The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 14: The Lookout

Chapter 14: The Lookout

Term change:

Deity-> Kami

Xiaya and Xiling only briefly stopped below the Korin Tower, and then they moved along the ivory-colored tower, quickly flying towards the top of the Korin Tower.

At the top the Korin Tower, oblate spherical building1.

Korin holding a walking stick and with a grave expression stood at the side of a water vat, and inside the water vat, the scene of Xiaya and Xiling quickly ascending the Korin Tower appeared.

Their ascending speed upward was extremely fast, bringing a whirlwind with them scattering the layer of clouds surrounding the tower. Soon they were nearing the top of the tower.

“Ah, where did these monsters came from. They are so fast, and have already reached the top of the tower, even King Piccolo2 from three hundred years ago should be nothing compared to them!”

Korin’s forehead perspired, and stroked his beard repeatedly while pacing, heart full of uneasiness: “This kind of strong people suddenly coming to earth, don’t know if its a blessing or misfortune ah!”

Because Xiaya and Xiling have not been able to restrain their body’s aura, so when they came to earth, Korin and even the Kami3 above had noticed their existence.

Besides being shocked at the two people for emitting such a strong aura, Korin and the Kami were even more helpless as let alone seeing they have never heard of people with such a frightening aura, so powerful as to make people feel suffocation Ah!

Only can request the other party to not threaten earth.

However, thinking about it, Xiaya and Xiling’s Battle Power is 2530 and 1980 which is somewhat unimaginable for Kami and Korin’s whose Battle Power is only insignificant 260, the impact on them is simply earth-shattering.

“They have come!” Korin quivered and moved his sight away from water vat and saw two young children floating to the top of the tower.

“I did not think they could finish the test of Korin Tower so quickly, simply outrageously strong!” Korin shivered and braced himself to move in front of Xiaya and Xiling.

At that time, Xiaya also sized up the fat white cat, and thought in his heart, “So this is the Korin, the same one from the original work! Supposedly, he is already 800 years old.

“I don’t know what matter have you come here for?” Korin cautiously inquired.

At this time, located above the Korin Tower, in Lookout, Kami also gravely stared below, cautiously accompanied by Mr. Popo on his side.

“Immortal Korin, I heard that Sacred Land of Korin is the birthplace of earth’s martial arts. We have come today to ask for guidance in training method from you.” Xiaya said with a smile on his face, getting straight to the point.

Korin visibly relaxed and said: “But compared to mine you two’s strength is countless times stronger. I am afraid there is nothing I can teach you.”

“You can’t say it that way, as only so-called enlightened people can be teachers. Because of some inborn reason my race have formidable strength from birth, however, it makes us unable to properly control our body’s aura. Hence, we hope to learn the method to control Ki.

Xiaya continued to explain the situation.

He will not underestimate Korin just because his Battle Power is only 200 because he has been alive for more than 800 years and compared to Kami he has lived much longer, his experiences are very plentiful.

After Korin finished listening, he heaved a sigh of relief before nodding his head, saying:

“Oh, since it’s like that, let me have a look at your real strength.”

Although he could roughly guess their strength from the unintentional leaking aura. But to what extent are they strong it could only be known after feeling through his senses.

“I will go first!” Xiaya spoke before urging the energy inside his body.

Suddenly, an earth-shattering momentum sprung out of his body which then morphed into a gust of fierce wind, sweeping the surrounding things on the Korin Tower, blowing unsteadily.

“This….” Korin was stunned seeing the erupting aura from Xiaya. When Xiaya used his full strength before, the aura emitted by him was insignificant and paled in comparison to this aura. He had never seen such a powerful aura that his body could not even move.

“Hu……just about enough.” After Xiaya’s aura disappeared, he found that the things in his surroundings were blowing unsteadily from air currents.

“Next, my turn.”

Xiling spoke softly. Although she does not believe that this fat white cat has any abilities like what Xiaya said, she still used her full strength to release her energy. Immediately, another brutal and enormous aura appeared on the Korin Tower. Her aura compared to Xiaya may be many times weaker, but it was enough to make Korin astonished.

