The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 15: Training

Chapter 15: Training

Term change:

Deity-> Kami

After putting on the weighted clothing with magical effects, Xiaya’s body seemed to be covered with a magical gravitational field which made him use much more energy to counteract the additional gravity on his cells. As a result, he could not utilize his strength whenever he wants, and his surging Battle Power immediately weakened.

Just like Frieza who by transforming could suppress the uncontrollable energy inside his body. After getting rid of the overwhelming majority of the energy, the energy that could genuinely be controlled by Xiaya became extremely small.

Controlling this energy became much more simple compared to before.

Seeing them moving, albeit with some difficulty and their fighting strength still staunch and frightening. Kami looked emotionally moved, his deep eyes revealing a trace of astonishment.

He had never thought to kill the two of them while taking advantage of their drastically decreased power. Because he knows it would be impossible– although their current power was being used to offset the weighted clothes heavyweight, it does not mean that the power in their body had disappeared when in fact it was just hiding deep inside their body, that’s all.

And being an upright God will not allow him to do such a despicable thing.

“It could be considered as tying a good karma for earth. Perhaps someday earth might need their assistance…….”Kami inwardly thought while leaning on his walking stick, while a faint voice slowly floated over: “Two visitors, Mr. Popo and Korin will be training you now, I hope they can be somewhat of an assistance to you.”

“I am Xiaya, and this kid on my side is Xiling. Then we will trouble you two from now on.” Xiaya politely nodded his head towards Korin and Mr. Popo, his young little face exuding a confident smile.

Although much of the power inside his body has lessened, the amount becoming less means he could even more easily control it.

“Not troublesome, Not troublesome!” Korin licked the hairs on his hand, and touched his beard before guessing inwardly: “What race are these kids from? They can even sustain under 15 times the heavy weight. I have already been alive for many years but haven’t seen this kind of people.”  

At that time, Mr. Popo, who had been standing on the side and haven’t said a single word from the beginning, walked over. His two clear and calm eyes looked over at Xiaya and Xiling, while he opened his mouth and said: “You first follow Korin to train for a period of time. When you are good enough at controlling the energy inside your body and understand what Ki is, then Mr. Popo will come and teach you!”



“Korin, I will leave it to you now.” Kami leaned on his wooden stick and said ‘Good Luck’ to Xiaya and Xiling with his old wrinkly face, afterward turned around to return inside the Lookout.

After waiting for Kami to leave, Korin looked for a while at the two children with outwardly youthful appearance but whose power couldn’t be underestimated, while considering how to train them.

Soon after, Korin took out two small bells from who knows where, and then holding them out tied it on Xiling and Xiaya’s body. He once again took out a water bottle which he hanged on top of his wooden walking stick.

After finishing all this, Korin used his hand to stroke his hair and seriously said: “Next, you have to snatch this water bottle hanging from my wooden stick. No matter when, whether by taking advantage of me sleeping or when I am absent-minded. Whatever method you use, if you can snatch this water bottle then you can be counted as getting passed.”

“Only I have one requirement, when you are taking action, you always have to wear this two small bells. Furthermore, you cannot allow this bell to make even a little bit of sound. Otherwise, it will be counted as getting failed.”

After finished listening, Xiaya nodded his head. This training method is generally speaking the same method as the one used by Korin to train Son Goku in the original work. Only compared to that method, the current Korin has adopted an even more strict method. The small bell has suddenly caused the training’s difficulty level to increase by more than a hundred times.

The little bell couldn’t make a single sound while moving, and to make that happen they need to at least have achieved the so-called ‘heart like still water, and tranquil like sky’ .It may be said that the difficulty level has become enormous.

This type of training can subtly influence the control over the essence of Ki.

Actually, he had already tried training with this method but don’t know what he was not able to control his body, in the end, the small bell would always get affected by his body’s movements. He was not able to grasp the main point even until the end.

Looks like I still need someone who understands ‘Ki’ to give pointers.

In fact, ‘Ki’ is a kind of energy; the power which is available inside every living being. Only, the majority of those people are unable to discover its nature and those who can are only able to use it in a crude and barbarous manner. Korin’s method may seem simple, but it contains a profound meaning. The earthlings are far better in this area than the people in the universe.

And Xiaya has also come to earth this time to learn it.

“Immortal Korin, Let’s get started!” Xiaya nodded his head towards Korin and then together with Xiling started the ‘snatching of water bottle’ .

Although, Korin’s training looked simple, when it started they discovered that its difficulty level was not at all small. Every time Xiaya moved, it will be in vain as the small bell will issue a ‘ring ring ring’ sound. To not let the small bell make a sound, they have to carefully control their body’s movements. And in addition, the thin air on Lookout from high altitude and heavyweights on their body had already made them tired and gasping for breath after some time.

