitive Farming Technique




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