The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 19: A lot of Senzu Beans

Chapter 19: A lot of Senzu Beans

“There are so much!” Seeing Korin taking out five big jars of Senzu Beans, Xiaya’s eyes suddenly shone, just like a poor wretch who suddenly saw a house full of gold, eyes full of burning desire.

There has to be at least seventy to eighty thousand Senzu Beans in those five jars!

Senzu Beans had not shown much value in the starting stage of Dragon Ball and were lavishly used as food to alleviate hunger, but in the later stage, they became a reliable lifesaving magic tool which not only could quickly restore physical strength but could also treat any kind of wound in an instant.

Thinking of the later stage in Dragon Ball, Son Goku and the team could not wait to split them in two and distribute among two people for eating. Those were the days which really makes people sad ah! So when Xiaya saw so many Senzu Beans in front of him, he wished he could steal them all and save them from getting wasted by the fat man Yajirobe in the future.


Korin grabbed one Senzu Bean from the jar and threw it out.

Xiaya caught it with his hand, and then directly threw it in his mouth, before chewing with a loud and clear ‘kacha’ sound. It somewhat resembled a fried bean but with no flavor. However, as he crunched them, a magical energy filled his mouth, followed by a warm feeling spreading throughout his body.

The hungry feeling in his stomach suddenly disappeared. At the same time, his mental exhaustion was swept away, invigorating his whole body with strength.

He used his strength and discovered that his body was in peak condition.

“This effect… seems Senzu Beans is really a magical stuff!”

After personally experiencing Senzu Beans magical aspect, Xiaya yearning for them even more, so he looked at the jar of Senzu Beans with a fiery look in his eyes.

“I wonder if Immortal Korin can give me some of this Senzu Beans?”

“Oh! Of course! No problem!”

Korin did not mind and directly threw out several jars of Senzu Beans.

This caused Xiaya to be dumbfounded. He originally wanted Korin to give him few of this Senzu Beans, at least several thousand would have been good enough.

But he didn’t expect Korin to be so much generous, directly giving him 5 jars of Senzu Beans. There probably has to have seven to eight thousand, right?

“It seems they are connected with me by fate!” Xiaya immediately received them away while feeling overjoyed in his heart.

His finger slashed through the void, cutting the stable space like a tissue, revealing a dark red crack. Then, Xiaya carefully placed the five jars in the dimensional space.

This is a new trick he developed while training on Lookout. Although it does not have an attack capability, it could be used to store things just fine.

Korin seeing a somewhat unexpected space crack suspended in mid-air, suddenly laughed: “Hey, you have many tricks up your sleeve, but using such a trick is bit of an overkill! ”

“Haha, its just an insignificant skill, nothing more! Thank you, these Senzu Beans are of big help to me. ” Xiaya laughed looking completely grateful.

Receiving so many Senzu Beans at once had made him very happy giving him a lot of advantage in training. It is just like the old street racer of Mt. Akina who had bought many life insurances in succession and would be able to try out all the racing tricks he had never dared to before.

Korin indifferently waved his hand: “Originally, they were used by the challengers climbing Korin Tower to recover their physical strength and satiate hunger. But so many years have passed with no one climbing, which made them useless. It would be better to give them to you.”

So you just carelessly wasted them ah! Xiaya laughed and asked curiously:”How much output do they have?”

Even after getting so much Senzu Beans, Xiaya started thinking of how to get more.

Korin understanding what he was thinking, shook his head and said: “Senzu beans plant need Sacred Water for irrigation. I have a small piece of land on Korin Tower, and in 1 year it can only output 100 beans. But in the last few years, its output has been getting less and less. The one in your hand is the leftovers from my accumulation of several hundred years.”

“So it’s like this….”

Xiaya nodded somewhat regretfully. But after thinking of stashing so many Senzu Beans in his space, his mood again turned cheerful.

Thinking for a bit, he kindly reminded: “Immortal Korin, these Senzu Beans are a good thing ah! Its function is not only to eliminate hunger and recover physical strength, but I think its efficacy in treatment is the most important. I think you should expand its plant a little, perhaps it will come in handy in future!”

Korin stroked his beard and nodded, Xiaya’s words have given him a reminder. Before there was no formidable enemy on earth, therefore Senzu Beans importance haven’t been prominent. But just because they were not used much before, they would not be used much in the future. Especially, when Earth could be revealed to the universe anytime and would be coveted by many strong people.

Senzu Beans will become truly indispensable as a healing medicine,

“Well, I’ve got it. I will try to expand their plant a little. But their plant requires Sacred Water for irrigation and making it is not easy. So, I don’t know how much their output will increase.”

“You can first try all kinds of things! ”

Xiaya revealed a brilliant smile and said with a confused look on his face.

As long as Korin is willing to expand the Senzu Beans plantation, its output will more or less have an increment. Moreover, after Korin recognizing its importance then in the future even if Yajirobe wants to eat, he will not give it to him to splurge like in the original work.

The reason why he can conveniently obtain so much Senzu Beans this time because Korin does not know their importance. If everyone knows it is a treasure then how can it be given out so casually?

Then, bidding farewell to Korin, he departed Korin Tower and returned to Lookout.

After returning to Lookout, he suddenly slapped his head. He remembered that he had forgotten to ask Korin about Ultra Divine Water1.

As it can draw out hidden potential, wouldn’t it be a great pity to miss it?

But, he shook his head immediately, forget it, this Ultra Divine Water does not like anything safe.

For ordinary people, this thing is like poison!

Its stimulation of hidden potential is really overbearing.

In the original work, Son Goku was able to narrowly escape death only by relying on his Saiyan Blood. Xiaya even suspects that because of drinking Ultra Divine Water and burden from the repeated use of Kaio-ken2 in the later stage had caused Son Goku premature myocardium strain, to the extent that he even suffered from viral heart disease.

Really, Saiyan’s are a Fighting Race, their body’s core force is—heart. How can a problem occur to it? For people with such sky-high Battle Power, common foreign bacteria would simply not cause much harm to them as their immune system is more powerful than usual! The bacterias inside the body fluid would be swallowed by their immune cells.

And Son Goku had unexpectedly suffered from a heart disease, it’s most likely because of one of this reason that led to a weak link in the body.

Although it’s only a guess, Xiaya thinks its still better to be careful. If because of coveting for a momentary convenience it leaves behind a hidden danger then it is no good.

“In the universe, the method to draw out hidden potential is not limited to one. How about when I have time in the future, I go to the Planet Namek and request their Grand Elder3 to draw out my potential? It will naturally not have any side-effect.”

“Korin will not use Ultra Divine Water to irrigate Senzu Beans, right?” Xiaya went inside Lookout while letting his imagination run wild.





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