The Sickly Scion's Petite Wife Is Sweet And Cool

Chapter 270 - Planting Potatoes, Miss Liu's Visit

Chapter 270: Planting Potatoes, Miss Liu’s Visit

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The new residence was not far from the Prince’s residence. After all, this area was relatively empty.

Ordinary people wouldn’t get close. Song Jingchen also temporarily left the matter of bringing people into the mountains to South Wind.

Their new residence occupied an extremely large area.

The backyard was twice the size of the bamboo courtyard they used to live in. It was probably because of this that Song Jingchen chose this place.

The words “Shen Residence” were hung at the door.

Only Song Jingchen and Shen Yijia lived in the second courtyard in the residence. The others were arranged to stay in the front courtyard.

Song Jingchen even specially reminded her not to let anyone into the backyard without his permission.

Actually, Shen Yijia did not like to be served. Perhaps there were too many people in the prince’s residence that she did not know, even the servants did not like them. Therefore, she was the happiest person in the house.

On the second day of moving, the couple changed into rough linen clothes and carried hoes, preparing to dig out the backyard.

No one had lived in this residence since it was registered under Shangguan Han’s name.

Therefore, the courtyard was empty. This was convenient for them. Otherwise, they would have to dig up the original plants.

Madam Li had also planted vegetables in the courtyard of Xiagou Village. Shen Yijia had even dug out those plots of land.

Therefore, she was not unfamiliar with turning over the ground. Coupled with her strength, it was simply too easy for her to do it.

Song Jingchen was also doing fine. After all, he was a man and had practiced martial arts all year round. He had strength, but he wasn’t very familiar with it.

Due to the fact that it had just rained, the ground was still wet. From time to time, mud would get splashed onto him.

Shen Yijia dug for a long time and realized that the person beside her had disappeared. She turned around and was stunned.

Song Jingchen loved cleanliness the most. When had she ever seen him in such a sorry state?

She often went up the mountain with Brother Hao and the others and returned looking like a mud monkey.

It was unknown how he did it, but his face was covered in dirt.

Just as she thought this, she watched as a small piece of mud from Song Jingchen’s hoe flew above his head.

Shen Yijia could not help but laugh. She did not expect there to be something her beautiful husband was not good at.

Song Jingchen reached out expressionlessly and patted the mud off his head. After doing that, he was stunned on the spot.

Shen Yijia was silent for a moment. She looked at Song Jingchen. He was originally just a little dirty, but he had smeared a large patch of mud on his hair.

“Haha!” She laughed until she bent over. She laughed until tears came to her eyes. Her beautiful husband looked so cute when he acted stupid.

Song Jingchen pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes at the person who was still gloating. He took a few steps towards Shen Yijia and asked, “Is it funny?”

“It’s… It’s funny,” Shen Yijia replied fearlessly. However, as soon as she looked up, someone cupped her face.

Shen Yijia was speechless.

She looked up at Song Jingchen and blinked.

Song Jingchen let go and looked at her seriously for a long time before nodding. “It’s indeed quite funny.”

“Song Jingchen!” Shen Yijia stomped her feet in anger. She grabbed the soil on the ground and was about to pounce on Song Jingchen.

There was a moment of silence.

The ground that could have been dug out in half a day took a whole day to be completed because they were fooling around. They planted the potatoes that Shen Yijia had planted in the flower pot.

Shen Yijia even covered the soil in the flower pot with it and prepared a large vat of water. She added a drop of spiritual liquid into it and prepared to water the potatoes.

When she woke up the next morning, she saw a withered plant on the ground.

Shen Yijia was so excited that her heart was about to jump out. She jumped onto Song Jingchen. “Hubby, look, the potatoes we planted have grown.”

Song Jingchen smiled and nodded.

Perhaps it was because the place was big enough, but this batch of potatoes were big, and there were a lot more compared to the ones in the pot. Compared to the surprise he felt when he first saw them, Song Jingchen was already numb.

Shen Yijia held the potatoes she had just dug up and said excitedly, “Let’s eat potatoes tonight.”

At this rate of growth, they would soon be able to grow many potatoes.

Song Jingchen naturally had no objections. He kept a few potatoes and planted the rest.

However, this time, he was careful. He dug out a small piece of land in another corner and planted a few.

He roughly guessed that the potatoes could grow so quickly because they had been doused with special water.

However, if he wanted to promote it, he had to understand how to grow potatoes under normal circumstances. Therefore, he specially didn’t water this small plot of land.

That night, Shen Yijia ate the potatoes she had been thinking about, although she simply boiled them in water.

However, it was unknown if it was because of the spiritual liquid or if it was an illusion.

Shen Yijia felt that it was much better than what she had eaten in her previous life. It was pink and sticky, with a hint of sweetness.

Song Jingchen had never eaten it before. He felt that it was much stronger than those wild vegetable dumplings. Moreover, it felt full. He only ate three before he couldn’t eat anymore.

If everyone could plant it, with this production, there was no need to worry that someone would not be able to eat their fill.

This growth speed was too fast. By the time they dug up this batch, the courtyard was already full.

They could only plant some first. They dug up potatoes to plant potatoes in a day. No matter how strong they were, the two of them were exhausted.

They also ate potatoes. Shen Yijia felt that everything she saw now looked like potatoes.

After working in the backyard for two days, Mo Yuan asked Furball to send a letter early the next morning because only Furball was allowed to enter and leave at will.

Shen Yijia followed Furball to the second door and saw Mo Yuan and Rooster guarding it.

“Miss, Miss Liu is here.”

Shen Yijia was stunned. Who was Miss Liu?

Seeing her like this, Mo Yuan knew that her Miss had forgotten about her, so she reminded her, “The young lady from the Liu family who gave porridge in the city previously.”

“Why is she here?” Shen Yijia asked with a frown. They didn’t know each other.

“I’ve heard of your name, Miss. I wanted to visit you earlier, but I haven’t been able to find an opportunity. When I heard that you were moving, I specially came to send you a housewarming gift.” Mo Yuan repeated Miss Liu’s words dryly.

She must have earned her reputation through fighting.

“A gift?” Shen Yijia’s eyes lit up. She felt that she was too greedy for money, so she restrained herself.

With a straight face, she said seriously, “Since she’s already here, we naturally can’t refuse. That would be rude. Go and invite Miss Liu to the reception hall.”

After instructing Mo Yuan to invite someone, Shen Yijia jogged back to look for Song Jingchen and asked him to dig up potatoes with her when she returned. It was less tiring if they worked together.

When she arrived at the front courtyard again, she had just stepped into the reception hall when she saw a big and round potato sitting upright inside.

Shen Yijia rubbed her eyes and thought to herself that she had indeed been looking at too many potatoes these past few days. She was hallucinating.

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