“Enough, enough. You, ah! I don’t know where you have come from, one by one strength simply frightening!”

Korin wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and then moved in laps back and forth in his original place, saying: “I actually have some training methods here, only you two will have to start training from the beginning. But….your energy is already so powerful, and wanting to suppress it will not be a simple matter?”

The more powerful energy is, the more overbearing it will be and desiring to completely control will be even more difficult.

And especially, to practice Korin’s training method, there is a need to start training from the beginning which makes it very difficult.

“This problem, let me solve it!” An old voice appeared from the side.

Korin turned his head around, unknowingly two people have appeared outside Korin Tower; Kami leaning on a walking stick and Mr. Popo hovering in mid-air on his flying carpet.

“Kami…” Korin’s throat moved.

Sure enough, such a strong person appeared on earth, Kami still could not help and reveal himself.

“Hello, two friends from far away. I am the Guardian of the Earth. Perhaps we from Heavenly Realm may have a way to help you with your difficult situation.” Kami’s old face revealed a good-natured smile.

Xiaya said with a similar smiling expression: “In that case, we will trouble Kami.”

“Not troublesome, not troublesome. I would like to invite you two to visit Lookout.” Kami nodded his head, finally putting down the worry in his heart. So long as the other party is not evil, then it may not be a bad idea for the earth to tie good karma with them.

Kami turned towards Korin and said: “Korin, I have something important to discuss with you, you should also follow me.”

“Yes!” Korin nodded his head and leaning on his wooden stick stepped on the flying carpet.

“Lookout is on top of Korin Tower, will you two go with us, or….”

“Of course, we will fly their together.” Xiaya was feeling extremely good, as he will be given advise by three people, Korin, Kami and Mr. Popo.He was sure that soon he would be able to learn the mysteries of Ki.

“Xiling, Let’s go!”

He pulled Xiling’s hand, and ‘Xiu’ soared upward, and then flew towards the direction of Lookout, passing through the layer upon layer of clouds filled with thunder and lightning. They arrived at the sky-high semisphere4 Lookout in the sky, it was a red colored building.

Here air was thin, pressure was low, and the temperature was also low compared to below.

“There is still such a place here?” Xiling said. She was finally beginning to feel the magic of earth.

Although the life force on this planet is exceedingly low. But no matter whether it is Korin Tower or Lookout, they could not have been build by mortals here. Perhaps there really are mystical martial artists here, can’t say for sure.

Soon after Kami and Korin also arrived.

“You two wait here for a while.” Kami politely said and then turned towards Mr. Popo, instructing him: “Mr. Popo, go and fetch the weighted clothes5.”

Mr. Popo responded and entered Lookout, soon he came out holding two sets of orange martial arts clothes in his hands.

Kami gave an introduction: “These two items were prepared for use in the past by martial artists who came to challenge Lookout. They are extremely heavy, roughly 15 times gravity’s effect. I had previously thought that they will forever be of no use….”

Xiaya with a surprised face took the martial arts clothes and put them on. Immediately a strong gravity acted on him, causing him to walk with difficulty.

“Such a powerful gravity, my whole body feels like lead has been poured on it…..” Xiaya was startled and moved several steps; afterward, his forehead started perspiring, breathing also became somewhat hurried.

Must know that Saiyans lived their life on Planet Vegeta with 10 times gravity, so they have a natural adaptability to gravity. However, 15 times gravity is still somewhat heavy.

In the original work, when Son Goku visited Planet Namek, he has begun to adapt to 20 times gravity. At that time, what was Son Goku’s Battle Power? In his normal form, he had more than 8000 Battle Power which was much more compared to Xiaya’s 2530 Battle Power.

So the current 15 times gravity has already put some pressure on Xiaya and Xiling.

On the other hand, after Xiling put on the weighted clothes her movements suddenly became sluggish.







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