The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 259

Chapter 259

He knew that he wouldn’t have been able to come this far without the tiger’s aura. The tiger’s pace might seem slow, but it was actually moving swiftly and they quickly reached the end of the valley.

They arrived in a spacious area of the valley that was shaded from the forest. Lin Yun looked around and saw a wooden shack. The tiger signaled for Lin Yun to enter it. He wondered if anyone was there and proceeded to enter.

The wooden shack’s decoration was simple and covered in a thick layer of dust. Lin Yun could instantly tell that it had been some time since this place was last cleaned. It looked like the tiger’s master had either left or died.

When Lin Yun walked into the wooden shack, he saw a book on the table. He blew away the layer of dust and found the words ‘Qing Xuan’s Transcript’ written on it. Lin Yun flipped the book and found that every single page had a painting. They made Lin Yun feel dizzy, so he immediately closed the book.

His face changed as shock filled his heart. The pictures were all composed of spiritual runes. He never knew that spiritual patterns could form images. Could the person by the name of Qing Xuan be a spiritualist? Aside from the transcript, the room was empty and there was nothing special about this place. But Qing Xuan’s Transcript was more than enough to shock him.

“It looks like I have to go back and think about this carefully.” Lin Yun stored the transcript and exited the wooden shack. But when he came out of the wooden shack, he was deeply shocked by a strange scene. The tiger was actually seated with its legs crossed like a human cultivator circulating a cultivation technique. He finally understood why the tiger was so special and why it had blue eyes.

“There’s a spiritual rune array here!” Lin Yun’s face changed again. He could sense a faint ripple in the surrounding spiritual energy when the tiger cultivated. If he wasn’t paying attention, he wouldn’t have noticed it.

Lin Yun discovered that the spiritual rune array wasn’t any inferior to the Flower Burial Sword’s. This array had fused entirely into the forest, so it was unnoticeable.

Now that he looked at it, Lin Yun suddenly realized that the array actually stretched throughout the valley. Cultivating in this place was in no way inferior to the treasured lands back in the sect.

“This Senior Qing Xuan must have an astonishing attainment in spiritual runes.” Lin Yun knew that Qing Xuan’s Transcript was a priceless treasure. He saved the tiger’s life and the tiger repaid him with a fortune.

The origin energy fluctuated within his body, blazing like a red-hot fire. Lin Yun felt his body becoming hot as he was filled with spiritual energy. His cultivation was progressing at a rapid speed.

After refining half of the beast core, his cultivation progressed from the initial third grade to the middle third grade Profound Martial Realm. His brief cultivation was equivalent to months of hard work.

During this time, Lin Yun also circulated the Age Energy. With two cultivation techniques refining the beast core, his surging cultivation finally stopped. After he finished refining the core, Lin Yun opened his eyes. The blood surged within his body since his cultivation was greatly boosted.

If it weren’t for the Age Sutra, he would’ve already reached the pinnacle third stage of the Profound Martial Realm.

“Well, there are two cores left. I’ll continue refining.” Lin Yun then took out the bear’s beast core and started refining it.

Time gradually passed and two hours went by without Lin Yun realizing it. When he opened his eyes, he let out a long breath and felt his transformation. Wisps of King Aura emitted from between his brows and his temperament had undergone tremendous changes.

His gaze had become sharper than king-rank demonic beasts in the sixth stage of the Profound Martial Realm. Letting out a roar, Lin Yun soared into the sky and threw out a punch. His punch was like a bolt of lightning, causing the earth to tremble.

“The beast cores are really terrifying. A casual punch of mine was equivalent to the pinnacle fourth stage Profound Martial Realm. I can even put up a fight against elites in the fifth stage.”

The rumble from his punch lingered in the spacious ground for a long time and Lin Yun couldn’t conceal the shock in his eyes. With the Iris Sword Sutra and Age Sutra, Lin Yun was comparable to the elites of the prestigious clans.

As long as he had enough resources, surpassing them was just a matter of time. Bai Qiushui was right, it might be possible for Lin Yun to contend with the eight titles in the future. Especially since the Iris Sword Sutra and Age Sutra were extraordinary cultivation techniques.

