The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 261

Chapter 261

The two wandering cultivators standing beside the devil mask roared, “You dare to attack Big Brother? You’re simply courting death!”

The two made their move and blocked Bu Chen’s Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger. Both parties retreated after the clash. Bu Chen’s face turned grave when he saw that his attacks only managed to make the two men retreat with some light injuries.

“Let’s go together! Brother Xiao and I deal with that devil mask one. The rest will go after those two!”


Bu Chen and Xiao Ran boosted everyone’s morale while they took the lead attacking. The battle unfolded instantly, and it was more brutal than everyone had imagined. The moment both sides clashed, a Gao Clan’s disciple was torn into pieces with blood splattering around. This scene stunned Bai Qiushui’s party because no one had ever witnessed such a brutal scene.

“You guys step into the Bloodbone Forest with that strength?” The skinner wandering cultivator sneered and threw out a punch, splattering the head of a sect’s elite. With that, the sect’s elite, a cultivator in the fifth stage Profound Martial Realm died before he could even do anything.

The two wandering cultivators were like wolves entering a herd of sheep. Bai Qiushui looked at this scene with a grave expression because Bu Chen and Xiao Ran were too rash. They had no idea how terrifying were wandering cultivators in the Bloodbone Forest.

After all, it was impossible for there to be any weak wandering cultivators in the Bloodbone Forest when law of the jungle was practiced here. Screams and yells began to sound out, and the two wandering cultivators left behind death and casualties. In just ten-odd moves, almost everyone in the team had died.

On another side, Bu Chen and Xiao Ran also didn’t manage to obtain any advantage when facing the devil mask. The devil mask looked as if it was toying with them and casually defended against their attacks. He even took it as far as taking punches and swords with his flesh.

When Xiao Ran’s sword stabbed into the devil mask’s chest, a rebound force exploded and he was blown away, throwing out a mouthful of blood before he could even rejoice. When he looked at the devil mask closer, he was shocked to realize that the devil mask was actually wearing a defensive profound artifact.

“Quasi-cosmic armor!” Despair flickered through Xiao Ran’s eyes while he looked at the incomplete spiritual rune on the armor. That was a quasi-cosmic armor that exceeded the ranks of profound artifacts.

“Good weapons can only be fully utilized in the hands of powerhouses. Even if the two of you possess cosmic artifacts, I can still crush you guys easily like ants,” said the devil mask.

“What did you say?” Bu Chen lost it when he heard the devil mask’s words.

“I’m saying that you two are garbage,” sneered the devil mask.

“You’re courting death! Dragon Painting!” Bu Chen roared and started to make a painting of a dragon with his arms as brushes. His aura also started to change drastically.

The devil mask had a smear of shock in his eyes before he smiled, “You call that Dragon Painting?”

A cold light flashed in the devil mask’s slender eyes and threw out a punch with his origin energy and ominous aura combined. The Dragon Painting that Bu Chen was so proud about shattered and his internal organs exploded. When Bu Chen fell onto the ground, he was groaning out in pain.

“Moonlight Flow – Thunderous Storm!” Xiao Ran roared. Moonlight started permeating from his body like the autumn moonlight, while his sword flashed like a bolt of lightning.

“Blood Massacre!” The devil mask snorted coldly, and crimson light began to gather around him before it exploded. The moonlight dissipated, and Xiao Ran’s aura dropped before his attack even got close.

“Get lost.” The devil mask kicked and sent Xiao Ran back to Bu Chan.

Then, the devil mask slowly walked towards the two with his ominous aura pressing over like a mountain of corpses. Xiao Ran and Bu Chen were both terrified when they looked at the devil mask and constantly retreated while the shadows of death loomed.

Seeing death slowly approaching, Bu Chen suddenly got down on his knees and begged, “Senior, please spare us. We’re both elites from the four great sects, and nothing good comes out of killing us. It will only bring disaster upon you.”

His reaction made the two other wandering cultivators laughed. Even the Gao Clan and other sects’ disciples were looking with disbelief. They never imagined that the prideful Bu Chen would actually go down on his knees to beg.

“Haha! Four great sects’ elites? You have no idea how many of them we’ve killed. So, do you think that we’ll let you guys off?” The devil mask laughed and removed his mask, revealing a sinister pale face to everyone.

“Xue Feng! 98th of the Great Thief Ranking, Xue Feng!” Xiao Ran had fear flashing through his eyes while he began to tremble.

“All of you kneel! Anyone who dares to resist will be killed!” Xue Feng roared.

With that, everyone fell on their knees when they saw that even Bu Chen was begging to be spared. The skinny wandering cultivators looked at Bai Qiushui, who was gritting her teeth, and he said, “Big Brother, there’s still that lass over there. She looks pretty good!”

“Hehe! It’s rare for women to visit the Bloodbone Forest, not to mention a beauty at his level,” smiled the one-eyed wandering cultivator while he approached Bai Qiushui along with the skinny cultivator.

Bu Chen and Xiao Ran were on their knees, and they didn’t dare to move despite the countless thoughts going through their mind. They knew what would happen if Bai Qiushui fell into their hands, but they didn’t even dare to utter a single word at this moment.

“Bastard! Don’t you dare touch Lady Bai!” Gao Yu roared when he saw the two wandering cultivators approaching. He got back on his feet and charged towards the two of them.

“Get lost.” The wandering cultivator raised his hand and grabbed at Gao Yu’s chest. If this claw were to hit, Gao Yu would die since he was already injured, to begin with.

But just when the claw was about to hit, a wisp of violet sword gleam shot over. The skinny wandering cultivator was shocked and immediately pulled his hand back to avoid the sword gleam.

“Who the hell are you?!” The one-eyed wandering cultivators questioned.

“The one who will be killing you guys!”

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