The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1284 - Serene Night

Chapter 1284 - Serene Night

Hundreds of thousands might sound like a lot, but it was nothing compared to the entire Ancient Barren Domain. Just the Profound Azure Prefecture alone was massive, not to mention that the Profound Azure Prefecture was merely the tip of an iceberg of the Ancient Barren Domain. In many people’s eyes, the Profound Azure Prefecture didn’t even belong to the Ancient barren Domain.

The majority of Empyreans from the Ancient Barren Domain have come. Although there were many treasures there, it was unknown if they could make it out of this place alive. The competition for quasi-saint elixirs was already so brutal before the island opened, not to mention that there weren’t any elders around to restrict everyone on the island. This meant that the brutality would reach a whole new level, and it would be great if even half of the people there could leave that place alive.

“Let’s get familiar with the surroundings first,” muttered Lin Yun. This barren land was bizarre. The land was pretty desolate, and yet the plants were practically all spiritual herbs of a few centuries in age. They were like weeds littering the ground and many people weren’t even interested in them.

Roughly four hours later, Lin Yun had an answer. This place might have been a barren land for the past few thousand years, and the recent leakage of the great saint origin might be the cause of this scene. This was a little terrifying, since this meant that the Profound Wither Great Saint has reached high attainment in the dao of life and death.

Occasionally, Lin Yun could see people fighting for thousand-year-old spiritual elixirs, and this was just the edge of the island. He had no interest in helping anyone, since this was the primitive rule where the strong preyed on the weak here. Perhaps those being bullied now would turn around and bully those who were weaker than them.

He also couldn’t be bothered with ordinary spiritual elixirs. He was more interested in divine astral pellets. He only hoped that there were divine astral pellets here, since they were pretty common in ancient times. If he could find any complete constructs, there would be a high chance he could gather a lot of them.

He was in a hurry to make a breakthrough, but he knew that he had to keep his composure and familiarize himself with this place first. Just like that, three days have passed and he received news that the transcendent geniuses were making preparations to make a breakthrough to the Elysium Core Realm.

The powerful sects have been gathering origin saint runes, and even issued a great bounty for them. As long as anyone had any information of an origin saint rune, they were willing to buy the news with a quasi-saint elixir. This was a piece of good news to Lin Yun, since he didn’t need origin saint runes, for now, so he wouldn’t start a conflict with them anytime soon. But this also meant that they would become strong if they managed to get their hands on the origin saint runes.

“How troublesome…” Lin Yun sighed. He knew that he would have to face them if he wanted to compete for the great saint origin. In the end, he calmed himself down and chose to look around in the barren land.

This place was massive, but Lin Yun didn’t even run into a quasi-saint elixir, which surprised him. And so, he made up his mind. If he still couldn’t find anything within three days, then he would have to leave this place, even if he didn’t want to.

But two days later, he suddenly caught onto an unusual fragrance. This instantly made Lin Yun squint his eyes and his gaze stopped on a mountain. “There’s something really unusual over there.”

A hundred miles away, there was a wisp of blue flames hovering in the air and the fragrance came from it. It looked like a flower with the flames being the petals. Beneath the flames, there was a stem that was hair-thin.

When Lin Yun saw the flower, he was surprised because he recognized it as the Serene Night. This flower had already gone extinct in ancient times, and the seed had already disappeared from the outside world. It was ranked tenth in the ranking of flowers, but it had disappeared for many years.

At the same time, he now knew why there weren’t any quasi-saint elixirs around here. The majority of them were probably absorbed by it. Without any hesitation, Lin Yun executed the Golden Crow Nine Transformation and flew over.

In the amount of time for tea to brew, Lin Yun had crossed over two hundred miles and grabbed onto the flower. But when he grabbed onto Serene Night, a bizarre scene occurred. When he pulled the flower out, the thin stem was connected to the ground within a myriad meter radius, causing cracks to spread out on the ground.

At the same time, the roots that were deeply planted in the ground were also pulled out like hair. As the ground began to tremble, gigantic tentacles began bursting out from the surface of the ground. The vitality in the barren plain swiftly disappeared when the roots were pulled out, and countless flowers began to wither. They couldn’t imagine how such a beautiful flower was grown on such a ‘monster’.

