The Sickly Scion's Petite Wife Is Sweet And Cool

Chapter 272 - Emperor Chong'an Suspects Jiajia And Investigates Song Jingchen

Chapter 272: Emperor Chong’an Suspects Jiajia And Investigates Song Jingchen

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Liu Piaopiao’s eyes lit up. “Really? Then can I come and play with you in the future?”

“Of course,” Shen Yijia agreed casually.

Liu Piaopiao did not expect the people of Xunyang City to be so easy to get along with.

She changed her shy expression and praised her from head to toe again.

Shen Yijia was flattered by the praise. When she returned to the backyard, she was still smiling foolishly.

“Cai Yun, let’s go home and get Master Hai to make another roasted chicken and send it over,” Liu Piaopiao suggested as she sat in the carriage.

The corners of Cai Yun’s mouth twitched. She silently poured a cup of tea and handed it over. “Miss, you should drink some tea first.”

After saying so much just now, she did not even bother to drink water. Cai Yun felt thirsty just looking at it.

She wondered what was so special about that madam that her young lady liked. She was even worse off than her in rough linen clothes.

Liu Piaopiao’s mouth went dry at her reminder. Wasn’t she too excited to see someone she admired?

She stuck out her tongue and finished it in one gulp. She didn’t need Cai Yun to serve her. She poured three more cups in a row.

At this moment, the carriage suddenly stopped. The tea in the cup splashed in her face.

Cai Yun wiped her face with a handkerchief and scolded the driver, “How did you drive the carriage? What if you hurt Miss?”

The coachman quickly explained, “Miss, please forgive me. Just now, a carriage suddenly turned in front…”

Cai Yun frowned unhappily and was about to reprimand her when Liu Piaopiao glanced at her and stopped her.

She lifted the curtain and saw the tail of a carriage. Unfazed, she said, “Let’s go if you’re not injured.”

“Ah, no, I’m fine.” The coachman heaved a sigh of relief.

There was a moment of silence.

The driver of the other carriage was not so lucky.

“What if the carriage hit someone? Even if it didn’t hit anyone, do you want me to fall to my death? Do you?” The person slapped the back of the driver’s head as he spoke.

If Shen Yijia was here, she would have recognized the driver.

“Oh my, Young Master, please spare me. How would I know that there would be a carriage in this city?” Zhu Zi begged for mercy.

Qian Youde smacked him again. “Am I the only one who is allowed to own a carriage?”

“That’s because this place just…”

“Alright, cut the crap. Have you found the painter?” Qian Youde leaned back lazily on the carriage cushion. He looked at Shuan Zi, who was gloating in the carriage, and asked.

Shuan Zi quickly stopped smiling. “I found it. This time, it’s definitely reliable. I heard that the person is also a scholar.”

Qian Youde snorted. “You said that the person you found last time was a High Scholar, but look at what he drew.”

He threw a stack of rice paper at Shuan Zi. It was vaguely possible to tell that it was a woman. There was even a flower drawn on her forehead, but her facial features were really indescribable…

Shuan Zi took the painting with a bitter expression. Qian Youde threw out a stack of paintings. “And this. You said that he’s a scholar.”

“As for this, you said he was a master painter.”

Shuan Zi stayed silent.

“Look, it’s not even as good as the portrait I drew.”

Shuan Zi thought to himself, “There are clearly a few drawings that were done well. You’re asking for too much.”

Qian Youde could tell what he was thinking and lectured, “How can we let these people taint this young lady’s fairy-like appearance?

“You want me to look for someone with these strange paintings? If the young lady finds out, will I be beaten up or will you take the beating for me?”

Shuanzi thought, “Since you know that she’s so fierce, why did you come all the way to this godforsaken place to look for her?”

There was a moment of silence.

In the capital of Great Xia.

Emperor Chong’an looked at the secret letter in his hand that he had gotten someone to investigate Xunyang City. His eyes were fixed on the words “borrowing stones”.

It was from this day that the situation in Xunyang City began to reverse.

There were traces of a counterattack from borrowing rocks to intercepting the provisions, but no one knew why the Hun army retreated.

The entire process took less than half a month.

All of this change was brought about by the sudden appearance of Young Master Shenzhi.

Although his people had not found out the reason why the Huns retreated, he did not believe that Young Master Shenzhi was not involved.

Young Master Shenzhi.

These words disgusted him.

“Li Fu,” Emperor Chong’an suddenly said.

Eunuch Li quickly bowed. “Yes.”

“The person who sent the Song family back to their hometown said that Song Jingchen’s newlywed wife was extraordinary, right?”

“I remember that’s what Guard Lin said.”

Speaking of which, Guard Lin was really unlucky. A good deputy commander of the imperial guards was demoted after sending someone back. Now, he could only guard the city gate.

However, in Eunuch Li’s opinion, it was already a huge favor from Emperor Chong’an to not lose his life.

Emperor Chong’an narrowed his cold eyes. “I remember that she’s the second daughter of the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites.”

He had never heard of this young lady from the Shen family in the past. It could be seen that she had hidden her abilities well.

“Then do you think it’s possible that she knows medicine too?”

At the beginning of the year, the incident in Anyang County involved a large number of officials, and there were changes in positions everywhere in the court.

At that time, Minister Chen had the intention to promote his son-in-law, Shen Pingxiu. A while ago, the Eldest Prince married Shen Ruyun.

Shen Pingxiu naturally became the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites.

Eunuch Li hesitated for a moment before answering, “I’ve never heard Guard Lin mention this before. Moreover, the imperial physician said that…”

Without waiting for Eunuch Li to finish, Emperor Chong’an waved his hand. “Get someone to summon Guard Lin, the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites, and the imperial physician.”

“Yes sir.”

After Eunuch Li left, Emperor Chong’an instructed the empty hall with a dark expression, “Go and check if Song Jingchen is still in Anyang County.”

No one answered, but the curtain in the hall swayed without wind.

Emperor Chong’an muttered with a dark expression, “I was indeed too soft-hearted.”

Soon, Eunuch Li suddenly entered and muttered something in Emperor Chong’an’s ear.

Emperor Chong’an frowned and said in a low voice, “Sick? Then get the imperial physician to take a look. If there’s really no other way, get someone else to go to Xunyang.”

Eunuch Li waited for a while but did not hear the next sentence. He secretly glanced at Emperor Chong’an.

Emperor Chong’an rubbed his temples, as if he was impatient. “Ask Lord Zhou to see me.”

“Yes sir.”

There was a moment of silence.

Shen Yijia did not know that she was being targeted by both sides at the same time.

After working with Song Jingchen for a few days, apart from living in the backyard and a small kitchen, the backyard was filled with potatoes.

At night, Shen Yijia collapsed on the bed in exhaustion. She suddenly asked, “How are the two of us going to transport so many potatoes? And plant them on the mountain? Just the two of us?”

Song Jingchen was silent. He felt that he must have stayed with this girl for too long, which was why he became stupid.

“Why don’t we call Rooster and the others over to plant it together?” Actually, this was Shen Yijia’s main point.

She was afraid that if she planted it again, she would hallucinate and see her husband as a potato too. Now, she had to rely on him to cleanse her eyes.

Song Jingchen pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

However, the next day, Rooster, South Wind, and Mo Yuan entered the backyard.

It was unknown what Song Jingchen said, but the three of them just worked without asking anything.

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