As for comprehension, Lin Yun had a photographic memory. Regarding the Martial Soul, he had the Primordial Chaos Soul, Aurora Dragon. As long as he maintained the drive to keep on improving, he would ascend the peak sooner or later.

At this moment, Lin Yun could feel his blood boiling. He started practicing the Dragon-Tiger Sword in the forest, releasing the roars of a dragon and tiger. His every move was filled with incredible power. Suddenly, a series of explosions echoed from the forest, causing Lin Yun’s eyes to light up when he turned around. He looked over to see the golden tiger practicing fist techniques as well.

“You also know a fist technique? Why don’t we have a friendly spar?” Lin Yun’s eyes lit up and he began practicing the Dragon Painting with the tiger. If he could comprehend the profundities of the Dragon Painting, he would reach greater mastery. When the tiger heard Lin Yun’s words, it pounced forward and practiced its fist techniques with Lin Yun.

Lin Yun’s cultivation was improving rapidly while he practiced his fist techniques with the tiger. On the other hand, the Heavenly Profound Realm’s Bu Chen and Demonic Moon Villa’s Xiao Ran were standing together and looking in the same direction.

Bai Qiushui had joined the harvesting team when the sun went down. The two were watching Bai Qiushui, who was basking in the sunlight, with greed in their eyes.

The five elites from the other sects came over with reverence on their faces. Since the mission would come to an end soon, they wanted to befriend Bu Chen and Xiao Ran. After all, everyone needed to form connections in the Great Qin Empire.

“We have to thank you two for the successful mission this time. Otherwise, who knows how many people would have died.”

“You two were so low-profile back in the Gao Clan. We never expected that you two would be so powerful.”

“We have to thank Bu Chen for his efforts in this escort mission. My insignificant strength only helped out a little,” smiled Xiao Ran.

“We’re not nameless people, so why do we need to defeat Xiao Tengfei and Lin Lan to show our strength? It’s not that we’re low-profile, it’s just that there’s no need for us to compare ourselves with Lin Yun,” said Bu Chen.

“That’s right! All Lin Yun knows how to do is to show off. That’s all he did back in the Gao Clan. But after coming to the Bloodbone Forest, he was so scared that he didn’t utter a single word. We can only rely on you two.”

“We really have to rely on Young Master Bu. Your Dragon Painting was simply dazzling. It’s so powerful!”

“I’m positive that the combined forces of Xia Tengfei and Lin Lan wouldn’t be enough to contend against you!”

“Speaking of which, where’s Lin Yun?” The elites were talking among themselves and looking around. They were curious as to why they weren't able to find Lin Yun.

Xiao Ran smiled, “That fellow is courting death. He went deeper into the valley and he still hasn’t returned.”

“That fellow is really arrogant. Why didn’t he ask us to join when he went looking for treasures? He better die in there.”

“The sky is turning dark, so he probably won’t be able to return if he doesn’t show up soon.”

“With his strength, he’s simply courting death to go deeper into the valley.”

“It’s none of our concern if he’s courting death. He can only blame himself if he dies.”

Not far away, Gao Yu’s face turned red from anger when he heard those people talking about Lin Yun behind his back. If it weren’t for the fact that Gao Yu wasn’t strong enough, he would’ve slapped them to death.

But his face suddenly changed when he glanced around. Three figures were standing at the valley’s entrance, emitting an ominous aura. Just how many people did they have to kill to condense such an ominous aura?

He immediately thought of the rumors of wandering cultivators hiding in this place. They were even more dangerous than demonic beasts. There weren’t many of those who could survive after encountering them. The wandering cultivators even had a name for themselves – Bloodborne Cultivators.

Gao Yu couldn’t help but panic at the thought of this and yelled, “The Bloodbone Cultivators are here!”

When Bu Chen and the elites heard his yell, their faces changed drastically and they turned to the valley. Looking at the wandering cultivators who emitted an ominous aura, their hearts turned cold. After all, only wandering cultivators would possess such ominous aura.

The herb servants and escort team from the Gao Clan were also filled with fear in their eyes. They began to tremble as fear even permeated their hearts.

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