The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 11: *Title at the End*

Chapter 11: *Title at the End*

Time moves on, Time flies, in an instant four months have passed.

The power of time can change everything; it can turn the sea into a mulberry field, can turn mountains into a swamp, and can also make a dilapidated valley lush with greenery again. Although not as dense as the former forest, but it looks like a scene of exuberant.

In four months, depending on the Saiyans tenacious vitality and strong recovery ability, Xiaya had completely recovered from his injuries, while his fractured bones had once again grown anew and his body had become even more sturdy.

Four months ago, after experiencing the life and death battle and almost dying, Xiaya has once again recovered his strength while also advancing by leaps and bounds. In extremely short four months time, his Battle Power has increased to a frightening value of 1700. For a less than 6-year-old Saiyan, it is practically an unimaginable matter.

In this four months, the most significant gain is not the upgrade of his Battle Power instead it is the development of a new type of superpower.

He had continued to research in this period, so he was sure that he altogether has two types of superpowers.

The first type was the previously discovered Temporal ability「Time Suspension」which when executed can stagnate time in a fixed area, and the time limit is 3 sec. The longer the stopped time’s range and greater the opponents strength, then the consumption of energy will be even more severe.

It is estimated that currently at peak condition, his「Time Suspension」ability can freeze the target with less than 10000 Battle Power for 3 sec and then after that all the energy inside his body would deplete.

This is the most important trump card in his hand. He will absolutely not use it rashly except at a crucial time.

The second type of superpower was as expected, a Spatial ability.

After this period of learning, he had already achieved Instantaneous Movement in a 10km range. But, due to it being his first attempt at learning it, he still cannot perfectly master many of its aspects.

Today when Xiaya was training his Instantaneous Movement technique, he saw Xiling flying over from the distant horizon. She was holding high a wild boar which was several tens of times her size using both of her hands. She dragged it along while flying and simultaneously shouted happily in a sharp and clear voice.

Bang! The wild boar was smashed onto the ground with a muffled sound.

“Brother Xiaya, I caught this just now. Today I want to eat a roasted suckling pig!”

Xiling walked over and held Xiaya’s arm with one hand.

“OK, then you have to listen to me later and must train. If you cannot accomplish the target, I will not cook you delicious food anymore.”

Xiling hearing that she will not get delicious food immediately puffed up her pink cheeks while her expression revealed a discontent expression: “OK!”

Xiaya laughed with humor. And then very skillfully butchered the wild boar, removed its internal organs and fur, cleaned the supporting log and fixed it. “Puff!”, Using his finger, he fired one hit of a qigong wave, and suddenly the firewood on the stove ignited. In a short amount of time, the wild boar’s flesh’s tempting fragrance began to drift out.

After waiting for it to almost cook until done, he sprinkled Planet Selma’s unique spices and then at once a delicious roasted suckling pig was taken out from the oven.

Xiling looked on with her two bright eyes and not caring about burning her hand, reached out and sliced a big piece of barbecue, and then tearing at it with a big mouthful.

“Brother Xiaya, When will we return to Planet Vegeta?” Xiling asked while simultaneously chewing. She had been missing her parents for quite a long time who are at Planet Vegeta.

Xiaya wiped his mouth, put down the food in his hand and spoke: “Originally according to the mission’s planning, so long as we have killed all the aboriginals of Planet Selma, we can return to Planet Vegeta. But I think that if we return so early, then it may be disastrous for us.”

“What would be disastrous for us?” Xiling asked with a doubtful face.

Xiaya sighed and said: “Just look at our current age, and look at how much Battle Power we have achieved? The Saiyans are a Fighter Race, but it’s not really higher the strength the better. There are still many political questions included. If we show off too much ability, not even Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Adri will be able to protect us.”

At this point in time, Xiaya’s Battle Power have reached 1700 while Xiling’s Battle Power has reached 1080. This is just their situation in childhood! Their strength has not entered the rapid growth cycle, yet are already this powerful. One can well imagine that when they grew up their strength will inevitably exceed 10000 Battle Power.

They have just recently entered Saiyans prime time, their later development is even more difficult to estimate.

