The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1283 - Entering the Island (2)

Chapter 1283 - Entering the Island (2)

Right at that moment, a group of black-clothed men appeared, enveloped in killing auras, and all of them had a blade as their weapon. Looking at them, Ye Ziling continued with her introductions, “They’re from the Heavenly Blade Pavilion. The leader is Nangong Ze. in the Ancient Barren Domain, there’s huge controversy about who’s the strongest swordsman. But it is undisputed that Nangong Ze is the strongest in the blade amongst the youngest generation.”

“Hmph!” Nangong Ze’s face sank and snorted when he heard what Ye Ziling said. But when he saw that it was a woman standing amongst the Sword Sect’s party, he did nothing except let out a snort.

“What about those ladies?” Jiang Lichen asked after mustering his courage. He had noticed them for some time, but he was too embarrassed to ask about them.

Every single one of those women were gorgeous, and they were also bold in their dressings, not to mention that they were all holding onto musical instruments, such as zither, flute, lute, and many other instruments. Furthermore, they were all emitting an extraordinary temperament.

The woman who seemed to be the leader could be considered as beautiful, but not absolutely stunning. However, her temperament was unique, which made her stand out even more.

Not only Jiang Lichen, but almost all the men who were trapped outside the barrier had their attention on the Heavenly Note Sect’s disciples, and even Lin Yun couldn’t help taking a few glances at them.

“That’s the transcendent genius of the Heavenly Note Sect. Her surname is also Luo, Luo Shuyi. She’s ranked sixth on the Empyrean Ranking, and you might know her,” said Ye Ziling while she looked at Luo Hua.

“I don’t,” replied honestly Luo Hua.

When Lin Yun heard that, he nearly laughed out loud. Others might not know, but he knew Luo Hua’s origin quite well. Luo Hua probably wouldn’t even know any geniuses in the Ancient Barren Domain. Even if she did, she had probably only heard their names before and nothing else.

“But Lin Yun might.” Luo Hua suddenly said.

When Lin Yun heard that, he immediately wore an awkward smile because he knew that Luo Hua had caught him sneaking peeks at Luo Shuyi.

“He probably wants to get to know her, but it’s a question if he can even catch her attention. After all, women from the Heavenly Note Sect have a huge background, and it’s not surprising for their disciples to be married into holy lands. Lin Yun is still lacking if he’s interested in them.” Ye Ziling smiled.

“I didn’t look at her on purpose. She’s the one who looked at me first.” Seeing that Ye Ziling and Luo Hua were joining forces, Lin Yun quickly explained himself.

“You’re really self-confident,” sneered Ye Ziling.

“Your eyes are grown on you. If you don’t look at her, how will you know that she looked at you?” Luo Hua replied.

Lin Yun immediately felt a headache. He really wasn’t lying. He didn’t look at Luo Shuyi at first, but he could sense her gaze on him, and even gave him a smile.

Suddenly, the same feeling came again. When Lin Yun raised his head, he saw Luo Shuyi looking over with a faint smile.

“Hmph!” Luo Hua snorted.

Her snort instantly made Lin Yun recollect himself before he turned to see Ye Ziling looking at her playful gaze and bitterly smiled. He knew that he was finished, and he wouldn’t be able to clear his name, no matter how he tried to explain.

It didn’t take long for the Thunder Sect, Emerald Jade Manor, Profound Valley, and the Vajra Monastery’s parties to arrive. With that, the eight strongest sects of the Ancient Barren Domain have gathered together.

This immediately made the surrounding atmosphere bustling. At the same time, the barrier was also gradually weakening as time passed.

But the Profound Sky Sect’s party were the first to run out of patience and created a hole in the barrier, allowing them to enter the Profound Wither Island first.

“Let’s go!” Sikong Zhou also radiated with sword ray before manifesting a jade white sword ray with his fingers and created a tear in the barrier. When he was done, he led everyone from the Sword Sect into the Profound Wither Island.

The moment they were about to enter the Profound Wither Island, everyone from the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect wore grave expressions; even Lin Yun dropped the smile on his face before turning to the two ladies and the rest, “Be careful inside.”

Everyone nodded their heads before they entered the barrier, following the Sword Sect. Just before Lin Yun was about to enter, he turned to look at Luo Hua and felt relieved after seeing that she was able to enter without any trouble. Tapping his foot in mid-air, Lin Yun also entered the barrier like a sharp sword.

When he entered, Lin Yun felt as though he was being pulled into an undercurrent. He could only see blurred figures and could roughly recognize them as Jiang Lichen and the rest. His gaze then fell onto Luo Hua, and just when he wanted to get close to her, he discovered that he was forcibly dragged away by the undercurrent.

In the undercurrent, Lin Yun couldn’t control himself at all. He had no idea where he was dragged to and could only feel that the entire world was spinning.

A brief moment later, after everything returned to normal, Lin Yun found himself in mid-air with many people around him. They were also those who were pulled over by the undercurrent.

“My inheritance will only be given to those who are fated. You guys only have two months. If no one can obtain my inheritance after two months, the restriction here will completely closed.” The Profound Wither Great Saint’s voice resounded from the air.

The entire island was unbelievably massive, and everywhere was enveloped in a rainbow light from the great saint origin. Time was a little rushed, he only had two months.

“Let’s look for divine astral pellets first. If there aren’t any, then I can also try to look for saint elixirs.” Lin Yun muttered to himself. He was in a hurry to manifest his constellation.

If his cultivation was stuck at the Galaxy Stage, there was no way he could compete with those transcendent geniuses who were at the Quasi-Elysium Core Realm.

Right at that moment, a black light flashed and Lil’ Red appeared out of the sword box. When it came out, it looked excited, and began to grin.

“Empress, where should we go?” Lin Yun landed on a barren land. Although this was barren land, it was actually filled with all sorts of bizarre flowers, and the surroundings were filled with floral fragrances. However, the entire place was too big, and the flowers were far from each other. So this was how Lin Yun could tell that this was a barren land.

“Perhaps there might be ancient ruins in this place. I’ll go look around with Lil’ Red. As for you, just stay alive.” Lil’ Purple flew out from the sword box and determined a direction before leaving with Lil’ Red. Just like that, she left before Lin Yun could even say a single word.

“Those two…” Lin Yun was surprised, He could sense that Lil’ Purple seemed to be interested in the Profound Wither Island, and she probably went to investigate something. But what did she discover?

Lil’ Purple had too many secrets enveloping her. But since she wasn’t willing to talk about them, Lin Yun also couldn’t be bothered to ask.

As more and more people began to gather in mid-air, they eventually flew away like meteorites. When Lin Yun raised his head, there were at least hundreds of thousands of Empyreans who had entered the Profound Wither Island.

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