The Sickly Scion's Petite Wife Is Sweet And Cool

Chapter 271 - Liu Piaopiao Is Like a Potato

Chapter 271: Liu Piaopiao Is Like a Potato

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“Miss, that’s Miss Liu,” Mo Yuan reminded her when she saw Shen Yijia blinking at her.

“Huh? Potatoes…” Why were they here? Before she could finish speaking, Shen Yijia was stunned and looked at Mo Yuan in shock.” What did you say? ”

The corners of Mo Yuan’s mouth twitched. “That’s Miss Liu.”

Shen Yijia was shocked. Why did Miss Liu look like a potato? No, why was she dressed like a potato?

Miss Liu also noticed Shen Yijia. She stood up and bowed to her with a shy smile. “Greetings, Madam.”

Shen Yijia closed her eyes. The girl in front of her was dressed in yellow and even had a yellow hairpin on her head. It was really the same yellow as the potato skin.

Most importantly, her face was chubby and festive, and her figure was as round as a potato…

“Madam?” Seeing that Shen Yijia was silent, Liu Piaopiao called out again with a red face.

Shen Yijia came back to her senses and rubbed her nose. She said awkwardly, “Pota- Piaopiao, right? Please sit.”

The two of them sat down again. Shen Yijia sat at the head of the table and sized up Liu Piaopiao curiously. The latter twisted her fingers uneasily under her gaze.

She pursed her lips and said, “Did I disturb Madam today?”

“Ah, no, no. Why are you here today?” Shen Yijia waved her hand repeatedly.

Ever since Liu Piaopiao saw Shen Yijia, her face had turned as red as an apple.

She also knew that her sudden visit was too presumptuous, but she really wanted to come.

One was because of the rumors outside, and the other was because she was too curious about this woman.

She was like the heroine in the book, defending justice, punishing evil, and killing everyone.

In Liu Piaopiao’s opinion, Young Master Shen was the righteous party. Without him, countless people would have died in this city.

Including her father’s family. Wasn’t Shen Yijia defending justice for Young Master Shen?

Seeing that Shen Yijia’s attitude towards her was very easygoing, Liu Piaopiao knew that she had not misunderstood. She heaved a sigh of relief and swallowed the explanation she was about to give.

If she mentioned it now, it would make people think too much.

Liu Piaopiao secretly glanced at Shen Yijia and calmed herself down. “I’ve heard of Madam’s deeds and admire you very much.”

“I also heard that Madam had just moved to the residence recently, so I specially prepared a small gift to congratulate you on your housewarming.”

After saying that, she looked at the green-robed maidservant behind her. The maidservant immediately handed her the box she had been carrying along the way.

Liu Piaopiao took it and personally placed it on the coffee table beside Shen Yijia.

Shen Yijia looked at the exquisite box and her eyes lit up.

The gift, it’s here!

Before she could reach out, Liu Piaopiao had already opened the box. As the box opened, a fragrance wafted out.

When she saw what was inside, Shen Yijia paused. Where was her money? Why was there a roasted chicken inside?

Seeing that Shen Yijia was staring at the roasted chicken, Liu Piaopiao heaved a sigh of relief.

She knew it. A chivalrous person like Madam would definitely not like monetary gifts.

She smiled and said, “My chef’s roasted chicken is famous for being delicious. If you like it, I’ll send it to you next time.”

Apart from bringing a lot of food back from home this time, Grandmother was worried that she wouldn’t be able to eat meat. She even brought her many livestock. It should be enough for her to give it to others a few times.

Shen Yijia was speechless.

Although the meat smelled good, she wanted more money.

She did not know what Liu Piaopiao was thinking. If she knew, she would definitely refute her. She was such a shallow person.

Ever since she left home, she had only tricked Qian Youde and earned a few hundred taels of silver.

Afterwards, she bought a horse and Mo Yuan, and hadn’t recovered the money yet. Her money bag was already deflated.

However, when she met Liu Piaopiao’s expectant gaze, Shen Yijia gulped and thought to herself, “No need, no need. You can keep the rest for yourself. You don’t have to send them to me.”

Right now, gold, silver, and artifacts in Xunyang City were not as precious as food. She also knew that Miss Liu had good intentions.

Liu Piaopiao thought that Shen Yijia was afraid that Liu Piaopiao would have nothing to eat after giving Shen Yijia the chicken. She was touched and was about to say something.

Suddenly, a tiger entered. Furball had smelled the fragrance and came over.

Seeing Furball, not only was Liu Piaopiao not afraid, but her eyes also lit up. “This must be the Tiger King, who often follows Young Master Shen. He’s really majestic.”

Furball was almost a year old now. It was as tall as Shen Yijia when it stood up. Perhaps it was because of the spiritual liquid, but it was stronger than other tigers its age.

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