The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 1285 - Unfortunate

Chapter 1285 - Unfortunate

Four hours after Lin Yun left, he suddenly thought of something and came to a stop. A brief moment later, he shook his head and gave up the idea in his mind. After all, the transcendent geniuses were searching for origin saint runes, and the Serene Night might possess an origin saint rune.

It was just like the Blood Flame Dragon Rune Metal that was born with an evil intelligence and wanted to devour him back then. But in the end, it was devoured by his Azure Dragon Saint Art, instead. But the Serene Night gave him an even more evil feeling. He felt that even his sword intent couldn’t stop the Serene Night from devouring his vitality. Then again, that was also because he didn’t bring out his firmament sword intent.

The Profound Wither Island had undergone a brief peace before all sorts of ruins were discovered. Furthermore, the treasures found instantly caused a huge competition, and it was even more intense than the battles for the quasi-saint elixirs.

All the geniuses practically went all out in the competition. Let alone the geniuses from the eight strongest sects, even the big sects had an overwhelming advantage. They might also be in the Empyrean Realm, but they were a lot stronger than others and they could easily suppress ten of those in the same cultivation.

So whenever treasures appeared in the Profound Wither Island, that region would be reduced to a slaughterhouse.

On a spiritual island located somewhere on the Profound Wither Island, the entire region was enveloped in a mist. There were ten-odd corpses of demonic beasts on the ground, and those corpses didn’t have a hint of vitality around the dried-up lake. The death of those demonic beasts was terrifying, and they were practically torn into pieces.

At the heart of the dried lake was a black lotus enveloped in a demonic aura. If one looked at it carefully, it would appear as though the demonic aura was alive as it manifested into the outline of a jiao-dragon, making this lotus look even more bizarre. This was a Blackflame Demonic Lotus. If this appeared in the outside world, it would even spark a competition between the Samsara Edict Realm experts.

At this moment, there were hundreds of experts from the Profound Sky Sect around the island. There were over a hundred experts in the Elysium Core Realm, and there were even those in the Greater Elysium Core Realm.

“Hehe, looks like the sect master was right. The Blackflame Demonic Lotus is really here.” Lei Jue of the Three Saints grinned.

“Congratulations,Senior Brother.” Xuan Ying said with envy in his eyes. Although the three of them were equally famous, everyone knew that the sect naturally had a higher hope for Qin Cang, who was from the Nether Divinity Clan.

Qin Cang was simply too bright. At the very least, Lei Jue and Xuan Ying didn’t have much sense of presence around him. They knew that there was definitely an origin saint rune in the Blackflame Demonic Lotus, and it wouldn’t be an ordinary origin saint rune. So this made the Blackflame Demonic Lotus extremely tempting to the three of them.

But this was something the Profound Heaven Supreme Saint prepared for Qin Cang, so there was nothing the two of them could do, even if they weren’t happy.

“Alright. You guys can leave now. I’ll be going into seclusion here, so don’t disturb me before the Profound Wither Palace appears,” said Qin Cang coldly.

His words made the faces of Lei Jue and Xuan Ying change, but there was nothing they could do to Qin Cang.

“I’m afraid it won’t be easy to subdue the Blackflame Demonic Lotus.” The Greater Elysium Core Realm expert from the Profound Sky Sect said in a worried tone.

“Don’t worry about it. I naturally have my ways.” Qin Cang said. He didn’t show any respect for this Greater Elysium Core Realm expert.

“Let’s leave, then.” Lei Jue waved his hand before he left this place with Xuan Ying.

Not long after they left, a terrifying energy fluctuation broke out on the dried-up lake, and this made fear flash across Xuan Ying’s pupils. The three of them might be equally famous, but he knew that Qin Cang was a lot stronger than the two of them. “Senior Brother’s strength is really unfathomable.”

As the first rank on the Empyrean Ranking, no one had seen Qin Cang’s full strength before. “It’s also time for us to put in more effort. I believe that the opportunities on the Profound Wither Island aren’t just a Blackflame Demonic Lotus.”

With that, the two both led a party of people before they left. At the same time, the transcendent geniuses from the other seven strongest sects also went to look for their own origin saint rune. Every single one of those sects had a history of more than three thousand years, and at that time, the Profound Wither Island still hadn’t been sealed off by the Profound Wither Great Saint. So they had information about this island that others wouldn’t know about.

This foundation was something that not even the big sects possessed. Even geniuses like Dugu Yan could only search for origin saint runes by themselves, and he would also have to spend a long time refining it. If he wasn’t lucky, he might not even find any origin saint rune for himself.

Three days later, Lin Yun appeared in a tattered ruin empty-handed. He hadn’t gotten anything since he left the barren land. More accurately speaking, he didn’t have any harvest since entering the Profound Wither Island. This wasn’t normal, and this made Lin Yun feel helpless.

It wasn’t because there weren’t any treasures on the Profound Wither Island. Spiritual elixirs of a few hundred years could be found everywhere, and those reaching a thousand years could also be found. After all, the growth of elixirs would be accelerated with the spiritual energy here, and everyone would definitely be able to obtain something as long as they managed to survive.

But even elixirs reaching over a thousand years couldn’t catch Lin Yun’s attention. It wasn’t because he had a huge appetite, but it was pointless for him to refine them. He had refined too many elixirs, and this built up resistance in his body. So only quasi-saint elixirs could barely catch his attention.

But if too many people compete over them, it would also be pointless for him to obtain them, unless it was a saint elixir comparable to the Dragon Blood Fruit. But saint elixirs were too rare, and it wasn’t something he could find just by being anxious.

At this moment, Lin Yun finally knew why Feng Jue said it was hard to find saint elixirs, and this was why Feng Jue said he was lucky to obtain a saint elixir outside the Profound Wither Island.

“Let’s hope that my luck hasn’t been used up.” Lin Yun swept a glance at the ancient ruins and muttered to himself. It was fine if he couldn’t find any saint elixirs, but if he couldn’t find any divine astral pellets, then he would’ve wasted his time here.

But the news he had been receiving in recent days couldn’t help making him anxious because those transcendent geniuses had found their origin saint runes, and they were in seclusion to refine them. This was a rare opportunity for them, and it could cause a great uproar in the Ancient Barren Domain if they succeeded.

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