The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 12: *Title at the End*

Chapter 12: *Title at the End*

Planet Selma, on a vast deserted plateau, weathered rocks covered with thin cracks were scattered around everywhere. Not far away, a young girl who looked like a 5-6 years old was practicing punching and kicking while dripping with sweat.

And at the summit of the plateau, a tiny shadow of a human floated 3m above the ground while the rocks in the surroundings were undulating up and down in a rhythm.


Suddenly, the atmospheric pressure on the summit started shaking, the fiercely shaking air mutually pushed against each other and made a “creaking” sound. The rocks trembled, and thin cracks began appearing on top.

“Boom!” Suddenly, the rocks exploded and turned into a cloud of dust, disappearing. But in that place, a horrifying dark-red crack appeared which could horrify people. The dark and chilly crack flickered from time to time with an ice-cold lightning just like an open bloody mouth of a ferocious beast.

Seemingly desiring to swallow everything.

That crack was a line from space splitting and was filled with a destroying-all sound of lightning.

“Disperse!” A light shout resounded, and the frightening crack in midair trembled several times, extremely unwilling to disappear. Xiaya wrinkled his eyebrows towards the disappearing crack and tried to urge his internal energy. Suddenly his body glowed with a dense and light golden radiance in an earth-shattering momentum, and then the swirling whirlwind and surrounding dust, dispersed.

“Beep Beep” electronic sound resounded, and a series of data appeared in front of his eyes.

“2530 Battle Power!”

More than two thousand five hundred Battle Power which is comparable to an adult Mid-level Warrior!

Xiaya slightly curled up the corners of his mouth and sighed while turbid Ki flowed out. Without sparing any effort in this few years and bearing innumerable sufferings, his Battle Power had already increased to five times from before he arrived at Planet Selma. Only the thing which is the most frightening is not his Battle Power but his two unfathomable superpowers.

After long-term development, he has already become skilled in using his Space superpower. And has also developed a new move on the basis of 「Instant Transmission」—-Space Split!

This move is very formidable as it is impossible for people to defend against it, it’s practical nature might be comparable to「Time Suspension」.

Turning of the energy detector, he looked at the endless vast plateau. This is the Gobi Desert located on the western side of Planet Selma; pale yellow stone gravels covering the earth, wind blowing, yellow sand swirling everywhere, and seeing all this a kind of heroic sentiment sprang up unbidden in his heart.

“It had already been three years since the arrival on Planet Selma. Now its finally time to leave.”

This thought struck his heart, and suddenly his body disappeared from the summit.

Plateau flat ground, Xiling was still waving her hands and feet, which flowed all over the place and energy exuded mutually pushed against the atmosphere, issuing a hissing noise. Bean size beads of sweat dripped down on the ground following her hair and emitted steam. Her beautiful hair fluttered in the wind which was tied by a ribbon while several hairs moistened with beads of sweat stuck to her little face.

Hua! Hua!

The vast expanse’s airwaves tumbled, and Xiling’s center began to shake, the atmospheric pressure at the center began to drop, again and again. The dust on the vast expanse was as if an earth-shattering desert storm has arrived and engulfed everything. Along with the continuous increasing speed, Xiling waved her fist and feet, and the muffled sound of splitting air rose and fell in succession, and the surrounding area in several hundred meter range immediately resembled a pot full of boiling water.


A shadow appeared above in the air. After that, it freely fell and lightly extended its palm, in an instant, the storm unexpectedly scattered.

The fierce gale disappeared, and in that brief moment, the sky filled with sand and stones suffered from gravity’s pull and fell to the ground in succession.

Xiaya’s feet fell to the ground, and then he moved towards Xiling.

“Brother!” Xiling shouted with a displeased face, clearly feeling unhappy towards Xiaya for interrupting her training.

Xiaya laughed and without paying any attention, dusted off the sand from his body and said: “Well, don’t be angry. I came to tell you that we are leaving this planet.”

Hearing this, Xiling’s expression immediately turned a little good, and shortly afterward asked: “Brother Xiaya, your superpower training is finished? We don’t have to ride the spaceship?”

