The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 263

Chapter 263 – A Dream

Lin Yun’s words were like a bomb. Everyone fell silent. Bu Chen and Xiao Ran’s jaws dropped in shock.

On the Dragon Blooded Horse, Bai Qiushui, feeling uneasy, fell silent when she heard Lin Yun’s words. His words sounded like a joke, but for some reason, Bai Qiushui could sense Lin Yun’s confidence through his tone.

But the one he wanted to kill was Xue Feng, the man who was ranked in the top one hundred on the Great Thief Ranking. The Sword Firmament Pavilion issued this mission for those like Zhang Lei who were top ten on the mortal ranking. So where did Lin Yun get his confidence from?

“Gao Yu, get on the Dragon Blooded Horse and leave with Lady Bai,” instructed Lin Yun as he broke the silence. The fact that Xue Feng could be on the top one hundred on the Great Thief Ranking spoke of his strength.

The two would definitely not hold back when they fought and they would definitely not be able to control the shockwave of their attacks. The Gao Clan’s disciples wouldn’t be able to leave by themselves, so they might even die from the shockwave. Lin Yun had no feelings towards them, but he wasn’t coldblooded like the wandering cultivators.

Since Xue Feng had no intention of leaving, then there was nothing Lin Yun could do. The Dragon Blooded Horse could only leave with two people, so Lin Yun felt that it was only natural to let Gao Yu, whom he trusted, go with Bai Qiushui. As for the rest, they would have to rely on their luck.

“Leave it to me.” Gao Yu nodded his head and got on the horse.

“Lin Yun!” Bai Qiushui’s yell lingered in the air and echoed throughout the valley as the Dragon Blooded Horse bolted away like crimson lightning. As for everyone else, they were in quite a dilemma, kneeling on the ground. They didn’t dare to leave even if they wanted to. They were afraid that Xue Feng would kill them.

“I have encountered many arrogant people ever since I first came on the scene. As a matter of fact, those two over there were arrogant too. However, now they are kneeling on the ground like dogs. I control whether they live or die.” Xue Feng looked at Lin Yun coldly. His words made Bu Chen and Xiao Ran lower their heads in shame.

“You’re right, the valley will be dyed red, but it won’t be from my blood.” Xue Feng made his move right after he spoke. His devil mask turned into a cold gleam and shot out.

Flashing Aura, Flicking Fingers

Lin Yun did the same, sending out a violet gleam that collided with the mask. The collision produced a metallic clang that echoed like rumbling thunder. The devil mask rolled, but it did not shatter.

Then, Lin Yun and Xue Feng’s auras surged. Xue Feng released an aura in the sixth stage, which perfectly merged with his ominous aura as if he was standing on a mountain of corpses.

As for Lin Yun, his sword intent perfectly fused with his King Aura. A dragon and tiger roar echoed out from his body as he unleashed the Dragon-Tiger Might. This allowed him to contend with Xue Feng’s aura.

When their auras rippled out into the surroundings, all the disciples trembled in fear.

When the devil mask fell to the ground, Lin Yun and Xue Feng both disappeared. They were traveling at speeds that were impossible for the naked eye to follow while launching punches at each other.

Their punches produced explosions that reverberated through the air. Lin Yun was currently combining his sword intent into his sword to execute the Dragon-Tiger Fist.

“Sky Breaking Seal, Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger!” Lin Yun clashed with Xue Feng once more and this time the shockwaves sent everyone in the surroundings flying away. Even Bu Chen and Xiao Ran’s faces changed drastically as they immediately retreated.

How is he so strong?! Bu Chen was shocked. Lin Yun’s cultivation was only in the fourth stage. Even after considering that he just made a breakthrough, at the very least, Lin Yun’s cultivation level was the same as his. However, the power Lin Yun exhibited from his punch left Bu Chen in despair.

They both practiced the Dragon-Tiger Fist, but Lin Yun’s attacks were on a whole other level. As for Bu Chen, his attacks were nothing to Xue Feng. It was so weak to the point that Xue Feng even laughed at his Dragon Painting.

Another collision occurred and Xue Feng’s ominous aura was crushed. Lin Yun’s fist also dissipated and the sword intent in his punch spread out.

What the hell is going on?! My cultivation is two stages above him and I clearly hold the advantage here. So why can’t I defeat him? Xue Feng was shocked.

He had no idea that Lin Yun practiced two cultivation techniques, the Iris Sword Sutra and Age Sutra. So when Lin Yun was in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm, he could fight against the fifth stage. Now that he made a breakthrough, his attacks would only get stronger.

If it wasn’t for the two cultivation techniques, his aptitude in the ninth-grade spiritual physique and the three lord-rank beast cores would have brought his cultivation to the fifth stage.