At the same time, Lin Yun could sense an extremely dangerous aura from the Serene Night as the tentacles began to move around. The terrifying aura swept out, causing the entire sky to turn dark. At the same time, golden light began to glow on the surface of Lin Yun’s body and they were swiftly being devoured by the tentacles.

When the golden light was being devoured, the tentacles swiftly began to grow. At the same time, Lin Yun could sense that his vitality was being swiftly absorbed by the tentacles.

“The Profound Wither Island is really an eye-opening experience.” Lin Yun smiled. He was calm. This might have been troublesome if someone other than him had encountered the Serene Night. But Lin Yun’s vitality was as boundless as an ocean, and he wouldn’t run out of it even if his vitality was being sapped by the Serene Night for three days and three nights.

While absorbing Lin Yun’s vitality, the flower looked excited. It was a seed left behind in ancient times, and it was just born. So it naturally rejoiced that it could devour so much vitality.

“Is that enough?” The smile disappeared on Lin Yun’s face with a cold flash flickering through his pupils. When he swung his arms out, all the tentacles that came in contact with his arms were being destroyed by the dragon runes that were on the surface of his body.

In the next second, Lin Yun got closer to the Serene Night. As the purple-golden dragon runes began to pour towards his hand, thunderstorms began to converge in his palm before manifesting into a dragon claw that reached out with his hand.

The collision caused a huge explosion, but Lin Yun was surprised because he actually suffered a cut on his palm. As an ill premonition began to rise in his heart, Lin Yun pushed the Azure Dragon Saint Art to the limit, “Die!”

In a breath’s time, a few hundred streaks of light slammed against the Serene Night, and each streak of light was an afterimage left behind by him. This was because his speed was too fast. As collisions continued to resound, all the tentacles broke apart and the Serene Night turned into a flower with five roots.

Right at that moment, ten-odd figures dashed over, charging towards the Serene Night. After all, the commotion caused by Lin Yun was too great and it naturally attracted many people’s attention. When they saw that the tentacles were destroyed, they all took this opportunity to snatch the Serene Night before fleeing.

But light converged at this moment and manifested into Lin Yun’s figure. He was in mid-air, looking at everyone with his arms tugged together. The flames enveloping the Serene Night also suddenly exploded and a palm-sized flower suddenly grew in size, instantly reaching over a few hundred feet. At the same time, a bizarre fragrance emitted from the flower bud that reached those Empyreans.

Those Empyreans immediately felt powerless as they fell into an illusion before the flower petals swallowed them alive. When the petals opened once more, there was only a pile of skeletons left behind that fell to the ground.

At the same time, a blurred woman appeared from the flower bud. Her skin was blue and covered with demonic runes, not to mention that she was emitting an extremely evil aura. She didn’t have a lower body, but her upper body was that of a human; her lower body was connected to the flower.

“You killed my host, so you’re to become my new host.” A bewitching voice resounded as the woman reached out toward Lin Yun. But when she came before Lin Yun, she only managed to grab onto Lin Yun’s afterimage.

Lin Yun had already fled the moment he saw that the situation wasn’t right. A hundred miles away, Lin Yun was on a huge rock looking back at the flower.

“Even a greater Elysium Core Realm expert might not be able to subdue it…” Lin Yun muttered to himself. He already knew that something wasn’t right when he had a cut on his palm. Even if Serene Night had just been born, it made no sense for it to be so strong.

But if he could subdue this flower, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to upgrade the Flower Burial Sword to a saint artifact. This made Lin Yun’s eyes flicker, representing his hesitation, but he soon gave up on this idea.

This flower was too unusual. Not only could it pull others into an illusion, it had even manifested a humanoid body. This was simply unheard of, and it looked like the rumors should be right. This should have been an ancient forbidden ground prior to being occupied by the Profound Wither Great Saint.

As a pair of golden wings appeared on his back, Lin Yun soared into the sky and swiftly left this region. After he left, the Serene Night returned to its form of a flower enveloped with flames. It was like a will-o'-the-wisp that flew towards the rock Lin Yun briefly stayed on, as if it was trying to remember Lin Yun’s scent.

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