The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 262

Chapter 262

Gao Yu had just escaped death, and he immediately rejoiced when he heard those words. When he turned around, he saw a young man walking out of the valley carrying a sword box on his back. Naturally, Lin Yun had been practicing his fist technique with the golden tiger deep in the valley. The moment he had some improvement in the Dragon-Tiger Fist, Lin Yun rushed out before the sky turned dark.

However, he never expected that he would run into such a brutal scene. Half of the team were dead, and their corpses were torn into pieces with fragments of their organs and limbs lying around.

Aside from Bai Qiushui, the other survivors were kneeling on the ground. Even Bu Chen and Xiao Ran, who were so proud of their strength earlier, were also kneeling. On the other hand, only a few of them still remembered their duties. Their mission was to ensure Bai Qiushui’s safety. But right now, the wandering cultivators were clearly having impure intentions on Bai Qiushui. Out of everyone, only Gao Yu remained on his feet, which was an irony.

“Lin Yun!” The Gao Clan’s disciples were shocked that Lin Yun returned. They were still saying how Lin Yun ran away like a coward. But not only did Lin Yun return, he even saved Gao Yu.

“How is that possible?!” The sects’ disciples were shocked. They never expected Lin Yun’s return.

“Is that guy courting death?!” Xiao Ran also had shock written on his face.

“Hmph. He’s courting death. So what if he comes out? He’ll end up kneeling on the ground like us anyway,” said Bu Chen with his eyes darkened. He didn’t think that Lin Yun could fight with those three. Just Xue Feng’s underlings alone were enough to deal with Lin Yun.

The skinny and one-eyed wandering cultivators looked at Lin Yun with an arc on their lips. They noticed that Lin Yun’s cultivation was only in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm, and they had no idea where Lin Yun got his confidence.

Just a moment ago, Bu Chen and Xiao Ran were even more arrogant than Lin Yun with these words, but they still ended up on their knees begging for mercy.

“Big Brother, what should we do with this brat?” The skinny wandering cultivator smiled.

“Let’s play with him. Not like we have anything better to do anyway.” Xue Feng didn’t even take a look at Lin Yun. His gaze was focused on the valley, which was equivalent to a treasure in his eyes.

“Young Master Lin, these three are Bloodbone Wandering Cultivators, and you should leave if you can.”

“Leave? I’ll at least bring you along if I’m leaving. Not to mention that…” Lin Yun comforted Bai Qiushui with his words while calling the Dragon Blooded Horse over. His mission was to protect Bai Qiushui, and he would bring her along if he wanted to leave.

“Ole Third, are youngsters so arrogant nowadays? Tsk, tsk. He seems to be looking down on us?” The one-eyed wandering cultivator laughed with a playful gaze.

“You want to escape? None of you will be living here. Kneel!” The skinny wandering cultivator’s face turned cold and sent the ominous aura that he had accumulated over the years towards Lin Yun.

When his ominous aura gushed out, the Gao Clan’s disciples were trembling in fear. They were greatly intimidated by the wandering cultivators’ to begin with, so they didn’t have any resistance to their ominous aura.

Lin Yun narrowed his eyes, looking at the ominous aura sweeping over and unleashed the king aura, which stabbed forth like a sharp blade. The king aura instantly tore apart the ominous aura, while bolted towards the skinny wandering cultivator after Lin Yun infused his sword intent in the aura.

The skinny wandering cultivator’s mind instantly exploded. He felt as though three lord-rank demonic beasts were looking at him coldly. With a smear of shock flickering through his eyes, the skinny wandering cultivator took several steps back with his heart throbbing.

This scene shocked everyone when they saw how Lin Yun merely used a glance to scare the skinny wandering cultivator. Retracting his gaze, Lin Yun carried Bai Qiushui and placed her on the Dragon Blooded Horse, and he smiled, “Why do I need to escape? Isn’t it better the kill all of them?”

Seven Profound Steps – Seven Punches in One Step.

Lin Yun roared and left behind seven afterimages, with each of them throwing out a punch. Every punch contained his origin energy refined with the Iris Sword Sutra and Age Sutra. When his punch reached the one-eyed wandering cultivator, it rumbled like a flash of roaring lightning.

“A small fry in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm dares to put on an act before me? You’re courting death!” The one-eyed cultivator roared, executing the Flameiron Fist – Hundred Refinery. A fiery aura surged from his body, which made his physique act like a forge.