It could just be imagined if King Vegeta is willing to see this situation or not?

King Vegeta only has some ten thousand or so Battle Power. So, Didn’t it clearly show a threat to his dominance?

Currently, On Planet Vegeta, those High-level Warriors with Battle Power exceeding 10000 which one of them, not breakthrough when they were more than 30 years old meaning their potential is basically the same. Only those kind of people King Vegeta would use happily.

If your power reaches enough to threaten him, then he will definitely reveal his fangs and root you out as soon as possible.

King Vegeta could see the that Broly’s1 tremendous potential might threaten his dominance, so he decisively gave the order to kill Broly and his father. There is no guarantee he will not assassinate them for the same reason too. Even if he cannot kill them publicly, isn’t it easy for him to arrange some special mission? And possibly eliminate them in secret.

Xiling absolutely believed Xiaya’s words. Therefore, after listening to Xiaya’s words, her little face started frowning.

“But it’s not King Vegeta that I am worried about, the one I am more worried about is that Frieza guy.”


Xiling thought for a moment and finally remembered that Frieza seems to be the person that Saiyans have pledged allegiance to.

“Brother, why are you worried about Frieza. Will he threaten us too?” After speaking, Xiling’s eyes showed a trace of viciousness.

Xiaya’s expression became grave and said while nodding: “Yes, this Frieza is gloomy and cold-blooded, and is most guarded in his heart against us Saiyans, fearing the birth of legendary Super Saiyan among us. If it were not for researching the condition of a Super Saiyan, he would have not let Saiyan race exist until now.”

“Therefore after we return, perhaps the first person we will have to confront is not King Vegeta but instead Frieza and King Vegeta will certainly be glad to see it happen.”

“What to do then?” Frieza is titled as the king of this universe, his strength is undoubtedly extremely formidable.

“You don’t need to worry too much!” Xiaya rubbed the girl’s hair and laughed: “Brother know of a place where we can learn the method to control internal energy. At that time, as long as we can camouflage our energy, we will not be discovered by anyone.”


“Of course. In the future, we must lessen the usage of energy detectors because Freiza might have installed monitors on it.”

Seeing Xiling earnestly nodding, Xiaya laughed knowing that she has listened to his words.

Five years have passed since he came to Dragon Ball World. For his Saiyan identity, he feels nothing at all towards it. He is only concerned about Rebecca couple and Xiling.

After dinner, Xiaya demanded Xiling to start training. Although their self-taught and created training method is extremely crude, however, it is remarkable in the area of strength tempering. Perhaps, because of feeling pressure, when Xiling trained she was even more hardworking than before.

But Xiaya paid, even more, attention to developing the Space superpower. He wants to perfect the「Instant Transmission」ability as soon as possible. So, he doesn’t have to use the spaceship and avoid Frieza’s attention when he goes to the blue-colored planet located in the southern part of North Area of Milky Way [Harmony] —–Earth.

His「Instant Transmission」ability is different from the Planet Yardrat’s「Instant Transmission」secret technique. One is the technique which depends on using his superpower for movement, while the other secret technique is, however, developed using a combination of rich cosmology, chaos theory, and even space composition.

So, Xiaya continuously developed his superpower, only then can he gradually perfect this move. It is a little bit similar to the「Instant Transmission」of East Supreme Kai’s subordinate Kibito2.

However compared with Kibito’s「Instant Transmission」, his「Instant Transmission」has a considerably big flaw. Every time he uses this superpower, then he must accurately know the starting and destination point’s coordinates relationship or else a little mistake and will get lost in the outer space.

If using a scientific explanation, his superpower, in a flash, essentially opens a wormhole tunnel in the outer space between two points.

“When I have the opportunity in the future then I must also fuse the Planet Yardrat’s「Instant Transmission」.”

The advantage of Planet Yardrat’s use of “Ki” to determine the direction of 「Instant Transmission」is very obvious. Even though this ability suffers limitation when Ki stops responding, but when using this ability it does not consumes energy, on this point Xiaya’s Space Superpower is insufficient. Well, can only say that each has its own merit.

Chapter 11 Two kinds of Superpower




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