Currently, Xiling’s mentality has already matured, and she knows that she must grasp enough trump cards and cannot have a complete trust in them; King Vegeta and Frieza. And to hide it from King Vegeta means to conceal their Battle Power and for that, they have to leave for the far-off earth.

Xiaya nodded his head, and said seriously: “Yes if I take you while using my superpower at full strength, we should be able to quickly reach earth!”

“When will we leave?”

“After we store away our spaceship, then we can leave anytime.”

Xiling nodded her head and tiptoed, while her body soared into the sky and flew towards their resident valley.

Xiaya who was following behind, seeing the little girl’s decisive manner stood there and sighed while shaking his head: “Little Xiling has grown up, not sticking to people anymore. Why is she not adorable like was in her childhood!”

He had thought that Xiling usually followed behind him so she should stick to his even more. How has she become more and more independent? Is it because there was something wrong when I raised her or is Saiyans maverick nature too much prominent?


Returning to the residence for three years in the small valley. Confirming that both the spacecrafts were properly stored, Xiaya found a piece of a large rock and used it to seal the cave entrance.

After finishing all this, Xiaya pulled Xiling’s little hand and said: “Hold me tight, I will use「Instant Transmission」.”

Xiling responded by stepping forward and hugging him while burying her head in his chest.

Xiaya opened up his arm and held tight Xiling’s waist while his other hand’s two fingers joined together and pressed between his eyebrows, his whole person exceptionally serious. With a thought, a strange ripple immediately wrapped around them.

After a short moment, a light flashed, and the two people disappeared far away from the middle of the quiet valley.


In the vast universe, the beautiful gauze-like Milky Way flowed from northeast to southwest in the downward direction. Many stars glittering and glimmering like crystals, large and small stars decorated the gathering darkness and incessantly sparkled with a diamond-like radiance.

Earth, in the southern part of North Area of Milky Way [Harmony], was a blue planet.

The earth was classified as a low-level planet which no race attached any importance to because even if all the mankind on earth held a firearm, their military strength would only be compared to a dozen or more dregs. But such an unremarkable planet, however, have the most profound martial arts.

At that moment, in Northern Hemisphere’s Culin zone, a dazzling brilliance appeared in mid-air like stars flickering.

After the brilliance, two people suddenly appeared in mid-air and then without any warning fell sharply from mid-air.

“Woah!” Xiaya fell down on the ground, and while lying down opened up his mouth and greedily breathed a mouthful of vital Ki in the air.

“Alas, miscalculated, miscalculated. We almost got lost in the space, in the future cannot be so reckless again.”

Xiaya felt annoyed in his heart. Although they found the earth’s coordinates from the spaceship, he still underestimated the difficulty of leaping through space. If it were not for good luck, they had nearly lost their way in the middle of the universe. Along the way, Xiaya had passed through quite a few planets while transferring and finally they have reached their destination!

This large-scale Instant Transmission’s consumption was astonishing. Although it was a planet to planet transfer, the whole process nearly used up all the body’s energy and had almost died before reaching their destination.

“Brother Xiaya, you may have to again consider using Instant Transmission in the future. ”

Xiling spoke a sentence softly, and soon afterward observed the surrounding environment, her pretty eyebrows slightly wrinkling: “This is the planet earth that you talked about? Its gravity is only 1/10th of Planet Vegeta and isn’t even comparable to Planet Selma. Does it really have mystical martial arts and training method?”

After resting for a while, Xiaya’s physical strength recovered. He stood up and replied: “That’s right and don’t look down on earth. Although it is only a low-level planet, their martial arts theory is not simple. If we can thoroughly grasp it, no need to speak of King Vegeta, we would be able to destroy even Frieza with the flip of our hand!”

Xiling’s starry pupils moved, she had never seen her brother praise a planet so much.

“It seems this planet really have some positive points!”

Xiaya swept his eyes in the surrounding and said: “We should first find some place to change our clothes then we will go and look for a place to train.”

Chapter 12 First time arriving on Earth

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