The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 260

Chapter 260

The demonic beasts of the Bloodbone Forest were powerful, which was obvious through the terrible losses they suffered along the way. But the demonic beasts weren’t the worst part. The worst were the wandering cultivators of the Bloodbone Forest. The fact that they could survive this harsh environment spoke volumes about their strength. They were on a whole new level in comparison to other wandering cultivators.

Some of them were even in the Great Thief Ranking and were wanted by the empire.

“Form up!” Bai Qiushui immediately made a decision for the group. The Gao Clan’s elites immediately gathered together upon her command, protecting Bai Qiushui and the herb servants in the center of the formation.

As for Bu Chen and the other elites, they stood at the group’s helm.

“What are we going to do now? We actually encountered wandering cultivators… These people are famed for their brutality and lack of humanity. Falling in their hands is worse than death!”

“The Bloodbone Forest is said to be a purgatory where wandering cultivators kill each other. The Bloodbone Forest practices the law of the jungle, where only the strong survive. This is how the title ‘Bloodbone Wandering Cultivator’ came to be.”

“What should we do now?”

The Bloodbone Wandering Cultivators were famous and there were many rumors about them. Just looking at the wandering cultivators made the faces of the Gao Clan’s disciples turn pale. Some of their hands even trembled while holding their weapons as they watched three black-clothed men approaching.

“Brother Xiao, are you afraid?” Bu Chen suddenly asked with a smile.

“We’re sect disciples. Why would we be afraid of death? It wouldn’t matter even if the wandering cultivators didn’t come. But since they’re there, we’ll just eradicate them,” Xiao Ran smiled. The two of them were confident in their strength and had expected the wandering cultivators to show up.


“We don’t have to be afraid with these two around. The wandering cultivators will only die if they come at us!”

The five disciples from the sect were still thinking about how they could get out of this situation. But when they saw Bu Chen and Xiao Ran’s confidence, hope was reignited in their hearts.

Bu Chen sneered inwardly as he looked at the approaching men dressed in black. He felt that what Xiao Ran said was very true and that the arrival of the wandering cultivators was very timely.

Bu Chen had saved the team several times along the way, but Bai Qiushui hadn’t given much response to his performance. So Bu Chen decided to let her suffer a little so that she could realize his importance.

“Lin Yun?” Bu Chen was furious that this woman was thinking about Lin Yun. He sneered, “What backbone can a Sword Firmament Pavilion’s disciple have? It’s uncertain if he can even return to us alive, not to mention if he can even protect himself against the wandering cultivators.”

“Perhaps that fellow escaped when he found out that the wandering cultivators were here. Lady Bai, aren’t you looking down on the two of us by putting all our hope on him?” questioned Xiao Ran coldly.

“That’s right! That bastard must’ve noticed something along the way and slipped away beforehand. Otherwise, why would he enter the valley by himself?”

“Screw him! If I make it out alive, I’m telling everyone what he did!” The elites from the other sects couldn’t help cursing when they thought of how Lin Yun escaped this ordeal.

Ten-odd miles away, three black silhouettes swiftly charged at the group. The three of them were quick and emitted an ominous aura. Their aura didn’t feel like much when they were far away, but it became suffocating when they got close.

The leading cultivator wore a red devil mask that only revealed a pair of cold eyes. The cultivator on the left smiled sinisterly saying, “Big Brother, I heard that someone wants to get rid of us to become famous.”

The man on the right had one eye and it sounded like he was squeezing his words through his teeth. He asked, “Who said that? Do you dare to stand out now?”

As they spoke, their ominous aura swept out and instantly enveloped the group. The invisible ominous aura felt like a ferocious beast that instantly tore apart the group’s aura, slicing through them like a sharp blade.

Affected by the ominous aura, fear started spreading out in their hearts. These were wandering cultivators who crawled out from under a mountain of corpses. At this point, it would be great if the Gao Clan and the other disciples could exhibit fifty percent of their strength.

“Pitiful tricks!” Bu Chen snorted coldly and buddhist aura surged from his body like a bright sun in the dark night. When Bu Chen unleashed his aura, everyone immediately felt the ominous aura on them decrease.

“The Heavenly Profound Sect’s disciples?” The men on the sides looked surprised. Buddhist aura effectively restricted their ominous aura. In fact, Heavenly Profound Sect’s disciples were generally troublesome for wandering cultivators to deal with.

“You have some eyesight after all.” A trace of pride filled Bu Chen’s face when he sensed the effectiveness of the buudhist aura and he coldly replied, “I’m Bu Chen, an outer disciple of the Heavenly Profound Sect. If you guys are tactful, you’ll get lost. Otherwise, don’t blame my Dragon-Tiger Fist for being merciless!”

Seeing Bu Chen act so confident when he was only a fourth stage Profound Martial Realm caused them to look at him weirdly. The one with the devil mask ignored Bu Chen and looked at the valley, “I never expected such a valley to be in the Bloodbone Forest. It looks like there are lots of secrets in this valley. If we didn’t discover the traces you guys left behind, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have been able to find our way here even after spending decades searching.”

“Act all you want. I’ll start with you then!” Bu Chen was furious when he saw that he was being disregarded. He intended to take the leader down first. As long as he could get rid of this wandering cultivator with the devil mask, his companions would definitely run away.

But when he roared and charged forth, Bai Qiushui suddenly exclaimed out, “No, don’t!”

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