The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Going Back on His Word

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“I was joking. Is there a need for that, Big Brother?”

Su Qiao retorted righteously, but when Su Jun’s cold gaze landed on him, he immediately quieted down and followed Chen Shun.

“Big Brother, don’t be angry.” Su Su saw that Su Jun’s mood was terrible, so he softly persuaded him.

Su Jun turned his head and looked over. Only then did he realize that Su Su’s tender little face wrinkled into a small bun due to worry.

“Big Brother is fine. Does your hand still hurt?” Su Jun’s voice immediately softened as he touched Su Su’s tiny hand with heartache.

“If Big Brother blows on the wound, then it won’t hurt anymore.”

Su Jun lowered his head and gently blew on Su Su’s red, swollen little hand. “Okay, does it still hurt?”

After the few of them left, Su Ren still maintained the same posture as before.

Did she hear wrongly just now? Big Brother wanted to find her biological parents? Did he mean that he wanted to send her home and not allow her to continue staying in the Su family?

Su Ren was immediately shocked and subconsciously shook her head when she thought of this.

However, she has not completed her mission in the Su family. Her parents had worked hard on this scheme for many years, and it definitely can’t be lost in her hands.

As long as she endured this period and waited for her parents to replace the Su family, she could be the rightful Young Miss of the Bai family and would no longer have to be an adopted daughter who relied on others!

“Sister Lu Wei, tell my parents that they must hide my identity well and must not let Su Jun find out,” Su Ren ordered with a frown.

“Yes, Young Miss.” Lu Wei agreed and put a towel on the red, swelling area around her lips. Then, she hesitated and said, “Young Miss, is Su Qiao using that Su Su to frame you?”

Su Ren clenched her teeth and glared at the fallen doll with a vicious gaze and said hatefully, “I don’t care whether she did it intentionally or not. Without Big Brother’s protection, she would still be at our mercy, but how dare that b*stard Su Qiao go back on his words and go against me.”

Lu Wei’s eyes rolled when she heard that and said in a low voice, “Young Miss, as long as we make the Young Master and Su Qiao hate Su Su, you will be the one in charge of the Su family when the time comes.”

“That makes sense! Big Brother is just angry for a moment. As long as I admit my mistake properly, he’ll forgive me!”

Su Ren had an idea, and her eyes immediately lit up. She clenched her fists and said, “Su Su has only been back for one day. She definitely can’t compare with my position in Big Brother’s heart! So, Sister Lu Wei, I have a good idea. As long as we do this…”

When she saw Su Jun’s car appear in the courtyard in the afternoon, Su Su quickly opened the door and was ready to go downstairs to welcome him.

Su Ren also walked out of the room, and to her surprise, Su Su was also walking out when she opened the room door. When Su Ren saw Su Su, she even smiled in a flattering manner. “Su Su, you came out to pick up Big Brother too?”

“You’re right.” Su Su glanced at her and did not say anything. Instead, she walked on her short legs and went downstairs first.

“Su Su, are you waiting for me?” Su Jun held his briefcase and saw Su Su bouncing over. He smiled and rubbed her face.

He had successfully secured a huge project this morning, making his mood much better.

“Yes, yes! I missed you, Big Brother!” Su Su also replied with a smile and followed Su Jun into the dining room.

“Big Brother, I’m waiting for you too.” Su Ren quickly came over and said obsequiously.

However, Su Jun glanced at her indifferently and then gave a short “Okay.”

Su Ren’s expression froze, but she still maintained the smile on her face and entered the dining room.

After the servants had served the dishes, Su Jun placed a piece of shrimp onto Su Su’s bowl and said gently, “Su Su, eat more of this shrimp so that you can grow taller.”

“Okay, whoa!” Su Su used a spoon to pick up the food. Then, she blinked and asked innocently, “Why didn’t Fifth Brother come to eat?”

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