“Second Brother, watch out!” The skinny wandering cultivator called out. But he was too late because the one-eyed wandering cultivator’s attack crumbled with traces of blood oozing out from his lips, and he was blown away.

“Damn it!” The skinny wandering cultivator had rage burning in his eyes and charged over without giving Lin Yun any opportunity. His claw tore through the air resistance and pounced at Lin Yun.

It was the Demonic Fiendclaw, which tore many Gao Clan’s disciples into pieces. However, Lin Yun remained calm and wasn’t affected by the ominous aura. His fist shot out like a sword, with the origin energy rippling within his body. The forty-two petals of Iris Flower blossomed in his Dantian, with his origin energy surging out endlessly.

Right at this moment, the one-eyed wandering cultivator wiped the blood from the corner of his lips and charged over once more.

“Two against one? You’re just in time!” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with a smear of fire with his blood boiling within his body. At the same time, his cultivation in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm rippled with signs of making a breakthrough.

He had three king aura’s beast core with the cultivation in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm, and any single one of them could allow anyone to make a breakthrough. But he had three of them, and he only increased his cultivation to the pinnacle third stage.

So how could he not be happy when he suddenly showed signs of making a breakthrough?

“Not enough! That’s not enough! Are Bloodbone Wandering Cultivators so useless?” Lin Yun’s hands joined together to form the Undying Vajra Seal.

Under the Dragon-Tiger Might, Lin Yun’s aura began to surge. With the Undying Vajra Seal empowering it, Lin Yun’s attack exploded like volcano eruption. The drizzling rain fell onto Lin Yun’s face while his fists slammed onto the two wandering cultivators. Under the immense pressure, the two wandering cultivators had to use their full strength before they managed to withstand the attack.

“This is Lin Yun?” This scene dumbfounded the Gao Clan’s disciples. But Lin Yun was handling the two wandering cultivators by himself. Not only was he not at the disadvantageous, but he even held the advantage when fighting the two wandering cultivators.

“Damn it! How can this be?!” Bu Chen looked at this scene with disbelief. Then again, he wasn’t too bothered since Xue Feng still hadn’t attacked.

But in the next second, Lin Yun’s aura exploded like a volcano, and he made a breakthrough right before everyone’s eyes. Another profound vein formed in his body, and his cultivation reached the fourth stage, and his aura swept out into the surroundings.

The faces of the skinny and one-eyed wandering cultivators changed. They were having a tough time dealing with Lin Yun when he was in the third stage of the Profound Martial Realm. So when they saw that Lin Yun made a breakthrough, his eyes flashed with a trace of fear. The two immediately turned around and ran.

“Can you guys even escape?” Lin Yun snorted and executed the Dragon-Tiger Steps. His figure seemed like a dragon and tiger while he flickered. After taking nine steps, his aura raised to an unprecedented height and chased up to those two.

With one hand manifesting into the dragon and the into a tiger, Lin Yun threw his punches forth. His punches instantly shattered the bones in the two wandering cultivators’ bodies as they collapsed onto the ground.

“Stop!” Just when Lin Yun was about to finish them with the Flickering Divine Sword, a cold gleam shot over. The two wandering cultivators took the opportunity to get up on their feet and ran back to Xue Feng with their faces drained.

Was the leader finally going to make his move? Lin Yun kept his guards up when he faced the two wandering cultivators, and Xue Feng was surprisingly patiently, only to make his move when his underlings were about to die.

“He’s Xue Feng, ranked 96th on the Great Thief Ranking,” Bai Qiushui introduced on the Dragon Blooded Horse.

Great Thief Xue Feng? That was a familiar name, and Lin Yun only recalled after searching his memories that this person was his target for the third mission.

This mission was initially meant for the top ten on the Mortal Ranking to work together to complete, but it was taken by Lin Yun instead. Lin Yun never expected that he would run into Xue Feng here, but this wasn’t the place for them to fight because Bai Qiushui and the rest were still around here.

“Leave with your men. Seven days from now, I will return to the Bloodbone Forest to claim your head,” said Lin Yun. But his words sounded like the biggest joke to Bu Chen and Xiao Ran. They never expected that Lin Yun would still be so arrogant even when facing death.

“Interesting… What if I’m not leaving?” Xue Feng smiled while holding onto the devil mask.

“Then I’ll be claiming your life with the sword in my hand and dye the valley red. When the sun sets today, Xue Feng will no longer be on the Great Thief Ranking,” said Lin Yun while the scarlet sunlight shone on his face. His voice was calm, but it was filled with cold, brutal killing intent.

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