After taking a short rest and regaining their physical strength, they once again started the ‘snatching of water bottle’ hanging on top of the wooden stick.

But their hand would often miss, and there were even several times when they saw that they were about to snatch the water bottle, Korin’s body would flash, and again they would miss it.

In a flash, 6-7 days have passed. Life on Lookout was very dull and boring. But Xiaya and Xiling were able to withstand it, not feeling irritable.

These days they were just like a piece of sponge that can absorb water. During training, they unceasingly absorbed Korin’s instructions in martial arts, and reconstructed their understanding towards controlling their power. From instincts, they slowly changed and increased their control to delicate and thorough level.

On the Ninth day, they were still in the process of ‘snatching the water bottle’, but in comparison from the first day, they had improved so that the small bell would not make any sound.

Korin had observed it all and was feeling endless astonishment. Facing this two people’s inhuman progress even if he possesses a good foundation in basic skills of martial arts, at this moment he was shocked into astonishment.

Korin was well aware of the fact that this training method’s difficulty level far surpasses from the previous training methods. Before every challenger who climbed the Korin Tower, he would use ‘snatching the water bottle’ method to train them, and they would need at least 2-3 years to pass the test.

But this restriction of ‘not allowing the bell to make a sound’ was still the first time he used. Because this method was generally the same method used in Heavenly Realm towards Lookout’s challengers.

“This won’t do, you have to learn to adjust your breathing. Your breathing is a mess, and rhythm incorrect, so your movements are exposing your flaws.” Korin swayed the water bottle in his hand, his two cat eyes squinting into a thin line.

“Such as like this….”

Korin suddenly turned towards them and launched an attack, his soft hand ‘claw’ hit their body making a ‘pitter patter’ attacking sound, and two shadows flew out straight for more than 10m and then slid on the ground for quite a few meters.

“If you want to adjust your breathing then you have to make your heart tranquil, the air in the Heavenly Realm is very thin, and any unnecessary movement will increase the burden on your body. Thus influencing your breathing. When you can achieve ‘heart like still water, and tranquil like sky’ then you would be able to control every movement of your body.”

Korin swayed his fat body and walked over while dragging his walking stick. Magically the water bottle on his walking stick did not sway at all, and not even a little bit of water spilled out.

Xiaya thoughtfully stood there for a while and then his eyes flashed with a glowing light, and without caring about the dripping sweat, he lightly shouted.

“Come again!”

Xiaya took the initiative to launch an attack, he moved like a wind and force like lightning. An orange light shadow flashed in the sky, suddenly arriving in front of Korin and then changed the direction of his attacking hand to the target on top of the walking stick. Korin’s expression taut, he squinted his eyes and was about to move from his place.

Suddenly, Korin’s expression changed, his white hairs standing slightly erect.

Just a step away from Korin’s position, Xiaya suddenly once again changed his posture, and a still afterimage remained in mid-air, his figure strangely appeared at Korin’s back, and a slim palm swooped towards the target.


At such a critical time, the walking stick bent downwards, and Xiaya’s palm only hit the air. Immediately, Korin’s fat body faintly shot upwards with a fierce sound while his foot kicked at Xiaya.

Xiaya’s body was flung back, out of control.

Korin patted his chest, after beating back Xiaya and sighed with relief. His eyes looked at the still shaking water bottle, making him exude a trace of cold sweat on his back.

“Oh, it was too sudden. If it weren’t for my fast reaction, then he would have snatched the water bottle.” Korin looked towards Xiaya his eyes becoming uncertain.

“This Little devil had almost succeeded. In those days, when Kami ascended the Lookout, he had to spend no less than tens of years to snatch the small bell from Mr. Popo. These two fellows are really not to be trifled with ah!”

On the other side, Xiling was carefully observing Xiaya’s every movement and seeing Xiaya soon about to succeed but failing in the end, her heart could not help but feel it to be a pity. At the same time, she seriously pondered on Korin’s previously stated words in her heart.

The more she pondered, the more she felt that those words to be unfathomable in her heart.

Even more profound compared to the concept taught on Planet Vegeta.

“Earth is really an incredible place.” Xiling’s bright eyes flashed with joy. Perhaps following Xiaya to earth was the right decision.


* The Lookout is located in the Heavenly Realm and is connected to the Divine Sage Realm where the Sacred Water is located. The Divine Sage Realm is where the graves of the previous guardians of Earth are located, and is located at the bottom of the Heavenly Realm

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