The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Members of the Su Family

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“Take her to the washroom to wash her hands!” Su Jun handed Su Ren to Lu Wei. He quickly carried Su Su to the faucet and washed her hands with cold water.

But soon, the area soaked with the spider’s body fluid had caused Su Su’s palms to become red and swollen.

On the other hand, Su Ren’s tongue and lips also became swollen. But because she had spit out the spider’s body fluid in time, the situation seemed to be slightly lighter than Su Su’s.

After finally cleaning up his two sisters and applying the medicine, Su Jun stood in the middle of the room with a gloomy face.

“Su Qiao, what happened?”

Su Qiao, who was the only one in the room unharmed, rolled his eyes and quipped, “I don’t know. I just arrived.”

“Big Brother, he’s lying. He and Su Su worked together to bully me! Su Su stuffed the spider into my mouth and tried to kill me!” Su Ren complained laboriously because her tongue was swollen. Hence, she could not speak clearly and was already crying.

“You said Su Su wanted to kill you?”

Su Jun frowned and looked at Su Su, who was touching her red hand aggrievedly. Then, he frowned and asked, “Su Su, what do you think happened?”

Su Su pouted and blinked, and she also held back a few tears. With tears in her eyes, she explained, “Fifth Brother wanted to give me a gift. I felt that Sister Su Ren should accept the gift as it was her birthday yesterday. So, I gave the gift to Sister Su Ren together with Fifth Brother. I did not know that there were terrifying spiders inside. I was also terrified, and I wouldn’t want to kill Sister Su Ren. I just tripped and fell. Sob, sob, sob.”

The more Su Su spoke, the more aggrieved she became. As she wiped her tears with her intact hand, she explained intermittently. Her pitiful look is just heartbreaking.

“Hey! This spider is of low toxicity. Do you have to pretend to be so pitiful?” Su Qiao saw that both were crying emotionally and was immediately unhappy.

“Su Qiao!” Su Jun suppressed his anger and gritted his teeth. Su Qiao immediately shrunk his neck and shut his mouth.

“Su Su, don’t cry. Big Brother knows that you didn’t do it on purpose.” Su Jun saw that the little girl was about to burp from crying. So he patted Su Su’s back and coaxed her.

“Big Brother, the two of them are working together to bully me. Why don’t you help me?” Su Ren saw Su Jun was coaxing Su Su and was immediately unhappy. She covered one side of her face and said anxiously.

When Su Ren mentioned this sentence, Su Jun recalled what Su Ren said when he first entered the house. “The members of the Su family are evil.” He immediately thought of the plot in the nightmare and became annoyed.

Although his parents picked up Su Ren by the roadside, they had always treated her like their biological daughter. Even after Su Su was born, they did not mistreat her.

Su Jun was lost. After his parents died in a car accident, the whole family had placed all their love on Su Ren, and the sister whom he had been protecting for a few years called them “members of the Su family”?

Did she not treat them as a family?

When Su Ren saw the change in Su Jun’s expression, she immediately thought of the words she had blurted out of desperation.

Therefore, Su Ren quickly softened her tone and said, “Big Brother, I didn’t mean that. It’s fine that Su Qiao usually bullies me. However, when Su Su came back, she and Su Qiao bullied me with spiders. I was scared. I felt aggrieved. That’s why I said that…”

“Who was the one bullying you often? What nonsense are you talking about?” Su Qiao jumped up and retorted loudly.

“Su Ren, if you feel that you’ve been bullied in the Su family, then I’d better help you find your biological parents. After all, they are your real family.”

Su Jun picked up the little girl who was burping. He glanced at the stunned Su Qiao and turned around to leave.

Su Qiao gave Su Ren, dumbfounded, a middle finger and followed Su Jun.

However, as soon as Su Qiao reached the door, he was blocked by Chen Shun.

“Uncle Chen, lock him in the darkroom for him to reflect on himself for a few days,” Su Jun said coldly.

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