The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 264

Chapter 264 – Righteous

When Lin Yun sheathed his sword, Xue Feng’s corpse fell to the ground. A buzzing noise emitted from the sword intent left in the corpse. It was only then that everyone recovered from their shock. They couldn’t help but look at this scene with disbelief.

All three wandering cultivators were dead, including Xue Feng. Just a moment ago, everyone was kneeling to Xue Feng, begging for their lives. But now, Xue Feng had been killed by someone they never would have imagined, the person who was ridiculed as a coward by Bu Chen and Xiao Ran. Lin Yun relied on his sword to kill an infamous Bloodbone Wandering Cultivator in a frontal confrontation.

“Didn’t he have a quasi-cosmic artifact?” Bu Chen and Xiao Ran were both confused. They had experienced how powerful Xue Feng’s quasi-cosmic artifact was. Even the Dragon-Tiger Fist and Moonlight Flow couldn’t deal any damage to Xue Feng. Their attacks were no different from tickling.

Even the Dragon Painting that Bu Chen was so confident in was nothing before Xue Feng. He was greatly humiliated and sent flying away by a single punch before he could fully execute his attack. In comparison, Lin Yun had only used one sword to split Xue Feng and his quasi-cosmic artifact into two.

The surrounding was quiet and no one dared to speak. Everyone looked at Lin Yun dumbfoundedly. They still couldn’t believe what they just saw.

On the other hand, Lin Yun let out a satisfying breath. This was the most satisfying battle he had ever since he journeyed out of the Sword Firmament Pavilion. He was able to push the Seven Profound Steps, Dragon-Tiger Fist, and Overlord Sword to the limit. At the same time, he made some improvements in the Overlord Sword.

But it was a pity that his Seven Profound Steps didn’t reach greater mastery. He was still a step away from forming the Golden Crow Seal. Furthermore, he also never experienced such great exhaustion ever since his Iris Sword Sutra reached the seventh stage. Right now, he was only left with one-tenth of his origin energy.

It’s all thanks to you. Lin Yun looked at the Flower Burial Sword in his hand. After the Flower Burial Sword rose in grade, it was comparable to a cosmic artifact. If it wasn’t for this sword, Lin Yun wouldn’t have been able to cut down Xue Feng so easily.

And if Lin Yun couldn’t cut down Xue Feng with his last attack, then he would be the one dead instead. Lin Yun placed the Flower Burial Sword back in the sword box and picked up the devil mask left behind by Xue Feng.

Lin Yun was surprised when he picked up the mask. There weren’t any damages on the mask even after it was hit by his origin energy. The back of the mask also had spiritual runes engraved on it, which made it seem mysterious.

Is this a secret treasure? Let’s study it when I get back… Lin Yun kept the mask and retrieved the two wandering cultivator’s interspatial pouches.

When the Gao Clan and other sects’ disciples saw what Lin Yun did, their eyes blazed with greed. Even Bu Chen and Xiao Ran were looking at Lin Yun with greed. Wandering cultivators were known for their brutality and the wealth they accumulated would definitely not be a small amount.

As for Xue Feng, of course he was wealthy. No one could imagine how many treasures were stored in his pouch. It would be an enormous wealth if they could obtain even one-tenth of it. But instead, it all went to Lin Yun.

“Stop!” Bu Chen called out after seeing that Lin Yun was going to keep Xue Feng’s interspatial pouch.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Yun looked at Bu Chen in confusion.

Bu Chen and Xiao Ran exchanged a glance before they both nodded and walked forward. Bu Chen snorted, “You’re pretty bold to take everything for yourself. Are you disregarding us?”

“We fought Xue Feng before you came. Who would you be able to kill him if we hadn’t exhausted him?” asked Xiao Ran as he continued the scheme. As soon as they took the initiative, the Gao Clan and other sects’ disciples took a moment and figured out why they were doing this.

Lin Yun was strong, but he definitely had great exhaustion after his battle with the three wandering cultivators. They must be confident that Lin Yun wouldn’t be able to execute any powerful moves like the Demon Vanquishing Seal for the time being.

On the other hand, they had been resting during this period of time and maybe even recovered to their peak. So they naturally didn’t have any reason to fear Lin Yun, especially Bu Chen and Xiao Ran. If those two worked together, they were more than enough to deal with Lin Yun.

“That’s right. What they said makes sense. You slipped in and only returned after we fought with them!”

“Hand over the interspatial pouches so we can divide them evenly!”

“Lin Yun, you should be tactful. Don’t force us to do something we don’t wish to do.”

With Bu Chan and Xiao Ran taking the lead, the Gao Clan and other sects’ disciples became bolder. After all, this was three wandering cultivator’s interspatial pouches that they were talking about. It was natural for them to be tempted by wealth.

“Sorry, but I never saw the battle you guys are talking about. I only saw how you guys begged for mercy. Furthermore, people like Young Master Xiao and Young Master Bu even went as far as burying their heads into their trousers. So what battle are you talking about?” Lin Yun replied in an indifferent tone.

“What did you say?!”

“Do you dare to repeat that?” Bu Chen and Xiao Ran raged as they looked at Lin Yun coldly.

“Why do you try to lie to yourself? Can’t you guys understand my words?” Lin Yun looked at the two of them with ridicule deep in his eyes.

It’s not like he was hoping that they would be grateful to him for saving their lives. However, he never imagined that they would act like this just because he hadn’t recovered his origin energy. Then again, trash would always be trash.

Cultivators had to be righteous and couldn’t have hearts tainted with greed. Otherwise, how would they be any different from demonic beasts? Right now, Xiao Ran and Bu Chen were no different from animals.

“You bastard, are you courting death? Do you believe that I won’t chop you into two right now? Who the hell do you think you are to look down on us? Who here will speak up for you if Brother Xiao and I kill you right here?” Bu Chen’s face became sinister.

“Young Master Bu, Young Master Xiao, why are you guys still talking to him? Let’s just attack together!”

“Why should we give him any face if he’s courting death?”

“It’s simple, he deserves to die!”

Killing intent flashed on the faces of everyone present as they surrounded Lin Yun.

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