The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 13: Sacred Land of Korin

Chapter 13: Sacred Land of Korin

The azure sky was clear, and the breeze was blowing.

The azure sky was like the surface of a perfect mirror, and sunlight fell through the canopy of the forest creating many bright spots.

In the dark green forest, a ‘rustling’ sound could be heard, frightening some slender animals into escaping to the depth of the forest.

At a distance of more than 10km away from the place where Xiaya and Xiling landed, and beyond several pure-white snowy mountains, was a small town inhabited by humans.

Although the town and forest were only 10km distance far away, while separated by mountains; towering pure-white snowy mountains standing upright. Besides the hunters, who go outside the mountains throughout the year, people of the small town would rarely step across the mountains, passing their lives in quiet and peace.

Warm sunlight shined down on everything, and ice and snow gradually start melting. At this time, two straight light rays flitted across the sky on the other side of the snowy mountain. Xiaya and Xiling have entered the small town where humans were moving about.

Landing on the ground and looking ahead, they were greeted with the site of a farmland tractor making ‘kaka’ sound. A farmer carrying a hoe on his shoulder was bustling about on the farm. Seeing this familiar scene before his eyes, Xiaya for a moment recalled his previous life, and a different emotion surged in his heart.

“Even if the world has changed, humans are still the same. Working at sunrise and resting at sunset. But, this kind of life is getting farther away from me.” Xiaya lightly smiled while looking, and said before shaking his head: “This is not the kind of life I am pursuing!”

After experiencing a dull life of feeling puny and helpless, Xiaya even more clearly believes that he wants to grasp his fate, and not sink into this world. The path of a strong is not easy to walk, but I will still persist onwards.

Xiaya looked in the distance with bright eyes, thinking firmly that what he genuinely pursues is to endlessly move forward in the vast starry sky.

“I never expected that humans actually looked like this, if they had a tail then would look similar to Saiyans.” Xiling was somewhat surprised, the vast universe is full of extraordinary things. In such a distant starry sky’s southern part, there is unexpectedly a race so similar to Saiyans.

She fished out the energy detector to test the far-off human race in the distance. But frowned when the data displayed was only a single digit number.

She once again tested. And still, a single digit number was displayed, meaning the highest Battle Power does not exceed 7 points.

Switching off the detector, Xiling said with disdain: “Such low Battle Power. They really are a trashy race, looks impressive but lack real worth. Brother Xiaya, I now doubt that this planet is what we are looking for?”

“Hehe, you must not look at their low Battle Power. Only, humanity is extraordinarily brilliant race, some of their martial artists have grasped many mystical moves which are what we need. Let’s go, we will go and change clothes first.”

Xiaya swept his eyes over their shabby battle suit and said before lightly smiling.

Even though this battle suit was manufactured using Dada Star’s technology, and is undoubtedly flexible with the growth of body but now it had become unsuitable for wearing.

After speaking, they entered the town.

Even if the small town was located in a somewhat remote area far from the metropolis, but the shops on both sides of its street, however, were filled with exquisitely arranged goods, very rich in variety.

Xiling had never seen before this kind of goods and was dazzled for a moment. She moved around from east to west just like a beggar and country bumpkin entering a shopping center for the first time; as if seeing something novel and wishing to hold in hands.

When lingering Xiling was preparing to use force to plunder, Xiaya raised his hand to stop her action.

“Why are you stopping me?” Xiling’s face was unhappy.

Xiaya pulled her arm away and said: “If you want something then you need money to buy it, do not think about plundering.”

“But I don’t have ‘money’; this kind of thing!”

“No problem, I will give it to you. But you also have to learn how to enter a civilized society.” Xiaya glanced at her and said.

Saiyans as a Fighting Race follows the law of the jungle; viciousness and cruelty might be their natural instincts which cannot be changed. But Xiaya, however, does not wish for Xiling to be infected by evil behavior similar to Frieza; killing without reason and plundering by force. It did not conform to his requirements and was neither the only surviving path in the universe.

Since Xiling follows him, he is responsible for teaching her.

Next, Xiaya used Instant Transmission to enter the virgin forest to kill some rare beasts and then sold their fur in exchange for earth’s currency, and used this coins to buy their daily needed items.

Since in this time, Capsule Corporation1 has not grown to expansion yet, the things in the large and small bags could be packed into tiny capsules. So they did not buy many things and just changed their clothing, afterward also tidied up their hair.

Also not to say that after some tidying up the two of them remarkably resembled elementary school children, if not for the brown tail behind their back.

Xiaya’s upper body has white short sleeve shirt with an extra black jacket, and lower body has casual pants. Xiling was clothed in a Neutral T-shirt and a gray coat coupled with small size jeans. Her beautiful black hair tied into a ponytail were hanging down, adding a feminine charm to the young girl.

“So troublesome, obviously could have directly snatched from their hands but still have to do so many troublesome things.” Xiling pouted her mouth with an impatient face.

Pulling at her sleeves, she said: “Why do we have to wear this, these clothes are not at all tough and durable and will easily get pulled when fighting and get spoiled!”

Xiaya revealed a hearty smile and looked at Xiling’s dissatisfied expression. Only he knew that she was actually delighted in her heart, but will refuse to admit even unto her death.

Xiaya looked at the sky, set a direction and said: “OK, don’t complain anymore. Next, we will go to the birthplace of Martial Arts located in Earth’s Northern Hemisphere—-Sacred Land of Korin, which has a Korin Tower2, and our destination is on top of the tower.”


Hence, the two people flew to the sky, and “Xiu” turned into two bright beams, flying towards the direction of Sacred Land of Korin.

Xiaya’ trip to the Sacred Land of Korin, apart from learning Ki training method from Korin, was also to obtain earth’s sacred healing medicine—-Senzu Beans3.

Senzu Beans, in the early stage of Dragon Ball, haven’t shown any value and could only make people feel less hungry. But in the later stage, it became a life-saving magic tool. It not only could rapidly recover physical strength but could also treat any injury instantaneously.

Unfortunately, in the later stage of Dragon Ball, Senzu Beans output became extremely low, with not many reserves left. Son Goku and the team had hated to not be able to break it into pieces, so two people can separately eat it.

And currently, Senzu Beans still haven’t been wasted by Yajirobe4.


Holy Land, Korin

Sacred Land of Korin is located at the other side of earth’s Great Plains. Acting as their holy land, Korin Tower had been guarded by Karinga Tribe5 for over an extended period of time.

In ancient times, Sacred Land of Korin was the birthplace of Martial Arts. Since a long time had gone to the Sacred Land of Korin and continuously challenged Korin Tower’s martial arts master. Although in recent century earth’s martial arts have stagnated, while three hundred years ago had even more experienced a calamity. But, the motivation in earth’s martial arts masters heart, has not stopped burning. Every few years there will always be someone coming here to challenge Korin Tower.

Today, Korin Tower welcomed in two ‘guests’ .

After a blurred scenery, a flat horizon line appeared in their line of sight.

Xiaya and Xiling flew to the top of Sacred Land of Korin and watched from a distance the long and thin tower growing from the ground which was soaring into the sky and merged among the layer upon layer of cloud and mist.

“This is Korin Tower, isn’t this very tall?” Xiling was shocked.

Xiaya was also surprised to see the legend. He had naturally not believed that if not for climbing using bare hands then could not reach the top of Korin Tower. But seeing that tower stretching in the horizon while disappearing into the sky, he has no choice but to admire the earth’s ancestors from antiquity.

Perhaps only a “God” would be able to accomplish this great cause.







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