The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 17: Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Chapter 17: Hyperbolic Time Chamber

“Well, I have got this matter. Now, you go and look for Mr. Popo, he will next give you the pointers for your training. I am telling you, don’t just look at Mr. Popo’s stiff outward appearance, his level is much more powerful compared to me…”

Korin’s interest somewhat waning, powerlessly waved his hand. He was already shocked by Xiaya’s improvement and was not in any mood to test Xiling. And how could her improvement be lacking compared to Xiaya, when her talent was also very frightening.

“En, then thanks a lot, Immortal Korin. We will go and look for Mr. Popo.”

Xiaya smiled and then glanced at Xiling, she tacitly understood and nodded her head, then both of them walked towards inside the Lookout.

Looking at the two people’s back, Korin quietly stood in his original place and softly mumbled to himself: “I have to let Kami know this information and make him prepare. Alas, there are too many strong people in the universe. Hopefully, no one will fix their eyes on earth. Speaking of which, in this several hundred years earth’s martial art have really declined too much!”

Korin stretched out his body and anxiously sighed, going towards Kami’s residence.

Inside Lookout’s winding corridor, Mr. Popo was quietly sitting in meditation like an enlightened monk.

Seeing Xiaya and Xiling entering Lookout, Mr. Popo stood up and watched them with his two clear and calm coppery-pupils and kind face.

“What you have just displayed Mr. Popo have also seen it. As Mr. Popo cannot teach you using any conventional method, so you should follow Mr. Popo.”

Saying, he then turned around and walked towards the depth of Lookout.

Xiaya and Xiling glanced at each other and followed closely behind. They followed behind Mr. Popo who meandered through quite a few corridors. He walked past a fork in the road and moved more and more towards the depth of Lookout. Xiaya turned his head to look and discovered that road had already intertwined into a criss-cross just like a maze which would make one easily lose their sense of direction.

“Mr. Popo, where are we going? Shouldn’t we have arrived by now after moving for such a long time?” Xiaya secretly guessed in his heart that the place where they are should be at the bottom of Lookout.

While Xiaya was thinking, Mr. Popo stopped in front of a golden door.

After opening the door, Mr. Popo spoke: ” This is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber; a day outside is compared to 1 year inside, and environment inside is extremely harsh. Mr. Popo will stay with you inside for a year.”

“It is unexpectedly Hyperbolic Time Chamber! “

Xiaya was taken aback, he had thought of many kinds of training method they would undergo which were used in original work; using a machine to send them to other world or to thunderstorm valleys, etc. But he didn’t expect Mr. Popo to unexpectedly take them to Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Inside Hyperbolic Time Chamber; the air is dense, the temperature fluctuates between -40 °C to 50 °C, and gravity is equivalent to ten times of Earth. This conditions may be considered harsh for others, but for people who are strong this environment could not be regarded as harsh, it would only test their psychological endurance.

In the empty but vast expanse of the quiet environment, staying for a year inside is a tremendous test for the spirit.

People with weak willpower or unfocused spirit are prone to hallucinations.

In the original work, Hyperbolic Time Chamber was initially designed to strive for more time to increase their power before confronting the enemy. It does not have much importance for training in itself, but currently, Xiaya was already getting restless because he is also short on time now.

It had already been more than seven years when Xiaya came to the Dragon Ball World. And if the plot’s development followed accordingly, Perhaps if too much has passed then, Frieza may just lose patience and destroy the Planet Vegeta. Although he is not clear about the time left from the destruction of Planet Vegeta?

In short, not much time has left.

He needed to have enough strength at that time, so even if he couldn’t stop Frieza, at the least, he could lead Rebecca and Adri out in advance.

“Brother Xiaya, what is Hyperbolic Time Chamber?” Xiling looked puzzled.

“Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a separate-dimensional space which was built by gods, where time inside is much faster than the outside world. A day outside is compared to one year inside which is very suitable for fighters to make an emergency breakthrough. But one can only enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber twice in his lifetime, and only two people can enter at a time. “

Not waiting for Xiaya to respond, Mr. Popo who has been standing on the side had already answered.

“Such a magical place!”

At this moment, Mr. Popo has already opened the golden door of Hyperbolic Time Chamber. From the outside, he could only see an indistinct black hole as if there was an energy blocking the view.

Mr. Popo turned toward Xiaya and Xiling, and said: “Only two people can go in first, so you two have to enter separately.”

“I’ll go first … …” Xiling jumped to the front.

Xiaya shrugged. Anyway, for him, it does not matter if he goes inside on the first or second day. Since Xiling eagerly wants to then it is fine to let her go first.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of something and asked: “Mr. Popo, you said that a person can only go in twice in his whole life? Then how many times have Mr. Popo gone inside?”

“Because when God has built the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Mr. Popo was also present at that time, so Mr. Popo does not have this limit! “Mr. Popo answered calmly.

After Xiaya heard him, his pupils involuntarily tightened. From Mr. Popo’s words, he could deduce a lot of things. When gods had built the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Mr. Popo was also present there, then according to calculation, he is at least several thousand years old. He must have seen lot things because of such a long lifespan.

However, this also leads to a new question. Since Mr. Popo can enter and exit Hyperbolic Time Chamber with no restrictions, why is Mr. Popo Battle Power so little?

Is it because Mr. Popo is God’s servant!

Not able to understand, Xiaya shook his head and decided not to think about it any longer. He stared at Xiling, saying: ” Then you quickly go in, after one day it will be my turn.”

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