The resources he had exhausted were astronomical even though his cultivation was only in the fourth stage. If this wasn’t the case, how could those two cultivation techniques be worthy of being ancient cultivation techniques?

“Blood Massacre!” yelled Xue Feng as he drew his saber. A crimson light soared into the sky and unleashed a shocking aura.

“Big Brother, we’ll assist you!” The one-eyed wandering cultivator and the skinny wandering cultivator endured intense pain to unleash their strongest attacks at Lin Yun.

In the next second, a crimson flash, a fiery punch, and a black claw flew at Lin Yun.

“Let’s see if you can handle this!” Xue Feng’s eyes flashed coldly. He was confident. Even if Lin Yun’s origin energy could contend with his, Lin Yun’s cultivation level was still his flaw. The two had exchanged over a hundred attacks and Xue Feng’s origin energy was nearly depleted. This meant that Lin Yun would be in a worse state than him.

Lin Yun might only be left with a fifth of his origin energy or maybe even less. So Xue Feng was confident that he could take Lin Yun out in three moves.

This scene made Bu Chen and Xiao Ran narrow their eyes into slits. They were elites from their respective sects. So even if they were weaker than Xue Feng, they still had their eyesight. They could see that the attacks of Xue Feng and the two underlings weren’t something they could take.

Since the three of them were joining hands, Lin Yun would either be crippled or killed. But they did not have any compassion for Lin Yun and even sneered inwardly. Lin Yun had overestimated his strength and came when he could’ve escaped.

“Great timing!” roared Lin Yun as his origin energy gushed out. His muscles began to emit a violet glow like a blossoming Iris Flower.

“I shall vanquish all demons with my sword!” Lin Yun faced the three incoming attacks without fear and formed the Demon Vanquishing Seal with his sword intent. When he formed the seals, boundless sword intent converged and formed into a giant sword.

The seal was like a tidal wave that gushed out, destroying the one-eyed wandering cultivator’s punch, destroying the skinny wandering cultivator’s claw, and clashing with Xue Feng’s saber. But the saber only lasted for a moment before it too began to shatter.

The Iris Flower’s origin energy left cracks in Xue Feng’s palm and he was forced to take several steps back. This scene caused everyone’s face to change drastically, especially Bu Chen. He recognized the Demon Vanquishing Seal. Not many people had successfully practiced it in the Heavenly Profound Sect.

Some even started practicing the fist techniques after learning one seal. The four seals were difficult to learn and they had harsh requirements regarding comprehension. Even he only managed to learn the Undying Vajra Seal and Sky Breaking Seal.

He tried learning the Demon Vanquishing Seal, but failed. But even so, he didn’t remember the Demon Vanquishing Seal being so powerful. After all, he had witnessed a senior brother executing it back in the sect.

“How did he grasp more of the Dragon-Tiger Fist than me?!” Bu Chen was filled with pain in his heart because he couldn’t accept this outcome.

However, Lin Yun didn’t care about how Bu Chen felt and followed up his attacks on the three wandering cultivators. He executed the Seven Profound Steps, which left afterimages behind him as he charged with the Demon Vanquishing Seal.

The Demon Vanquishing Seal that was infused with sword intent instantly tore the one-eyed wandering cultivator into pieces.

“NOOO!” The skinny wandering cultivator was terrified when he saw this scene.

“Again!” Lin Yun roared and directed his punch at the one-eyed wandering cultivator. Blood splattered in the valley and dyed the flowers red.

“Bloodfiend Saber, Demon’s Rage!” Xue Feng launched an attack while Lin Yun was killing the two wandering cultivators. His eyes were bloodshot and his ominous aura manifested into a demon’s image when he swung his saber down to devour Lin Yun.

“Heretic!” Lin Yun snorted and summoned the Flower Burial Sword from the sword box. When he grabbed onto the sword, he felt the connection that was formed by his blood.

When Lin Yun swung his sword out, it buzzed and echoed throughout the valley. At the same time, countless Blood Roses drifted around in the air like a dream. Enveloped by the roses, Lin Yun’s figure seemed illusory.

Xue Feng, who was charging over, failed to determine Lin Yun’s position exactly and began to hesitate. After all, he had poured his all into this attack.

As he was hesitating, Lin Yun took the opportunity to swing his sword. Boundless domineering aura followed Lin Yun’s sword and he pushed the Seven Profound Steps to the limit.

What a fast sword! But I have quasi-cosmic armor, so there’s no way… While Xue Feng was thinking about launching a counterattack against Lin Yun, the sword passed through him without any resistance and split him into two.

“I told you, you’re going to die today!” The last gleam of sunlight shined on Lin Yun’s face.

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